May 17, 2012  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Meet Andy! Andy is one adorably, spunky little guy with ears that make you chuckle! Andy was found stuck between a fence and an HTH Pets volunteer came to his rescue!

If available, Andy will find any lap, curl up and snuggle! Andy is now happy, warm and very much loved in his foster home, socializing with lots of people and dogs. Andy is an eager to please puppy who with rules, boundaries and limitations proves time and time again what a fabulous dog he can be.

Andy requires daily exercise and continued socialization with a pack leader who can be assertive and in control. With mutual respect Andy is a wonderful companion, loves to play, great with kids and people of all ages. Once proper rules are instated Andy lives very happily with other dogs and even cats.

Andy is current on his age appropriate vaccinations, micro chipped, vet checked, on a rigorous worming scheduled and will be neutered prior to adoption.

If you are interested in making Andy a permanent member of your family please visit Helping the Helpless Pets to review, complete and submit an adoption application. You can also see us on Facebook and here too.

One of our devoted volunteers will be in touch with you promptly! HHP is based in Coatesville, PA.

Thank you for thinking rescue!

More about Andy: Good with dogs, cats and kids and housetrained. He is about 5 months old and 15 lbs. He is expected to be about 55 lbs. Andy’s adoption fee is $375.00

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4 Responses to “Andy”
  1. ErikGensler says:

    OMG he is so cute.  But GET HIM OUT OF THAT CRUEL AND PAINFUL CHOKE COLLAR and into a Gentle Leader stat.

    • skreidle says:

       @ErikGensler When used and fitted properly, prong are neither cruel nor painful — and that isn’t a “choke collar”, to boot!  Further, Gentle Leaders (or Haltis, or Easy Walk harnesses) don’t work for every dog.
      In short, this does not give any appearance of being an abused dog, and Gentle Leaders are not the One True Way. :]

  2. ErikGensler says:

    @skreidle  I did not mean to imply Andy is abused.  And you are right, I should have said “prong” collar but it is on a choking device in that it tightens around the dog’s neck.  Nonetheless choking or pronging sensitive necks is, in my opinion an absolute last resort and is not a nice way to treat an animal you love.  The neck and cervical spine are sensitive areas of the body.  Gentle Leaders do not work on all dogs but they do on many. And a collar like Andy is wearing, I think damages the reputation of Pitt Bulls.  

  3. MerrillShaunaWallace says:

    Wow, Andy looks just my Pit, The Red Mia. Even the same flying nun ears. 🙂