A Baby’s Best Friend

June 6, 2012  

This baby’s second word after “dad” was “Liz” – his beloved pit bull

By Shannon Plunk

We adopted our pit mix, Lizzie, in August 2010, about two months before I found out I was pregnant. At first I was a little nervous having a dog with an unknown background around my newborn, but that quickly faded.

Lizzie is the sweetest, most patient dog I’ve ever known. And her protective instincts have definitely kicked in. A month before our son was born, our house was broken into, and while they took everything they could carry, she was hiding. After our son was born, she growls if our neighbors get too close to our property (usually only when she’s inside; if she’s outside she runs over to get her head rubbed!).

When our son was brand new, all she wanted was to be near him. She doesn’t mind at all when he steps on her tail or crawls over her head. We keep trying to explain to him that she is not a jungle gym, but she doesn’t mind, so he doesn’t believe us. His first word was “dad,” and his second word was “Liz.” Yes, he said the dog’s name before he said “mama.”

She’s still pretty young (maybe 4 now) and will have sudden bursts of energy – we call these her “pit fits.” If our son is anywhere near her, she will run, run, run, get within a couple feet of him, carefully walk around, and then run, run, run again. And since she usually runs in circles or figure eights, she passes him a few times and always slows down before coming near him only to take off again. Our son just stands there watching and laughing.

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7 Responses to “A Baby’s Best Friend”
  1. Matt.S says:

    Ahh, the famous pit bull “zoomies”. Lizzie must love your son, not much slows down a “zoomie”. LOL

  2. Beautiful family! Yes, zoomies is what they’re known as and my male (Krush) does it when he wakes up.  It’s annoying first thing in the morning but that never stops him from doing it.

  3. I love those last two pictures! Funny, my dachshund does a version of the “zoomies” around certain rooms in the house…he does figure eights around the couches! It’s hilarious what dogs do. Here’s to many more happy years for Lizzie and your son!