What Question Do People Ask About Your Pit Bull?

May 18, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans, ‘What’s the one question people always ask you about your pit bull, and how do you respond?’

Many of you answered with humor, in an effort to open a conversation about pit bulls, and most of you used any negative questions to educate people on the true nature of pit bulls. Thanks everyone for working to change perceptions.
(all photos provided by StubbyDog fans)

Are they OK with your kids? And my reply is always “Yes! Why wouldn’t they be?

~ Jennyfer Brooklyn Keohane

Is he friendly? I respond by saying, “Of course he is… he’s a well socialized dog. I treat my pit bull like family, so he isn’t left in the backyard 24/7 or tied up to a post. He sleeps in the bed with me, rides in the car with me, goes to work with me…”

~ Stacy Sanders

‎”Did you name him?” “No, the shelter where I adopted him had already named him Pork Chop. I wanted to adopt a dog and call him Bucket but he is SO a Pork Chop.

~ Heidi Schmitt

They always ask “does he bite?” and I say well yeah, he bites his ass, his toys, his kibble…. other than that he gets bitten. By the cats, the Boston terrier, the neighbors “nice” min pin….. He’s an all around mush and couch keeper downer.

~ Kristin Morris

I’ll use my sisters example: question- OMG aren’t you scared? Answer: Scared of you? No.

~ Jennifer Myers

‎”Why is she muzzled?” Because your provincial government considers her a vicious dog (as she tries to give kisses through her muzzle).

~ Allison Rice

I think the majority ask…Is she friendly?…when it was time for a new collar I tried one that has the tag built in and it came with three lines, so it says her name, my phone number and I’M FRIENDLY on it….I get a lot of comments about that, but I think it may help if people wonder about approaching her.

~ Denise Pitre

Does he bite? He will only lick you to death! He is the most gentle dog I have ever seen. He’s been raised with my three girls and has never so much as nipped them. He is our baby!!

~ Tina McCurry

Question: Why is she wearing so many tags? Answer: Because she is a certified therapy dog with two organizations and she’s a Canine Good Citizen with the AKC. Oh, and the other tags are her dog license and her rabies tag, because I am a responsible pet owner.

~ Kim Wolf

The question i am always asked is “how can you have that dog around your kids?” My answer is simply “I trust my pit bull more than I would most humans. My pit bull is part of my family he is also my kid. So please don’t judge my dog because of what you have heard, judge him by spending time with him and getting to know him.” And sometimes people do and they change their minds. For those who don’t I wish them a nice day and go on with my day.

~ Catherine D Webb Machost

Is she nice? And of course I always respond yes! Because she’s the sweetest baby ever!

~ Eliza- Emily

‎”Aren’t you scared she will turn on you?” My response is “There is a far greater chance a HUMAN will turn on me than my dog.” Humans “turn” on each other (hurt and kill one another) all the time with no provocation at all.

~ Tami St John Rankin

Q: does he get along with your bunny?! A: yup they’re bffs! It’s the little dog that terrier-izes!

~ Kira Ikeda

People always say, “She is so small! Is she a puppy?” I respond with, “Nope, she is full grown. This is the size they are supposed to be. According to the AKC, American Staffordshire Terriers are supposed to be between 17″-19″ at the shoulder. According to the UKC, American Pit Bull Terriers are supposed to be between 30-60 pounds. Height and weight wise, she fits both breed standards.”

~ Dawn Marshall

I always seem to get asked, “Is that A PIT BULL?!?!” Depending on the situation (and quite possibly my mood), I proudly say, “Yes! He is a pit bull!” I also have said, “Well, yes I guess technically he is a pit bull, but he is just known as Bumble.” And occasionally, I have said, “No that’s not a pit bull. He’s a Chihuahua…I rescued him from a really bad breeder.”

~ Jamie Parker

‎”Why is he in a muzzle?” Um well because of people like you with your unleashed and “oh so friendly” dog. (He was attacked by an unleashed lab while we were out hiking and now has extreme dog aggression.) I have to re-train him thanks to the irresponsibility of someone with their “nice” dog.

~ Sarah Miller

Do they bite? I say all dogs can bite, but mine would rather lick.

~ Staci Hayes

I can’t take credit for this witty answer but when people ask “aren’t you afraid he’ll snap?” I say “well he doesn’t have thumbs so not really”. The quizzical look afterwards is priceless.

~ Jessica Rose Winer

‎”Is she good with cats?” My dog’s best friend is her adopted sister, a tuxedo cat named Isis. And she gets jealous if Isis is getting too much love. Maia (my pup) runs up and starts licking Isis, almost to say “I love my sister more than you do mom!!”

~ Caila Ashley McCarthyy

“Is she nice/does she bite?” I always say “of course she’s nice, though it’s possible she may lick you to death.”

~ Nicole Schock

Had an interesting first time question last week. I was telling a vet’s receptionist how fun it’s been volunteering to have two puppies at home for a few days. She then asked, “Do they know you have a pit bull at home?” I answered “Of course, and two Chihuahuas and three cats. Everyone gets along.” It was sad that she automatically assumed.

~ Dorotea Rivera Field

Question: isn’t all how they are raised? Answer: Nope! Look at all the dogs that were rescues from Michael Vick, plenty are therapy dogs now and thriving!

~ Lindsay Dickerson

‎”Is that a pit bull?” I have to admit (now no one kill me here…) that I often lie…
and say she is an American Bulldog…if we are on a Starbucks patio, etc., it’s just easier…most places we would be asked to leave.

~ Utopia Yumyum

‎”Does he babysit?” Okay, this only happened once, but it’s pretty typical for Toby to end up surrounded by kids in whatever public place we go.

~ Neely Van Dorp-Vaughn

Why did you pick that breed? I didn’t pick the breed, I picked the dog. I spent three months researching dogs on the Internet, learned how to determine what kind of dog would best fit in with my lifestyle, and then spent a month going to different adoption events searching for the dog that fit the parameters I set down. I never had any intention of *buying* a dog so I concentrated on the research that told me how to pick a good mutt from the shelter. She was 4.5 months old when I adopted her. Tomorrow, she’ll be 10.

~ Diane Clark

Some variation of “Do you have puppies?” or “Can I breed him?” My answer is always, “Nope, cut off those ‘bad boys’ the first chance I got!” Here in St. Kitts, a lot of people are looking to make a profit off their dogs by breeding them (or are looking to breed fighters), and since Chance is a good looking pit bull, I get flagged down all the time.

~ Rachel Norris

Q: Where did you buy him? A: (If I am feeling “stabby”) We ADOPTED him from the shelter, he is part of our family not a possession. Where did you buy your kids? (If I am feeling “sociabull”) Oh we always adopt our animals from local shelters. If you buy a dog they often come from puppy mills and we don’t have the time to research sellers.

~ Lisa Hopewell

This is kind of off topic but I’m a newlywed and people always ask when we will have kids…I respond “we have one” and proceed to gush about my loveabull pit.

~ Kt Hardesty

They ask if she’s a good dog. I show them about 50 pictures of my 3-year-old granddaughter riding her like a horse. She’s always pulling on her neck saying Merry Christmas. Too funny for words. I guess she does look like a deer though. Red brindle.

~ George Kiddoo

People don’t want to come over my house because they are scared of Blitz, my response is “he is the biggest mush you will ever meet, you obviously don’t know anything about dogs or just don’t like them”

~ Debbie Bateman Auletta

I usually get, you have a pit bull? Oh what you have 2 pit bulls? Why?
Answer: because they are and have been the most loving dog a person can have. I got my first girl in 1997, she taught me what unconditional love is like. She taught me that a dog is not just a dog but a part of my family. I still have that one great pittie’s pups even though they are 10-year-old elderbulls now and mama is at the rainbow bridge. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world.

~ Renee Gainey

I have a pit/rott mix, and everyone always says “Oh he’s soooo cute, what is he?” Then I say what he is and get the “OH”….He’s still a baby, so it is hard to tell what he is, but you can see pit a lot in him. I’ve only had one person say “Isn’t he going to be mean?” and I said, “Oh God NO, I know both his parents, and he’s MY dog, he’s going to be a great dog, he already is!

~ Stacy Getson

Sadly, I’m always asked if she’s a boy! I even put her in a lot of pink when we go out!

~ Kathy King

I always get asked “what kind of dog is he?” And I always respond that because he’s a rescue, we aren’t 100% sure about Odie’s lineage, but he definitely has some pit bull. By that point Odie is on his back asking for belly rubs and we’re all talking about how sweet he is.

~ Janet Lee

Is she friendly? Yes, much more so than I!

~ Sweetmiss M. Degnan

I would never deny what kind of dog I have. I’m proud to have a pit bull, and people need to see how wonderful they are.

~ Shannon Singer

My pit bull is blind, so people ask why did you adopt a blind dog? I really didn’t have a choice. It was love at first sight for me, so he had to become part of our family. The stupidest question ever was asked when I was walking him with my other dog at the time who was three-legged. A guy walking by asked if the pit bull had bitten off the other dog’s missing leg. My three-legged dog died just before Christmas. When a friend found a pregnant stray, I agreed to take one of the puppies. She has lived with us for eight weeks. My pit bull loves her. He washes her and they play together. He is so gentle with her. He seems to understand that she’s a baby.

~ Vanessa Reed-Knifel

I have three rescue pit bulls along with fostering pit bulls. Question “Why pit bulls? Aren’t they aggressive?” I always welcome a chance to change someone’s understanding of pit bulls. So I explain how it started with me being ignorant about the breed and being fortunate enough to have a friend who convinced me to give them a chance and took a puppy who needed a home. She was the most amazing dog I had ever known without an aggressive bone in her body. Pit bulls are like every other breed each dog has its own personality and much of who they are can depend on how they are treated. Twenty-three years and four pit bulls later I couldn’t imagine any other breed in my family, then tell them they should educate themselves and not believe what everyone says about them.

~ Krisy Lee

They usually ask if she has had puppies. I explain nicely to them about the overpopulation issue and try to educate and encourage adoption as opposed to breeding.

~ Katherine Smith

How old is she? Eight years old. Do you have her on a chain to strengthen her like that? Hell no, she isn’t chained, none of my dogs will ever be chained, she’s a lap dog.

~ Pauline Sapough Reed West

I would have to say I get two questions quite often…#1 “Is she fixed?” As much as I really hate the implication behind that question I try to answer as sweetly as possible with a simple “yep.” If time permits I will make mention of how many pits/pets die every day in our area alone due to irresponsible and over breeding. #2 is “Why are that one’s ears cropped and not the others?” My answer there is that I adopted her as an adult and that was the way she came. Also (great opportunity for a mini-lesson) they are not even the same type of dog even though most people think they are both pits: she is a purebred APBT and he is a Bull Terrier/Great Dane/? So you can never judge a dog based on looks.

~ Kate Lanier

Is he friendly? Well, as you took the time to stand and ask me that, he is sitting at your side waiting for a belly rub, with one paw in the air because a high five usually results in the BEST belly rubs. So no, he’s absolutely mean and not at all friendly.

~ Morgan S. Gertler

I have two males so I constantly get asked, ‘Do they fight?’ I smile and say, ‘No, they are like brothers. They grew up together and can’t go 1 minute without each other. And when they are apart, they pace back and forth whining until the other one comes back. They love each other just as much as I love them, they can’t live without each other.’

~ Maranda Curry

People often ask “What kind of dog is he?” and I always reply “A really nice one.”

~ Kate Hinks

‎”She’s so tall. What is she mixed with?” I don’t know. I rescued her.

~ Allison Sabo

‎”What’s his name?”

~ Felicity Hodgman

Q: Aren’t you afraid someday he’ll turn on you? A: No, never..it’s my Chihuahuas who are vicious and unpredictable!

~ Rebecca Marie Stone

They always ask if she is nice and sadly I have to say that she is very shy so some people are frightened by that, other will pet her anyways. I don’t know why she is so shy around new people since I got her from a friend when she was around 6months old.

~ Gilbert Rivera

Is he friendly? My answer is “of course” I have spent a lot of time socializing him, he is a therapy dog and has a couple of obedience titles

~ Joe Kozlosky

Is she friendly or are you scared about how she’ll be with your baby (due in Sept) are my most commonly asked questions. I say, you should meet her, she loves new people. With the baby, I say, we’ll just have to teach her not to lick the baby, but she’s more tolerant of kids playing with her and pulling on her tail than she is with me. My pit is awesome, I can’t imagine not having her.

~ Angie Formo

Skye is only 40 lbs., so when everyone finds out she’s a pit bull they ask “is she a puppy?” and when I tell them she’s 4 years old, they ask if all pit bulls are that small. If only! I’d have three more!

~ Jenny Ford

I have a 5-month pure Staffie, she is constantly being mistaken for a Jack Russell Terrier, not sure how as she is brindle and looks nothing like a JRT. I also have a 2 year old Staff/boxer mix who gets mistaken for a Dogue de Bordeux ( must be his colouring and black muzzle) I am constantly asked if Tyson (my X) is friendly which I respond yes are you? Or I get asked what he is and I usually say a dog… They look at me not quite knowing what to say next, I find lots of people want to touch Tilly (my pup) but never Tyson… My usual response is to say if you say hello to one, you have to say hello to the other as it’s not fair.

~ Charli Murphy

First they ask, “Is that a pit bull?” which I reply.. “Yes he is a pit mix”…then they ask, “Is he friendly”…”The friendliest dog ever”…is my answer as Stewart proceeds to lick them all over.

~ Jamie DeVine Legato

I always get asked “Can I pet her?” Absolutely, my Priya loves the pets.

~ Kristy Lynch

First question: “Is that a pit bull?” Answer: “Yes, and she’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. She’s amazing!” Second question: “Is it safe to pet her?” Answer: “Sure- just watch out for her brother, the Chihuahua/fox terrier mix. He has a tendency to jump on people with his four teeth! I’ll try to keep him off of you.” Enough said.

~ Mina Yindra

Does he bite? Only if I tell him to.

~ Carlene Castleman

Aren’t you afraid to have her around the children in the family??? I respond, I trust her more than most people!!!

~ Arlene Applebaum

‎”Is he gonna bite me?” Answer: if there any chance at all that he was the slightest bit aggressive he would not be a SERVICE DOG! I would not be so irresponsible as to take him out in public where there are all kinds of unpredictable things that can happen and tons of little kids around. No, your only danger is possible drowning from all the slobber when he kisses you a million times because his “downfall” is that he can’t hold his “licker”!

~ Jen Ostrow

I’m always being questioned as to whether or not he bites and my response is always the same. Dogs from Poodles to Great Danes will bite if put in a situation where they feel threatened or afraid, so yes, he does have the ability to bite, but if you’re good to him, you’ll never have anything to worry about and you have found a friend for life.

~ Lynne Carson

I always get “Is that a dog?” Because he goes into stores and everything because he’s a service dog. On occasion the sarcasm comes out… I look around “Dog? Where!?” or “No, he’s my service koala.”

~ Jen Ostrow

Why isn’t she mean, aren’t all pit bulls mean? Why is she so nice? LOL, it makes me laugh! No, not all dogs, pits included, are mean. Just like not all dogs, pits included are nice. Always ask the owner for permission before you per any dog.

~ Breanna Reeser

I am lucky to live in a very pit bull friendly area!!!! Everywhere we go we are greeted with positive comments and the occasional…WOW it’s the Target dog, or look it Petey from the Little Rascals!!! And everyone, from kids to adults want to come and get kisses!!! Bella LOVES it!!!!

~ Carrie Carlock

Q: Aren’t you afraid that pit bull is going to turn on you? A: Huh? Where did you hear that from, the media? Boy have you been lied to! Let me tell you how wonderful these dogs really are…

~ Angie Stoll

Unfortunately I get aren’t you worried they’ll hurt your kids?

~ Kathryn Achaval Jimenez

Since ours is a pit mix and small we get asked, after they are already kissing her, what kind of dog is this? I always say she’s half pit bull and her dad was a Lab/Chow mix. They usually look shocked, then I say did you know pit bulls used to be considered nanny dogs because of how gentle they are with children?

~ Angela Reynolds LaWall

Q: Is that a “pure-blood?”/ “Red-nose?”/ “Brindle Blue-nose?”/ Purple-polka-dot-totally-made up-mumbojumbo? A: She’s 100% shelter dog and pure-bred awesome.

~ Laura Cooke

Is that a pit? Me: yes. Aren’t you worried he’ll turn on you? Me: He does all the time, to lick me. My personal favorite: what do you feed him? Me: food..

~ Charles Brooks

Does he get along well with other dogs? Yes, he just gets very excited and wants to play immediately. Not all dogs respond well to that and he gets worked up if they are worked up.

~ Hayley Sawada

The dog I had in class goes over to an older lady who was sitting in on class that day. She pet him readily. “Do you know what kind of dog he is?” the instructor asks her. “No.” she replies. “He’s a pit bull.” I say. “No he’s not!” she says. “He most certainly is.”

~ Colleen Van Voorhis

‎”Is that a ‘blue nose’ pit bull?” “No…she’s a grey dog with a black nose.”

~ Shannon L Welch

“What kind of pit mix is that?” (I have a very, very friendly and outgoing Staffordshire Terrier. Not a pitty, but if people ask because they want to pet him, I say he’s not a mix, but please do pet him. He’s a perfect ambassador of the breed and if my boy can educate people by being his sweet self, fine with me! My new neighbor told me, “I thought I didn’t like pit bulls, but yours has changed my opinion!”

~ Wendy Van Skyhawk Faker

Because my pittie is short, built like a tank and has cropped ears, I often get asked two questions, “Was she a fighting dog?” usually follwed by, “Available for breeding?” I tell them “she” is a rescue and although “she” is a big girl (82 lbs), she is not and has never been used for fighting. As for breeding I say thank you but no thank you. She is fixed and I do not believe in breeding as there are already too many unwanted and killed daily due to over population. I am amazed at how many people see a short thick pit with cropped ears and assume they are fighters or only good for breeding. So the conversation either continues and they want to hear her story or they go on about their business. Usually people want to hear her story.

~ Renay Bell Peters

The most common question I get asked about my 30-lb. therapy pocket pit is… Will she attack me? I tell them yes she will… She will attack you with kisses and you’ll never get her to stop loving you.

~ Jennifer Manfred

I will go with the worst question I have ever been asked. I was at work with my pit bull, Tenny. Tenney was lying on the floor upside down while I was rubbing his belly…so business as usual. I mentioned to my boss that StubbyDog had sent me an email asking me about doing a little story about him for the StubbyDog of the week. My boss said to me…”Why would you want to promote such a horrible breed?” I was stunned to silence for a moment. Thoughts raced through my head quickly of all the joy that Tenney brings, the laughs, the cuddles, the wiggles and the kisses. Tenney sat up, turned his usual pink and slightly wiggled his butt while delivering a sloppy wet kiss to the side of my face…All I could say was, “that’s why.”

~ Lenora Woidyla

Like most others, the first question I get asked is “What kind of dog is that?” with a hint of trepidation in their voice. I usually answer “A pibble” since most people have no idea what that is, and once they relax, I tell them a pibble is an affectionate nickname for a pit bull. The next question is an immediate “Does she bite?!” I always tell them “She bites the heck out of her Kongs!” Putting people at ease with humor is a great way to break the ice.

~ Kim Davis

On both therapy visits and on walks, people always ask my mom, “What kind of dog is that?” out of genuine curiosity because most people have no idea what I am, mostly because people have no idea what “pit bull” means and how tiny on average most of us naturally are. (We get a lot of Weimaraner guesses. LOL.) My mom likes to say, “oh she’s a pit bull mix” because then that usually allows for a response of “what is she mixed with?” and then we can go on to explain how there’s no such breed as a “pit bull” and have a genuinely educational conversation. People are always intrigued and thankful for the new info. For the record, my DNA test indicated that I am at least 50% AmStaff and at least 25% Bulldog. No joke. We’re thinking about calling me a “Pocket Pit.”

~ Peaches the “Pit Bull”

What kind of dog is that? I always say “American Pit Bull Terrier”.

~ Sharon Williams

It depends on if they know he’s a pittie or not. If they know then it’s how old, where did you get him, Can I say hello? The answers to which are 6 years, found him on the street as a small puppy and sure you can say hello, he is a happy camper. If they don’t know he is a pittie the most common questions are. Is that a pit bull? To which I answer yes, mostly. If they have no clue it’s usually, my what a handsome dog, what is he? To which I answer thank you, he’s a pit bull (mostly ). And I have had a range of reactions from ‘My he doesn’t seem mean at all’ to one lady that snatched up her little floofy dog (the two of them were have a great time getting to know each other) and looked at me like I was insane for having such a vicious animal.

~ Marcus Hill

‎”Is he nice?” “What kind of dog is that?” “Is he fixed?” and on occasion, “You fight him?”. Hell no I don’t fight him. I raised him to like all other dogs and people. We have playdates whenever possible. A lot of the time people tell me he is a pretty dog even though he just skidded into the fence and sprayed them with dirt. Majority of the time people are OK with the fact that he is a pit bull because he is a good boy but sometimes I still get that wrinkled up nose “ew” look when I tell them what he is. Everyone that knows me, knows him and loves him.

~ Angel Howell

With my therapy dog pit bull, I have one that’s not a question. People always grab up their little dogs while remarking “that dog will eat you!’ to which I respond, “oh no, he’s a vegetarian!” It makes them stop for a minute and I hope feel stupid for acting like that!

~ Deborah von Dayraven

What a pretty face! They say first. By the time that is said, my Roxie is either on her back wiggling madly asking for a tummy rub, or sniffing theirs hand, which means “pet me pet me!” then her breed and age are enquiries after. They are amazed to learn she is 7 years old, because she is only 30 pounds they think she is a pup. But aren’t pit bulls usually bigger? They ask?
Only if they are crossed with mastiffs or some other “Where is your saddle” kind of dog I tell them.

~ Janet Wiley Chesnut

My favorite comment was when we adopted our Sabrina. She was 4 years old and came from a shelter. Our little boy was about to turn 4, he loved her right away. When people at work started to find out that we had adopted a pittie, one person said to me, ‘you have a PIT BULL????!!! It’s going to eat your child! I can’t believe you choose to have a killer dog in your house with a toddler!’ I love my dog!

~ Melissa Finney-Andrzejczak

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4 Responses to “What Question Do People Ask About Your Pit Bull?”
  1. jayleepit says:

    @ George Kiddoo:    I appreciate your advocacy  of the breed and sharing about the gentleness of pits with children.  But I hope you don’t actually allow your granddaughter’s “riding her like a horse “.  It may make for cute photo opps, but it is soooo bad for dogs and can cause serious damage to their backs (not to mention, that coupled with her “pulling on her neck” sounds like a lot of stress for a dog.  I’ve seen this a lot, and it makes me uncomfortable when people try too hard to show how tolerant pit bulls are by allowing children to climb all over them and play roughly.  It isn’t  fair to the dogs, and creates a potentially dangerous situation (regardless of breed).  Why put them in a position where they may feel stressed or defenseless?)

  2. The one question that cracks me up the most is: Do they bite? My response is YES, they have teeth don’t they. Folks usually look at me like I’m crazy then they realize what I said and smirk.

  3. dragondix2 says:

    People often asked “is he mean?”

  4. dragondix2 says:

    I was tempted to reply “no, are you?” I refrained from doing so, for PR purposes.