P.I.T. Crew

April 2, 2012  

A walking group in San Diego is helping our military, socializing their dogs and setting a great example

By Sheree Wood

Recently I started a hiking/walking group for people and their dogs. We call ourselves P.I.T. Crew Dog Walkers. P.I.T. stands for Positive – Intentional – Transformation. Our motto is helping our dogs be the best that they can be by socialization, exercise and love. We meet once a week for a couple of hours and explore San Diego’s hiking trails.

Most of us have met volunteering for various pit bull rescues, so many of us have some type of bully breed, although I made it clear that it is not a pit only group. Any large breed is welcome. (Well-behaved small ones are welcome, too, but it tends to work out better with the large dogs.)

P.I.T. Crew evolved because a friend and I started walking together with our dogs every weekend, and when she wasn’t available, I still wanted to go. I enjoyed getting my dogs out somewhere different every weekend, so I started P.I.T. Crew Dog Walkers. My two female dogs (Juni and Chloe) don’t enjoy the “in your face” greetings that a lot of dogs provide, so the dog park was out, but I wanted to keep them as social as I could. Group walking provides that social situation without actual contact. It’s worked out perfect! Group members are asked to follow some simple guidelines – not only for safety, but because when we are together, all eyes are upon us.

The rules include:
• No nose-to-nose unless you ask first.
• No off leash.
• If your dog becomes unmanageable/unruly, take him/her away from the group or maybe home.

P.I.T Crew Dog Walkers is an open club, and you can find us on Facebook.

Something new we are doing is Hike for Heroes. I am a huge military supporter, and when I found Hike for Heroes, I knew P.I.T Crew needed to be a part of it. It’s hiking in remembrance of our fallen heroes, and it raises money to help active and non-active military. Active Heroes is sponsoring it. People walk all throughout the year, but May 19 is going to be “the day” we all walk together, all throughout the country. P.I.T Crew will be raising funds for this cause.

The group has gotten some good feedback. Other walkers will pass and be surprise that three to six pit bulls (our average group size) can walk so nicely together. It made me realize that not only is the group doing something good for our dogs, but we’re doing something good for bully breeds in general by setting a good example!

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3 Responses to “P.I.T. Crew”
  1. YAY keep up the great work!

  2. diana russell says:

    awesome story and great way to get the public to see that “bully dogs’s are not bullies”. i own a pit bull and love to educate people whenever possible that these are a loving and gentle breed. P.I.T. Crew keep up the great work!!

    • StubbyDog says:

       @diana russell It is a great way to change perceptions. We hope others do this too and share their stories with us.