May 24, 2012  

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Hi, I’m Sadie and this is my story. I was rescued by the Georgia SPCA staff and NORAD from a Talbot County, GA dog fighting ring. About 30 of us were rescued that day and it was the happiest day of my life so far. We were hidden in the woods where our owners had driven car axels into the ground and chained us to them night and day with short lengths of 40 lb. logging chain. They wanted to make us stronger and bulkier. We were chained so close together that we could almost touch noses. They also cut my ears in a “bear cut” to make it harder for other dogs to hold on to me.

We were all very scared, hungry and unloved. I was only about a year old then and had never had a human be nice to me before. In spite of what I’d been through, I trusted the humans that came to rescue us and I knew that the love those kind people had in their hearts would eventually heal us all. When our rescuers arrived, they took us off our chains one by one and we were taken to an area where the Georgia SPCA staff assessed us. I overheard them say that we were all really friendly dogs and how amazing they thought we were. It was with them that I felt the first loving hands in my life and they told me over and over in their sweet voices that I would be ok now. We left that horrible place in the woods and The GASPCA paid to have us moved to a facility in Columbus, GA where we were quarantined to make sure we were ok. We were spayed or neutered and given medical treatment. Our next stop was at a shelter closer to our rescuers. Back then the GASPCA was smaller than it is now and we were gradually taken one or two at a time to the shelter when room became available for us. I stayed there for about a year and made a lot of friends. I loved people but I didn’t like other dogs very much, especially the dominate ones.

After my first year at the GASPCA I wasn’t happy at the shelter anymore and I needed a break from being in a cage all of the time. I went to stay with Angie Woods (my guardian angel) and Josh at U.S. Canine in Buford. Angie is kind of like Caesar Milan. She has her own pack of dogs and they are all great! She uses them to help dogs like me to overcome our fears. I was scared of the other dogs but Angie showed me that I didn’t have to be afraid of them. She is a great pack leader! You may think this is crazy but Angie, Josh and their pack actually taught me how to be a dog!

I love Angie, Josh and my dog friends but I really want to find a human to call my own and a home to live in forever. It will be 3 years in August that I’ve been under the care of the GASPCA so I’m really hoping that I get adopted soon. I’ll need a strong pack leader when I do get my forever home. I get along well with most dogs but I think I would do better with a male dog that likes to play and is more of the calm, submissive type. Of course I also wouldn’t mind being an only dog. I love to be petted, have my belly rubbed, play and ride in the car. I’m a laid back girl and really like naps on the couch or in the sunshine. I’m very well behaved and I only want to love and be loved by my very own person. Everyone I meet says I’m sweet and pretty so I guess the reason I haven’t been adopted is that I haven’t met the person or family that I’m meant to be with yet. Could that person be you?
Please “Like” my “Sadie” facebook page and “friend” me on Facebook at “SadieRescueDog.” For more information on Sadie or to set up a time to meet her you can contact:
The Georgia SPCA: (678) 765-6726 or you can call my friend Kathy (770) 639-1779.

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2 Responses to “Sadie”
  1. JeneenBurns says:

    I am so proud that there are people out there giving the right kind of good loving care to dogs that need it. It brings comfort to my heart. She will be a good pet and I hope her life is full of love and kisses.  

  2. Sadie’s so beautiful! I love the picture of her lounging on the coach. I hope she finds a loving forever home.