Magnificent Molly

April 23, 2012  

A rescued pit bull puppy brings love and joy to everyone she meets

By Susan Armstrong

Molly came into my life at a time when I didn’t think I had room in my heart for her. We had just put to sleep our beloved Byron, a regal, beautiful, gentle Pointer. He was suffering greatly, and I waffled in making the decision to let him go. One day he had a stroke – from there it was a no brainer. We knew he would not want to live that way – so dependant on us for everything, not able to do the thing he loved most: run. We said our goodbyes and let Byron go. I was heartbroken, as was our other dog Rocky.

A couple of weeks went by, and I finally ventured to the beach with Rocky. It was hard going without Byron. We came upon a young woman who had a couple of adult dogs and two really cute pit bull pups. Keep in mind that I was not ready to take another dog home, not yet. The little girl pup calmly walked over and sat next to me, looking at me sweetly, knowingly it seemed. We hung out for a bit – I played with the pups and got to know the woman who rescued them – an angel named Autumn. I got home and told my husband about the puppies, and we agreed we weren’t ready yet …

Another two weeks passed, and husband and I went back to the beach with Rocky. There was Autumn with her dogs and the puppies. As soon as we arrived, the female pup walked over to me and once again sat by my side – gazing calmly at me, smiling. I thought that I was still not ready… not just yet. Later that day I cried at how these puppies were abandoned and then how lucky they are that Autumn rescued them. That afternoon my husband said (out of nowhere), “So, do you think we should take one of those pups home?” In an instant the decision was made. I called Autumn and she said the boy pup had just been adopted, but that she knew I’d be calling for the little girl.

We brought Molly home that day, and my love affair with pit bulls began. She has taught me more about how to get along with others than any human ever did. She has taught me to be calm when every cell in my body is trying to panic. She has taught many people that they don’t have to be afraid of dogs that look like her just because of the way they look. She has taught other dogs how to behave. She has taught children how to be gentle. She has taught my husband and I communicate more clearly. She calls me on my stuff, and I still call her on hers. That’s our deal. I let her be a dog, and she helps me be a better human.

The reason Molly is a standout citizen is because she came from a scary, rocky beginning, but she moved forward and continues to move forward. She’s a hero because despite being attacked by a neighbor’s dog once, she still loves other dogs and did not let that ruin her ability to go out in the world. She lives for the now. She loves everyone and welcomes the foster dogs we bring home with open arms. She helps us make them feel safe and shows them the ropes. She is a great ambassador for her breed. If you met her, you’d love her. You’d have no choice. I will love this dog forever.

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2 Responses to “Magnificent Molly”
  1. Reading this story gave me chills.  Can’t imagine the pain and sorrow your family felt having to put down Byron.  Over the weekend Sasha’s foster mom had to make the agonizing decision to but her Spanky down; he had kidney failure and despite having 20% of his kidneys functional he was a trooper the entire time. He lived with the condition for 21/2 years.  These dogs are so resilient which makes me love them more.   Thanks for sharing your story.