Cute Dogs Rule – Vote and Share

April 27, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, VP of Operations

Voting is now open for the StubbyDog Superstar Facebook Timeline Contest! Just like our calendar contest, I’m blown away by the overwhelming levels of cute displayed in these photos. We have so much fun every year with the calendar contest, and we are super excited for a springtime boost with this one.

If you are entered, I encourage you to rally your friends, family, mailman, local grocery clerk, hair dresser’s cousin’s sister-in law … um … I think you get my point here.

We love doing these contests for many reasons, one of which is that it is a great opportunity to get lots of adorable pictures of loving dogs and their families out in front of people that might not see them otherwise (and then, of course, some of those people will eventually make their way over to our site, unable to resist the lure of more cute dog photos – muahahahaha!).

When it comes down to it, this contest isn’t about pit bulls per say (it was open to all dogs, and you will see a variety), it is just about cute dogs in general. Here at StubbyDog, we support cute dogs … no matter what their breed, eye color, fur thickness or tail length. Cute dogs are where it’s at – no one can argue with that. And in the end, if new people can come to the contest page and look around and think nothing other than, “Wow, what a collection of cute dogs,” we have achieved a huge victory and major step forward in our mission.

So the way we see it, the more cute dogs we can get in front of everyday people, the happier place the dogs, the people and the world in general will be!

These contests are also a great opportunity for us to raise the funds we need to continue to provide you with the resources you need to be effective pit bull advocates, the stories and website you refer your skiddish and/or curious friends, family and colleagues to, the daily outreach efforts that work to change the conversation about pit bulls in the popular media on both a local and national level.

So a big thank you to you all of you in advance for both helping us in our quest to overtake cyberspace with cute dogs (especially those with big smiles, stocky little bodies and super wiggly butts) and your support in helping to provide us the funds we need to continue to make the tremendous impact we see taking place from our work daily! Thank you (and your dogs) for being part of all we do currently and all we will do in the future to improve the lives for pit bull type dogs.

Here are a few tips to help spread the word and campaign for your dog (or your favorite dog):

Facebook: Of course, and most of you know this well already. Post on your page; post on your friend’s pages; create an invite for your friends, much like the one HERE (or use this one and invite them all to join); and send out a mass message telling them why your dog is super duper and deserves to win this contest.

Twitter: Tweet out your dog’s photo and info about the contest daily, and let people know that it is important to you

Pintrest: Pintrest is simply the perfect medium to share info about this contest. Click on your favorite dog(s) photo(s) and pin it! Tell people to come on over and vote! Who can resist the lure of the cute dog??? NO ONE!!

Sharing, sharing, sharing! We will be coming out with a video featuring all of our amazing entrants. This is the perfect thing to spread around. And just remember our contest chant: Cute Dogs, Cute Dogs, Cute Dogs, Heck Yeah! (Oh yes, I totally did make that up all by myself!)

Good luck everyone!

(cute dog photos by Melissa Lipani)

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One Response to “Cute Dogs Rule – Vote and Share”
  1. KristaUrban says:

    Is the people who won’t even listen I can’t understand how people can support the death , destruction of a breed because of some who wish to abuse why can’t the message get out if you abuse ANY dog it will become viscous or nasty give pitbulls a break if you see someone walking a pitbull with a 50 lb chain around his neck 9 times out of ten they are using the dog as an accessory not a loving pet ,and if you see someone abusing a PITBULL say something or better yet do something imagine what we could do if everyone gave a **** any way those of yu out there showing love to pitbulls keep it up and rescue don’t help nonsense breeders