My Dog is a Superstar Because …

May 4, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans to finish is sentence…’My dog is a superstar because…’

Whether they are leaping off of beds in single bound, or curling up to snuggle when you need it most, or changing perceptions every where they go, our pit bulls are always superstars! Thanks everyone for sharing.

He can leap onto the bed with a single bound!

~ Aussie Pet Mobile – Cape Cod

She is mine, being the first pittie therapy dog around here is pretty cool too!

~ Cynthia Huff- Garlaska

She watched over and helped nurse my other dog back to health after he had a major surgery.

~ Whitney Schroeder

She shows off her polka dot belly without a sound, and a single roll onto her back!

~ CeliaSue Hecht

He’ll befriend any other dog and human. He sees no wrong.

~ Lola Chavarria

Chance is a ruminant-whisperer. He doesn’t get along with other dogs, but I swear he’s got a sixth sense with cattle and goats. He’ll even graze right alongside the cattle.

~ Rachel Norris

Because he is my reason for getting up in the morning. The very air I breathe; the sunshine on my face. He is my life.

~ Paige McCrary Glisson

..when he chases his tail he catches it.

~ Rhett Nicks ‎

He is the only one who gets me when no one else does.

~ Jennifer Garcia

He jumps in bed with me when I cry and puts his face next to mine and stays there till I finish crying.

~ Bobbie Glover

Daisy is the sweetest girl that will just cuddle with you for no reason at all and gives me reason to smile.

~ Sarah Drury

He throws the tennis ball up in the air when he holds it with his front paws.

~ Bobbie Glover

My dog is more of a superhero, not a superstar. My 6 year old son was always scared of dogs. When we adopted our first dog, Harper, a Border collie mix, my son fell in love with him. He says that he is a superhero because he made my son no longer scared of dogs. Four months later we adopted a pittie, Delilah, who my son calls Harper’s sidekick!

~ Black Pearl Bakery

Echo the Deaf Pittie mix is a superstar because…he is who he is without apology…barking, farting, romping, snoozing, begging and all!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

First because they are my daughters and love me unconditionally like I love them. They like every human, every dog, cat and ferret. They help me with every single foster I bring home. They show people how awesome pit bulls are and change people’s mind, help me also change people on the view of spay/neuter and shelter dogs. They are the best clowns! Lastly, because they are family.

~ Kiara Edmee Colon

My dog is a superstar because she’s my dog and no one else’s.

~ April Dooley

I have two Staffies, Tyson is a superstar because he has such a comical personality and runs around like a blue ass fly when he comes in from walks in the rain and Tilly is a superstar because you can hold a real conversation with her and she talks back, they are both my world and the best friends I could ask for.

~ Charli Murphy

My ‘big dog’ adopted my family late in the evening this past October. Starved and scarred, he clung to our door until he made his way in. We were unsure of his breed, but he looked very closely to a pit (mix). We searched and searched for a home, called pit rescue groups to no avail, called no-kill shelters and were sadly told he’d be euthanized if he was a suspected pit. I was terrified because I have an aggressive male Jack Russell and two little girls and cried almost every night for three weeks while we brought him back to health. I would beg my husband to find a home for him, but slowly, Rocky boy was stealing my heart. So, my dog is a superstar because he changed my perception of the breed and has proven to me that there is no better dog than a pit (mix). And, I cannot imagine my family without him.

~ Suzanne Veitz

My dog is a superstar because he was left tied to a fence in the middle of July, emaciated and extremely sick. His courage to move forward and heal both physically and mentally has inspired me to forgive more often and let go of the past. His love for all people proves to me that he has the heart and soul of a Super Star!

~ Morgan S. Gertler

My dog is a superstar because he changed my whole family’s and many other’s opinions of pit bulls!

~ Sarah Miller

My Hugo is the best “Foster Uncle” to help build confidence in the under-socialized, timid foster dogs that come my way. He seems to know just what every individual dog needs, and brings out their best. Even the people at the County Shelter admit to his awesomeness.

~ Deasal Conner

Atlas is a superstar because he has an almost human understanding of spoken English, he isn’t afraid to try anything new, you can’t fool him by tossing him a french fry and then a tomato (he WILL spit the offending tomato out), he eats saurkruat with Mom, and loves horses to the point of obsession. To me, that makes him a superstar because he was a wild pup running with a pack near our home in Texas when we captured him at 5 weeks old. He had never had any human contact. In that first two days, he had three baths to get rid of his terrible flea infestation, learned to walk on a leash, and began his life of a Trukers’ dog. Today, at almost 3, he is a perfectly behaved, extremely well socialized, loving pibble that loves kids, animals, and chasing bugs.

~ Christene Graham

My Seth is a Superstar because he’s so smart and great while walking, he knows to stop before crossing the street every single time and only crosses when I tell him it’s safe to cross.

~ Arctic Fox

‎… despite being found as an elderly, abandoned, unsocialized stray pit bull on the streets of L.A., he is now an ambassador for his breed! He has grown in to not only a loving, dog-friendly family member, but he has even served as a wonderful reading tutor!

~ Rebecca Maust

My pit is my superstar because she brings comfort, licks my tears, and does somethng everyday to prove to people who hate pits that they r the best breed ever!

~ Christine Elizabeth

My silly pittie boy spoons and nibbled on my ear… And Daisy Mae gave the sweetest kisses and wiggled her whole body when greeting people. I miss them sooooo terribly much! They were my sunshine… As those two are inseparable, they both live with my ex who has more time for them.

~ Mela Frankfort

‎… Because if we have missed just one pile of poop somewhere is the far reaches of the yard, Dan will find that poop, every time, and inadvertently step in it. He is a reliable do-do-detector. We are very proud!

~ Heather Gutshall

My pitties are superstars because they love my children unconditionally!

~ Airy Zamora Morris

He is my first dog I ever owned, and whenever I wasn’t totally sure what I was doing he reassured me with his happy disposition and enthusiastic kisses– he helped me overcome my general unfounded fear of all dogs! That is the power of the breed, and my superstar pit.

~ Emily Storkamp

He’s my service dog, he’s always saving me!

~ Jen Ostrow

My dog is a superstar because she teaches herself fun tricks like doing flips!

~ Of Pit Bulls and Patience

My sweet Maggie Mae is a superstar because she loves everyone that enters our door! If you give her a chance, she will make her way onto your lap like she

~ Lora Lothringer

Our Nugget is a superstar because of his sweet, goofy face. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He’s a great ambassador for pitties.

~ Cindy Wittich

Because he rescued a puppy who was stuck in a locked bathroom at the park in the middle of winter. I would never have known the pup was there but my Pickle refused to walk away. That dog is now a full grown shepherd in his very own forever home.

~ Felicity Sampson Short

Because I am their biggest fan!

~ Susan Rodriguez

Because he reminds us with his delight in everything common ( peanut butter, clean white sheets, riding in the car) that every day since he was rescued is truly a gift. Our foster dog is a superstar because is so sweet and loving despite the cruelty he endured, and because despite being a 50lb pittie mix he thinks he is a lap dog.

~ Stephanie Lambert French

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2 Responses to “My Dog is a Superstar Because …”
  1. LauraStrickland says:

    My sweet boy and I were on our evening walk when we both witnessed a horrific crash at our intersection…One of the vehicles, a suv, had flipped upside down and there were several people in it….There was steam and smoke and glass everywhere….I rushed over to pull out a lady who seemed to be in shock..I squatted down and put both my hand under her armpits and started to pull. I was crying and pulling and not having a lot of success…finally I started making progress and was scooting backwards with her, . I got her part of the way out and I realized that the reason I was finally able to extract her was because my pitbull had grabbed part of the ladies sweater and was pulling with all his might…..My pitbull, Achilliese, is also my service dog,…He saves my life in many ways everyday….

    • StubbyDog says:

       @LauraStrickland Wow, that’s an amazing story. We would love to hear more about Achilliese. If you are interested, please send your story to and include photos. Dogs like Achilliese are so inspirational and help change perceptions of pit bulls! Way to go!