May 24, 2012  

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Hey, what’s up?? I’m Cooper! I’m a 1-year-old pit bull mix in Nashville, Tennessee. I was running around on the streets having a grand old time when I got scooped up and landed in the slammer. It was cold and scary there, but the people were real nice and took me on walks and let me play in the yard sometimes. Then one day, this nice lady came to visit me and took me on a walk with another dog, and let me play with him in the yard. It was so so so so fun! I didn’t know what was going on, but then that nice lady put me in a car with her and the other dog, and just like that, I was busted outta the slammer and I never looked back!

It turns out that the nice lady is my foster Momma and the other dog is my foster brother. Later that night I got to meet my foster Dad, too. I had never had a family before, but I learned real quick that having a family is a very good thing. I get loved on and petted on all the time, and I get to play and run around with my foster brother which is my very favorite thing to do. I get fed every single day (twice a day!) and I get lots of treats when I’m a good boy, which is awesome because food and treats are my very favorite things.

Also, when you have a family, you get snuggles. Do you know about snuggles?? They are AWESOME! I get snuggles all the time on the couch, and I even get snuggles at night time in the bed with the whole family. Snuggles are my most favoritest thing of all! Well who am I kidding? Everything is my favorite thing! My foster Momma says I am the happiest dog in the whole wide world, and it just might be true.

There’s not very much that doesn’t make me happy – except for being alone. I hate being alone. Foster Momma tried to put me in a crate and left me all alone in the house one day and I did not care for that, no sir. I broke right outta there and showed her how unhappy the crate makes me by redecorating the house for her. Ever since then, if foster Momma has to go away she leaves me the living room with foster brother, and I do just fine. So if I come live with you, I’d really like to have a brother or sister who I can lounge on the couch and snooze the day away – as long as he or she is canine, we’ll be cool. Cats on the other hand – NO thank you! I find that they don’t like me much because I bark and bark and chase and chase.

Oooh, I’d also love a human brother or sister, as long as he or she is a little bit older. Sometimes really small kids make me nervous, but foster Momma is trying teaching me little kids are nothing to be scared of.

Not to brag, but I am super duper smart. I just graduated my very first good-manners obedience class, isn’t that cool? It was a breeze, all foster Momma did was click her magic clicker when I did something good, and I got a treat! Foster Momma says that I’m very “treat motivated,” and I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that I will do just about anything you ask me to if it wins me a yummy reward!

So, you wanna know the boring stuff, while we’re at it? Parenthood is not in my future (I’ve been snipped, you see) and I’m up-to-date on all my ouchie-shots. I’ve never had so much as the sniffles since living at foster house, I’m healthy as a horse! I also have a super high tech magic microchip that will help me get home if I am ever lost. I’m just a little guy, I’m only about 40 lbs. I may not be very big, but I’ve got a lot of love to give! I’m just dying to find my furever family so I can share all my love with them. Is it you?

If you think Cooper would make a perfect addition to your family, please contact Agape Animal Rescue. You can also check them out on Facebook,. You can read all about Cooper’s daily adventures on his blog, A Heartbeat at My Feet.

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3 Responses to “Cooper”
  1. JeneenBurns says:

    What a cutie. Fosters are a blessing to this world. Cooper will be a blessing to his new family when he gets one.

  2. CrystalMoodySiegel says:

    What a cute boy! I hope he finds a family that will love him forever.