Jayde and Her Boys

May 21, 2012  

This pit bull loves nothing more than taking care of her human brothers

By Jeanenne Defelice

Let me tell you a little about our pit bull. Her name is Jayde, and she is the sister to two wonderful little boys: David, age 7, and Dominic, age 15 months.

Jayde and Dominic seem to have their own language; they are absolutely best friends and don’t go anywhere with out each other. She is probably the most tolerant dog I know and have ever had. If she is lying down, he jumps on her back and tries to ride her as if she is a horse. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times she has taken a little foot to the head or a head butt by accident.

Although Jayde and David have a very special relationship and adore each other, Dominic is her absolute best friend. She watches over both boys with her life.

Jayde and Dominic at all times know what the other is thinking (at least it seems to be that way). Dominic goes in to the pantry and takes out boxes of cereal, and he and Jayde sit on the floor, and Dominic feeds her one piece at a time.

Jayde is truly the definition of a nanny dog. When the baby is upset, she seems to know exactly how to calm him down. When Dominic was learning to walk, he would grab onto her and pull himself up.

Although she is a clown from time to time (typical of pit bulls), she truly is the sweetest, gentlest, most caring pit bull in the world. Even though she has eaten over $2,000 worth of my shoes, we wouldn’t trade our pit bull for the world!!!

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5 Responses to “Jayde and Her Boys”
  1. Finally someone who understands my pain with the shoes lol my male has eaten his fair share of my shoes;  just mine.  We love him to pieces and back again.

  2. AmyTeal says:

    Sounds like one of mine, she managed to chew 6 pairs of doc martins, several flip flops and all of my slippers, I now just by slippers when they are onsale because I know within a week or 2 I will leave them out and they will become hers, I would not trade her for the world she is the sweetest pibble.

  3. ehsutherland says:

    These are very cute photos and my pitbull loves kids too! However, we’re expecting our first baby this summer and I took a “Dogs and Babies” safety course to brush up on any pertinent information. I encourage every parent and dog owner to read this blog post about “The Curse of the Good Dog”: http://www.dogsandbabieslearning.com/2010/02/21/good-dogs-dont-bite/ It really opened my eyes to the fact that all dogs have the propensity to bite, some just have a higher tolerance than others! Good dogs can be put in more situations where there’s a chance of something going wrong, and good dogs can pay with their lives.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @ehsutherland thank you for the information. Dogs and kids should always be supervised and kids should always be taught to respect the dog’s space.

  4. dragondix2 says:

    If those pictures were any sweeter they’d give me cavities!