A Tribute to Leo

April 25, 2012  

Leo, rescued from the Michael Vick case, touched many lives as a therapy dog

By Marthina McClay of Our Pack

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the rescue of the Vicktory dogs, we are reposting this article that was originally posted on Dec. 19, 2011

It is with great sadness that I must announce the loss of a wonderful soul. This week, Leo passed away from a severe seizure disorder. Leo was my working partner, friend and family loved one, and I will never forget how wonderful he was. He was so many things to many people and to many dogs.

Leo came to Our Pack from the Michael Vick case, and I was lucky enough to later adopt him. Even though he didn’t have a good start in life, he made life for others around him better. Just after arriving to us, Leo quickly turned inhumanity into humanity. He gave love that wasn’t even given to him.

Leo working as a therapy dog was amazing to watch, surprising to some, and yet to those who know the pit bull breed, not a surprise at all. Leo was the consummate example of true pit bull spirit – despite the life he led before with his former owner, he made a quick ascension to stardom: ace-ing his obedience classes, playing and socializing with other dogs, and revealing himself to be a true ambassador for all.

Leo worked with cancer patients as a therapy dog. He showed kids that no matter what, you can still show love and compassion toward others regardless of how life has treated you. He showed the world that one should not be judged based on what property he lives on but on who you are and what you do as an individual. Many dogs are alive today and many people have smiled because of Leo and his work. He gave a second chance to other dogs that may never have gotten one because of who he was and what he did.

Please join me in remembering the good that Leo has done and pass it on. We’ve suffered a great loss, but we’ve also received a wonderful gift in the time we were lucky enough to share with him. Leo accomplished so much in so little time. Thank you Leo, I love you so much and you will never be forgotten … ever.

For Leo, 2005 – 2011

See Leo in action as a therapy dog at the Our Pack website.

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12 Responses to “A Tribute to Leo”
  1. When I saw this on fb over the weekend I cried. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a furever family member however, the thought paralyzes me. Thank God for you and all who helped Leo and the other dogs of the cruelty case. Leo is and should not be known as one of Michael Vick’s dogs but a loving dog that bought joy to you and all whom he came in contact with.

  2. ShawnLowe says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Leo. He has shown the world what these dogs are truly capable of when given love and compassion. Though I never met any of the dogs rescued from Bad Newz Kennels, they have taught me so much about the love of a pit bull. He was amazing and the work you do is priceless. Thank you. RIP Leo.

  3. Arleen J Rutten says:

    My heart is broken. Leo was truly an “angel with paws.” Seriously sad that his sweetness and goodness couldn’t have lived here on earth for longer. Rest well, precious Leo. *tears*

  4. JenFortin says:

    I am just devastated with the news of Leos death, what an inspiration he was. I have been following all the Vicktory dogs closely, and always loved Leo,s personality. I hope he is playing with all his buddies in the Rainbow bridge.

  5. Judithg says:

    Oh bless his beautiful soul! I love this breed so much after finding two pits on the highway two years ago. They are my babies and will be for the duration of their lives.

  6. christielici0us says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Leo’s death. He was truly a remarkable dog. He made the world a better place and today, the Rainbow Bridge is a little brighter because he’s there.

  7. sillyfox4lyfe says:

    R.I.P Leo, sorry about what Michael Vick did to you, and even though I never met you, I’ll see you at Rainbow Bridge, find my old dogs Daisy, Casey, and Bella for me, tell them I miss them, they’ll be your friends too.

  8. K9crazy says:

    “…Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you… I loved you so – ’twas Heaven here with you.” —Isla Paschal Richardson