We Can’t Do It Without You

March 19, 2012  

Here at StubbyDog, our focus has always on the dogs:

-Telling their stories
-Reaching a broader and more diverse audience
-Helping an ever growing number of our Rescue Dogs of the Week find loving homes
-Breaking down common pit bull myths

Although for us, like any non-profit organization, fundraising is an important part of our livelihood, we never wanted a fundraising message to interfere with the mission. When a new person came to our Facebook page or website, we wanted them to become completely mesmerized by our countless stories and articles, not by our latest plea for funds.

Needless to say, this strategy has worked. Each week I receive an increasing number of e-mails and phone calls with both stories of minds changed because of our articles and gratitude for the community of supporters we’ve built.

And you know what the truly exciting thing is? The potential we have to do so much more. But we can’t do it alone: We need your help. Not just from a financial perspective, but also in your participation and proactive approach to helping achieve our mutual goal of making the world a better place for pit bull type dogs.

That’s really what this Campaign of 25,000 has been all about. A number that large wields a lot of power. Five hundred people sharing a positive pit bull story or a myth and fact article is powerful, but 25,000 is a tipping point to changing the game, and in our case, really changing public perception on a large scale. Likewise, 500 people donating a few bucks to our cause is helpful, but 25,000 can provide us the resources to turn some of the really significant campaigns that we’ve been planning into a reality.

So how can you help?

Have an extra $10 or more to spare each month?

Become a monthly contributor. Our monthly contributors are crucial to our operations and allow us to be able to plan ahead of time what type of outreach efforts and new campaigns are possible.

Is there a dog or human who deserves special recognition?

Honor them with a tribute gift. All tribute gift recipients receive a special recognition card from us. For those honored with a gift of $50 or more, we work with you to make sure they are acknowledged in the individual way that will be most significant for them.

Want to actively support helping dogs find homes?

Sponsor our successful Rescue Dog of the Week program for a week ($250).

Interested in being a driving force behind getting positive pit bull stories out to the general public?

Support an entire month of creation and distribution of our popular StubbyDog of the Week feature for $800.

Of course, there are many other options at higher and lower levels. And every donation helps move us closer to our goal.

Please donate today!

In the meantime, here is a small sampling of some of the feedback we’ve received recently:

“I just recently stumbled upon your StubbyDog.org website after becoming the owner of a rescue dog last summer. I am absolutely amazed at the great work that you do, and I cannot thank you enough for being there for these great dogs. Their tough start in life is being balanced out as a result of your hard work and love. There’s a special place in heaven for folks like you.”

“Thank you StubbyDog Project for all you do for our community! Your amazing effort daily inspires and informs. Your work brings to life wonderful pit bull type dogs and those of us who are lucky enough to have them in our lives. Your honest appraisal of their nature and deeds are a gentle and fair reminder to those that have not yet been converted that at the end of the day, pit bulls are just dogs, not mythic monsters. I tell people every day that pit bulls saved my life … it’s heartening to know that I am not alone.
P4 Pit Bull Propaganda Project

“Quick thanks for your wonderful website. After some horrible verbal attacks on my dog (a rescued pit who was used for backyard breeding), your site has given me the ‘weapons’ to fight back, armed with knowledge and statistics.”

“It means a lot to me to be a part of this community. I absolutely love StubbyDog and all of the positive press that comes from the site. I am so happy that you all are out there doing what you do and doing in it in such a classy way.”

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