The Campaign of 25,000

March 5, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, StubbyDog VP of Operations

Friday night I woke up around 2 a.m. to get a drink of water (I have this horrible habit of checking my phone in the middle of the night to see what e-mails, text messages, etc., might have come in during the hours I was sleeping) and found an e-mail with subject line “25,000!!” from our community manager, Jamie.

We had officially passed the 25,000 mark on Facebook! 25,000 fans, 25,000 supporters, 25,000 people actively saying “Yes, I believe in your mission.” Needless to say, you can just imagine how significant that is, not just for the organization, but for me personally. When you realize that an organization that you’ve poured so much of your time, energy, passion and self into has reached a milestone of support so large, well, it’s an amazing feeling. But it also makes you start thinking about all the ways that you can take those numbers and use them to make a bigger impact, spread our message further and help our dogs even more.

And so, the rest of the night my brain churned through how we could further maximize your support and passion as a community of advocates. Thus was born, the Campaign of 25,000.

This campaign is going to focus on two of our big overarching goals for 2012:

1) Getting our community more active in their advocacy. As with any social movement, the more voices, the greater the impact.
2) Raising the funds we desperately need to fuel our current operations as well some of the extremely exciting outreach projects we have planned.

So over the next couple of weeks you will be seeing some special Campaign of 25,000 calls to action. All will be pretty simple, easy actions that almost everyone should be able to do. Some will resonate with you, some won’t and some will hopefully inspire you – in the end, all will show us the power of a group of people making small strides daily.

Make sure you sign up for the StubbyDog e-mail list if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss any Campaign of 25,000 alerts (our Facebook feed can sometimes move so fast that things get easily lost in the mix). And make sure you record which of the alerts you participate in because we want to be able to show all the great work of our community.

Ready, set, go … the Campaign of 25,000 is officially launching!

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