March 15, 2012  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Hi! My name is Sahara and I don’t like to brag (well, maybe a little) but I am a gorgeous 4-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. In August of last year, I was running around lost and a very nice Fishers policeman picked me up. I really think it was the allure of my pink lips that made him stop and put me in his car…or maybe it was my creamy white coat with fabulous tan spots. He took me to this safe place called the Humane Society for Hamilton County. The people here are awesome and take great care of me. But, I’m ready for a place to call home with a family who will love me as much as I will love them.

I am built much like an athlete. I am solid muscle and proud to say that there is not an ounce of fat on my body. I keep my lean figure by watching my calories and being active. I am a super strong girl and I walk well on a gentle lead. I love any kind of toy, especially ropes and tennis balls. I don’t always like to give up my toys so I’m learning a command called “drop it.” I often get a case of the zoomies and run around like my hair is on fire! After a vigorous play session, I like to flip over on my back for belly rubs and roll around on the ground. I also enjoy cuddle sessions and I give great kisses and hugs! I know some basic commands like sit, stay, down and leave it. I’m very treat motivated and willing to learn more commands if you will teach me!

I’m an independent gal and like to have all of the attention so I’m very selective about the other dogs in my life. I prefer human companionship and I promise to be your loyal friend. Due to my zest for life, I should be in an active home with children over thirteen. I love small children but my energy level is a bit much for the little tikes. And please, no kitties for me!

Please visit with me. I have been at the shelter for over 17 months now and I really want a home to call my own. Give me a chance to be your best friend… I’ll be true to you, always.

Don’t forget, I am available at the Humane Society for Hamilton County, which is located in Noblesville, Indiana. Please check me out on Facebook.

You can also see more great pics of fabulous me.

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