You Might Have a Pit Clown If …

April 16, 2012  

Take our handy test to see if your dog is a genuine, certifiable clown

By Micaela Myers

Pit bulls and bully breeds in general are often known as the clowns of the canine world. Here’s a checklist to see if you have a purebred Pit Clown.

Check all that apply:

You know what the word “zoomies” means and have seen them in action.

Your pit bull spends at least 25 percent of his time belly up.

He or she snores louder than grandpa, grandma and Santa Claus combined.

Your beloved dog has decided that indeed he deserves the same comforts in life as you, including a recliner and your bed.

You had no idea a dog had so many butt muscles until you came home to your new pit bull for the first time and saw a full on, wiggly butt happy dance.

Your dog knows how to smile, complete with upturned lips, and you have at least one picture to prove it.

Your pit bull likes to sit on strange things, in strange ways or contort himself into funny ragdoll positions.

He or she makes you laugh at least once a day no matter how rotten you are feeling.

If you checked at least five boxes, you indeed have a genuine Pit Clown. Now go get a big slobbery kiss for being such a smart human.

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42 Responses to “You Might Have a Pit Clown If …”
  1. YAY I have a clown of the canine world!! Sasha took over my bed in the middle of night to the point I almost fell out of the bed.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @theprettychic Hee hee – Silly Sasha!

      •  @StubbyDog OMG it was dead of night and I felt myself edging closer and closer to the edge of the bed and this heavy body assisting with pushing closer to the edge.  When I turned around she gives me the sloppiest kiss one could ever receive.  Gotta love ’em

  2. Mike Allen says:

    all pits are not male. interesting that you can use he/him alone but only her/she if part of he/she combination. Someone needs to check HER/his calendar and see that it’s 2012 and one need not be a sexist with gender specific language. Way to ruin an otherwise good article.

    • skreidle says:

       @Mike Allen *Really*?  That ‘ruined” the article for you?  I thought it was a wonderful article, and neither noticed nor cared about the dogs’ genders. 🙂

    • BrigitteReed says:

       @Mike Allen I agree with skreidle. Especially since all of those dogs were neuters and could technically be considered ‘it’s. My dog is a girl and I took no offense at all to the article. I thought it was hilarious. : D

    • NormaLindWise says:

       @Mike Allen I agree with skreidle and BrigitteReed… really? This cute article with beautiful photos of pitties…and “sexism” ruined it for you?  What a shame…  you missed out on the point of the article, obviously.

  3. christielici0us says:

    I laughed all the way through this post because every one of these is so true! 🙂
    Hey, I’m making a pro-Pittie video and would love it if you’d like to contribute some photos. You can check out my blog post for more information! Thanks!  🙂

  4. k9eyez says:

    This website is great whoever thought of it my hats off to you.  Everyone with a pitbull should register.

  5. KristinSlettingKey says:

    Love it. I had to check everyone of them and now I am going to get a well deserved kiss from one of my Pibbles.

  6. Well_Fur says:

    Yep, this is my Arthur… Had to check every box. I am suddenly thinking back to the first time I witnessed zoomies, and I thought at the time, “Oh my god, I adopted a dog that has something mentally wrong.” Ha! After nearly a year, though, I have learned to just get out of the way so as not to get bowled over.

    •  @Well_Fur OMG we thought the exact same thing the first time we saw Sasha do zoomies (literally learned the terminology here).  I immediately called her foster and told her to come get her because she was having seizures lol

      • Well_Fur says:

         @theprettychic Haha, I’m so glad I’m not the only one! My husband and I were in a panic about it until we met some other pibble parents.

  7. jeanvit says:

    love this, so true

  8. BrigitteReed says:

    Whoever got that shot of the puppy playbow, I tip my hat to you. That is precious and a very difficult shot to get since the playbow lasts a grand total of a second and if you aren’t waiting for it, you can easily miss it with a camera.  I love the zoomie picture too. I have a lab/staffy mix and she does zoomies after baff time. She likes to air dry herself. : p She also likes to roll around on the carpet and snort. You forgot that one. Pretty sure that is a pittie thing. : p

    • StubbyDog says:

       @BrigitteReed Some of the photos are from fans, but the two you mentioned are by Melissa Lipani, who contributes so many of the wonderful photos on this site.

    • Well_Fur says:

       @BrigitteReed Oh yes, the Roll and Snort! Arthur does that one, too.

  9. suemagic says:

    soooo true…I checked every box… my cici is a big bed hog too and she likes to sidle up to people and show them her belly, i call it her floor show… my polka dot princess is hilarious, best dog ever… and gives the best kisses and cannot hold her licker, lick lick lick lick lick lick lick…  

  10. KristinMorris says:

    My pibble mix always looks confused when my bf spends the night because that’s HIS side of the bed, and later he will have to work his butt dent back where he wants it.

  11. NormaLindWise says:

    This is so cute!!!  It’s official now (LOL) I am a clown’s mom…. and so proud!

  12. joeNbean says:

    My bean is the same way!!!!! My son will be asleep in the recliner and Athena will move him so she can lay next to him, usually belly up!

  13. rrxpirish54 says:

    I have a 10 yr old female and a 5 yr old male. I call the younger one crazy dog. he runs in circles trips himself up. he plays ball by himself he wings his head with the ball in his mouth and throws it. then madly chases it. only occasionally does he bring me the ball, he would rather I chase him all over the yard. let’s not forget leaping. he takes a running start in the dining room, flies out the back door and clears the steps in one big leap. my female did similar things in her youth, but now has come to appreciate my tempurpedic bed. and yes she sleeps by my side, pushes me off the bed, wants to be under the covers, snores, and farts. but I love her

  14. HeatherAnneHendricksen says:

    I have to say this fits my J and Sophie to a T! I clicked every one of them! And I do know about the roll and snort, too! Unfortunately, on one zoomie run, my J blew out both of her back knees. After reconstruction on both, I’m so scared to let her do it again! She’s not quite as fast, but she’s definitely getting braver! 

  15. TonyDAprile says:

    I joined the Pit bull community about 9 months ago and am VERY relieved to know that  all of these are normal behavior. Lol.     I just registered with your website and am very happy too see so many responsible Ptty owners. Looking forward to checking things out.  Thx for such an informative site

  16. TommyMac says:

    So cute!  If you have videos of your pups, post ’em to!  You can possibly win a Puppy Mansion!!!

  17. starscreeam says:

    My daughter’s two knuckleheads are total opposites. We refer to Chance, the clown, as the mutt missle as his zoomies can lead to unexpected launches onto the observer’s body. His motto would also be “Yes, it *is* all about me!” as he MUST be the center of everyone’s attention even if it means shoving his furbrother out of the limelight. Zander, on the other hand, is more subdued unless he’s playing with *his* kids (we think he did not have a happy puppyhood). But he searches out the clean laundry basket at his gramma’s house, pulls out a bath towel, actually spreads it out on the floor and rolls around it with a big, happy smile. If I know he’s coming over I’ll actually just put a towel in the basket so he can “discover” it. Yes, gramma loves her granddoggies 🙂

  18. canucanoe2 says:

    My wonderful pibble, Makai does all of these except she only lays on her back when, as we say, “she’s got the happy!” As for when she has got what you call the “zoomies”, we say she went boing, or is boinging because it comes on so suddenly. BOING! Over the years I have had a few different dogs in my family  such as an Irish setter, cocker spaniel, german shepherd, and a bull dog, but my pibble is the best of the bunch and the best dog in the world. (To anyone else who has the best dog in the world, please don’t take offense as my statement is from my personal perspective. I’m sure your dog is the best from your point of view.)    =p

  19. BeckyBibeyCaddell says:

    Mine does all of these things as well….and she drives me nuts at night. lol. She can’t make up her mind about being under the covers or on top of them. When she wants under the covers, she nudges the mess out of me till I wake up and lift the comforter for her, then she plops down on my legs. Or….she will stretch all 4 legs out and push her back against hubby and her claws in to me to push me off the bed. She’s ruthless w/those claws! Where ever I go, she has to go, I must say. I have MS and a few other auto immune diseases and I don’t know if she knows I’m not well, or she just picked me to have the most attachment to, but if I nap, she naps. If I take the kids to the bus stop, she throws a fit and waits by the door to go too. If I’m on facehook in my living room all night, she sleeps by my feet…until I decide I’m ready to go to bed.  She protected me from another dog that almost bit me in the face…(my fault, not the dog’s) at the dog park a few weeks after I adopted her (adopted her in December) and now she won’t let any other dog get near me. And yes, she loves “her kids” too! She is no longer the scared, abused, starved bag of bones I brought home from the shelter. She’s now a 7 month old spoiled little princess!

    • BeckyBibeyCaddell says:

      I’m not referring to the lab in my profile pic lol

    • StubbyDog says:

       @BeckyBibeyCaddell She sounds like an amazing dog with lots of love. Your story reminded us of this one we recently posted.

    • canucanoe2 says:

       @BeckyBibeyCaddell “Or….she will stretch all 4 legs out and push her back against hubby and her claws in to me to push me off the bed.”
      My Makai does the same thing only she is a bit more fair in that she switches who gets her back and who gets her legs.
      She also follows me everywhere even though she is technically my daughters dog. It must be because I was home on disability when we got her and I spent a lot of time playing with, and training her.
      Makai has figuratively and, at times, literally brought our family together. She likes to herd everyone into the same room because she wants us all to be together. When someone leaves, she looks forlornly in their direction even after they have gone out of sight.
      Pibbles are the best dogs in the world.

  20. LunaBaby says:

    You forgot to mention the crazy eye! You know the one…it indicates trouble is coming!

  21. CindyFaulkner says:

    me i have a pit doofus dork silly goober

  22. ValerieSherman says:

    Yep, checked em all.

  23. KristaUrban says:

    Yeah but the funniest things come insleep