Easter Bullies

April 9, 2012  

We wanted to share these amazing, cute photos of our fans’ pit bulls enjoying Easter. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Hello from my Easter Bullies ~ Maxine & Pippin

~ Angie Stoll

Pirate, Zoey and Bear dropping by to say Happy Friday Stubby Dog! You’re the BEST!

~ Kelly Kaliszewski

Happy Easter from Beau and I!

~ Rachel Masters

Happy Easter from Chicago Pet Video!
(video filmed at Doggy Easter egg hunt hosted by Red Door Animal Shelter) enjoy!

~ Chicago Pet Video

LOLA SEZ: In the minute that it takes you to look at, consider and SHARE this picture, another 50 puppies & kittens will be born in the United States. Help stop pet overpopulation at the source: ♀Spay & ♂Neuter.

~ HarnessLife.org

Leeloo would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

~ Amy Jackson

Rocky is licking his chops hoping for some Easter treats!

~ Micaela Myers

Happy Easter, Love Puffy!

~ Cindy Fullam

Happy Easter to Stubby Dogs large and small!

~ Dog Pack Snacks

My dog Evander has no ears but luckily the Easter Bunny let him borrow his.

~ Detroit Jesco Pupa

Happy Easter!

~ Amy Craig
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