Max and Delilah

May 8, 2012  

A rescued pit bull becomes a boy’s best friend

By Michelle Vogt

In June 2011, our family decided to adopt a dog. My husband and I wanted a pit bull, but our youngest son, 7-year-old Max, was scared of dogs, and we thought a pit bull would be too big and strong for him as our first dog. We ended up adopting Harper, a small Border Collie mix. Max liked Harper right away, but didn’t really “bond” with him.

In October, we decided it was time to add a second dog to our family and were ready to try a pit bull. We went and looked at Cordilia, a pit bull from a rescue, but she was an excitable dog, and our boys were intimidated by her. I explained this to the rescue.

Max and I were talking, and we said we would like a black and white pit bull and we thought Delilah would be a cute name. A few days later, Cordilia’s rescue contacted us and said that they just got a new pit bull: She was real sweet, black and white, and her name … Delilah! We knew right away that she was the one for us! We went to meet her and decided she would be ours.

Harper and her got along right away, and Max and Delilah were immediate friends. The first night we had her, Max fell asleep on top of her (as seen in the picture). They are always together, and she is always giving him big sloppy pit bull kisses! They can often be found cuddled on the dog bed together.

Max refers to Harper as a “superhero” because he made him no longer scared of dogs. When I ask Max what Delilah is, he says, “His sidekick!”

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