Sweet Memories

May 23, 2012  

Remembering her beloved pit bull mix, the author shares how patient Chelsea was with children

By Lisa Blendheim

I wanted to share pictures of my old pit bull mix Chelsea, whom we lost to cancer. We got her as a rescue when she was not quite a year old. My two daughters grew up around her.

Of all the dogs I’ve known in my life, Chelsea was the one I would have trusted around any child at any time. My friend’s baby daughter learned to stand by grabbing a fistful of loose skin and pulling herself up – Chelsea just stood there looking at us with her sweet eyes. She was truly the finest example of everything good about pit bulls.

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6 Responses to “Sweet Memories”
  1. Very touching, memories you’ll always have of Chelsea.

  2. Inner Child Studios says:

    Thank you, prettychic! I meant to write more about her and just got busy…lol! She was such an amazing girl – when she was excited or happy to see us when we returned home, she’d jump up and down on her hind legs like a kangaroo.  She was my first pittie, and I can’t imagine life without one.  My current dog is a 5-month-old pit mix pup (we think he is part Great Dane – he’s gonna be a BIG boy) that I took in when his owners informed me that he was on his way to the local shelter.  I had decided I wanted a nice, calm adult dog that had outgrown the crazy puppy stage…and instead I have Harley. 🙂 He is my sweetheart – Chelsea’s legacy to our family is a deep and abiding love for pitties, and a commitment to making sure our dogs are excellent ambassadors for the breed.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @Inner Child Studios Thanks for the update Lisa, all our best to you and Harley.

  3. CrystalMoodySiegel says:

    RIP, sweet girl. Thank you for sharing about your Chelsea. My oldest son has always had pitties and they are the sweetest, most affectionate dogs! The only problem with them is that they want to sit on our lap all the time 🙂

  4. dragondix2 says:

    Run free Chelsea. You helped a little girl learn to stand up, now your mom is standing up for you.