Does Your Dog Have a Unique Talent?

May 11, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans, ’Does your dog have a unique talent or do a funny trick?’

There are some incredibly talented dogs out there! They open doors, do a combat crawl, speak in different ways but mostly they entertain us day after day. Thanks everyone for sharing!
(all photos by StubbyDog Facebook fans)

Darla taught herself to climb a ladder!

~ Stephanie Tree

Daphney has been taught to ever so gently take a treat from between our lips.

~ Holly Alessi

Sweetie likes to squash things by lying on top of stuff. So if I tell her to squish it, she will lay on top of whatever it is.

~ Marcye Malone Davies

Dudley was taught his right paw and his left paw, but I was facing him and got confused- so our family calls it polish paw! He will give you the opposite one but gets it right every time.

~ Nichole S Shannon

Kale lets me know there’s a bug in the house by staring at it and barking so now all I have to do is say bug and he looks at the ceiling…hence his nicknames being Kalebug and buggyboo!

~ Kim Kisela Mattson

Tigger will howl along with fire truck/ambulance sirens!

~ Meredith Christman

Whitney (boxer/pit mix stray rescue) does a mean impression of a Wookie. Honestly, she’s famous at her vet’s office for sounding like Chewbacca. We hear it daily. Quite loud. But highly entertaining!!!

~ Sally Edwards

Whenever we have guests our 11month-old pit bull/Boxer shows off my doing his “soldier crawl” followed by the “backstroke” on the carpet. Everyone loves it and he gets the belly rubs he’s going for.

~ Nuria Torres

Connor plays with his (16lb) bowling ball by pushing it around with his head/nose. Then, when you act like you are going to get it from him, he picks it up and runs with it. He gets his teeth in the finger/thumb holes and picks it up.

~ Gloria Basile

Lefty will do a “fist bump,” shake left or right, carry anything he can get in his mouth and get his special towel out of the closet when it’s time for a bath. The other two, Ruby and Elwood, just watch him and laugh.

~ Lesley Harelson

Zorro “talks” to me when he wants me do something or when he wants to show me something. It’s a really cute “bur bur bur” sound.

~ Lisa Nikitas Salonga

Our pittie does an army crawl. It’s the coolest thing ever! Now when he’s laying belly down we chant ARMY CRAWL to get him going! He propels himself forward with his front paws letting his back feet drag behind him. He started doing it as a way to scratch his belly.

~ Laura Oliver

Zeke wipes his face on command– and all three of mine know how to open the screen door and let themselves back in the house. that is just a few of their tricks, they also open Rubbermaid type containers, high five, spin, play dead, roll over, speak, walk backwards…etc. etc. — they love to learn new tricks!

~ Summer Voth

Stella Maudine George, our little 2-year-old pit bull, has two voices, on command: SPEAK! (very loud) and TALKYTALKY! (low woof) – that’s her “inside” voice.

~ Skye Farr

Charlie knows how to beat the alarm clock – he always beats it by 1 or 2 minutes. He’ll grab the corner of the bedspread and drag it down to the bottom of the bed no matter how many times I pull it back. He’s so good at playing alarm clock that he does it on the weekends too. Every. Day. 5:30. A.M.

~ Amanda Kerr

Oh Sadie has a serious talent. She snores so loud that it’s been known to wake me up!

~ Ashley Scott

We have a pine tree in the back yard with branches that go to the ground. Well, the first winter we had Mocha she heard birds up in the tree, and decided to investigate. At first I thought it was clever, until she kept climbing. One night we spent two hours in the cold and snow trying to get her to come down. After that the tree became off limits.

~ Dustin May

Willow shakes her head in an intense “Yes” if we are holding a treat and ask her if she wants it! Her head shake is sometimes followed by a gentle “arf.”

~ Annmarie Knight

My Toby excels at holding down the couch. It never gets away when he’s around!

~ Beverly Miller Musgrave

When I come home at night, suddenly after entering my home’s gate, my pit was already behind me. I was so surprised because I put him in a room that was three doors away from my home entrance gate. From that night, until today he is capable of opening every door in my home.

~ Stephen Kenneth Koeswandi

When I was a child my mom taught our golden retriever Buster to count. Hold up two fingers and he would bark two times….hold up 10 fingers he would bark all 10 times and never once did he miscount. The best dog I have ever met!

~ Amanda M. Callender

Oh my little girl and do many tricks! But it was most fun teaching her to turn off the light! And she can do it!

~ Tracey Thompson

~ Brooke Kristin

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