Media Matters

March 21, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, StubbyDog VP of Operations

Ah … the media. A very sore topic in any discussion about pit bulls. And justifiably so – without a doubt, the media is part of the problem. From dog misidentification, to sensationalized reports, to continuing the spread of pit bull myths and inaccurate “fear-inducers,” to the often misplaced focus on breed or type of dog vs. the conditions and environment surrounding attacks; the media has undoubtedly done a lot to falsely demonize the pit bull in the public eye.

However, for all of the reasons above and more, the media must also be part of the solution. At StubbyDog, media outreach has always been and will increasingly continue to be one of our biggest focuses. We believe it is vitally important to work with the media, educate them on the truth behind their often misguided reports and try to change the conversation in the mainstream news cycle. There will always be negative stories about pit bulls, but if we can work to:

a) Be seen as a go-to source for media searching for information
b) Be able to offer up a kick-ass selection of positive pit bull stories

We are taking huge strides in the right direction.

As the saying goes, all news is local, so this is an area that you all can help out tremendously. And so brings us to your next big Campaign for 25,000 challenge … drumroll … media outreach! Many of you will remember that we put together an outreach package and press release kit for you to use over Pit Bull Awareness Day. Luckily, pit bulls are cool enough that we can take this extra media outreach focus and make pit bull awareness day, every day.

We’ve made some revisions to the press release package to make it more evergreen to use any time for a wide variety of reasons. So why not start now?

Check out our press release kit and contact us if you have any questions or want help brainstorming an idea about how you can best reach out to a reporter near you. 🙂

(photo by Melissa Lipani)

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