A Doug and His Girl

June 13, 2012  

After losing her first dog, Jasmine finds a funny new family member in her adopted pit bull Doug

By Jasmine Smith, age 14

In 2010, I lost my very first dog. His name was Samson, and he was one of the best dogs around. He was loving, sweet and gave the best kisses. He was tan all over and had a huge smile.

Samson and Jasmine in 2009

During that time, we also had a dog named Mia. She was a foster pup at first, but we loved her so much we just had to keep her. She is around 3 years old now, but she was just weeks old when we first started fostering her. She is big, awkward and black and white.

A picture of Mia from this year

When Samson passed away, it was hard for my family and I to deal with. He was a part of the family, so it was just like losing a family member. It was a lot quieter around the house – it was weird. So we decided to start fostering with the group Even Chance to get our minds off of him. Mia was so sad when we lost Samson, so we thought fostering would help her.

Mia and Samson in 2009

Our first foster was Doug. I walked into my house after school and saw him sitting on the couch and thought he had the funniest look on his face and the weirdest name. But soon after that day, I figured out he was a very good cuddler and had the best personality.

After months had gone by, we just couldn’t let him go and ended up adopting him ourselves. One night when my mom was cooking dinner, we walked into the dining room and found him sitting on one of the chairs like a human! It was the funniest thing and ended up becoming a habit to this very day.

Doug eating dinner with the family

Doug also loves walks. But … he likes walking himself more than us walking him. Literally! He takes the leash and holds it in his mouth and whips it around, and does a little happy dance until we take it away from him.

Doug with his leash

Doug also loves to ride his bike with his dad. He’s attached to the bike and runs alongside him – it’s a pretty funny sight to see. When Doug runs, his neck/face fat moves in the wind.

One more funny thing Doug does is sleep and snore in the funniest ways. He will lie on his back and snore like a pig! He keeps the whole house awake. When you sleep with him, he has to be the most spread out of everyone as well.

Doug is one of the best dogs a person could ever ask for, and we all love him and are glad he is in our lives. We still foster pit bulls. We have fostered and found forever homes for seven more pit bulls since we adopted Doug, and they all love Douggie’s cuddles.

See Doug’s story here

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7 Responses to “A Doug and His Girl”
  1. Lovely story, you & your family are true foster failures! Love it

  2. Matt.S says:

    As a fellow “foster failure” I totally understand. You have a great fur family. Thanks for helping pit bulls find the forever families they deserve.

  3. blazer says:

    Oh gosh, I reeeeally enjoyed reading this sweet piece.  What a great dog.  You can tell from the photos that he is a character!  What a lucky family!

  4. AmyTeal says:

    Awesome story and great parenting!

  5. What a silly boy. 🙂 I’m so glad he found his way into your life! 

    • Matt.S says:

      @annedreshfield. I adore the silliness in pit bulls. I call that trait “the sillys”.