Clancy the Elderbull Therapy Dog

March 15, 2012  

With cropped ears and scars, Clancy still manages to change perceptions every time he offers up his belly in a “daddy roll”

By Lori Weise

Clancy is a survivor of dog fighting who was rescued at 10 years old off the streets of South Central Los Angeles. He was broken down, starving to death, covered in sores and very reluctant to allow anyone near him.

Fast-forward five years. Now 15 years young, in the fall of 2011, Clancy who was already a Canine Good Citizen certified dog and passed his Therapy Dogs International therapy dog certification with flying colors!

We go to schools and youth groups. I’m the founder of Downtown Dog Rescue, and he attends all of the free spay/neuter clinics in Compton, working as a therapy dog to overcome a lot of misconceptions about the breed. (photo, right, by Shine Pet Photos)

When we visit children to talk about dog fighting and the importance of spay/neuter, many of the children admit to being scared of dogs, especially pit bull type dogs, as a result of a negative experience with dogs in their community. Often reluctant to touch Clancy in the beginning of the session, by the end, Clancy always has a crowd of children around him, as they ask me questions about him.

It always amazes me how many people start off clearly scared because he looks tough, ears cut down to his skull, big black body covered in scars as he watches everyone and everything with his intense eyes. But after the first “daddy roll,” where he lays down on the ground and basically invites everyone to pet him, attitudes change. In fact, we have had many adoptions at Downtown Dog Rescue thanks to Clancy.

This old dog has truly changed my life in too many ways to write, teaching me first and foremost that bad dogs are created and sometimes these “bad dogs” are really good dogs that were never allowed to express what they are truly all about. Clancy is now the dog that he was always supposed to be!

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13 Responses to “Clancy the Elderbull Therapy Dog”
  1. Clancy looks very much like a distinguish gentleman!

  2. jennmartinelli says:

    What a great story, and what a great dog. Thank you for sharing – and for doing this great work with this handsome guy!

  3. Laurie Loro says:

    What a beautiful boy.  Bless your heart for finding him and bringing him home!!  Laurie & Keven

  4. Wonderful story. And, there are so many other Clancys out there. Just hoping to be saved.
    Glad that this boy can help break the stereotype and help show that pits don’t “want” to be mean, they are coerced into it.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @WordsDoneWrite In Lori’s loving hands, Clancy is the dog he was always supposed to be.

  5. Crucian Dogs says:

    So many wonderful and amazing dogs like Clancy out there…..we need more people like Lori Weise!! 🙂 What an incredible story, thank you for sharing.

  6. Matt.S says:

    Clancy has overcome so much. His early life hurts to think about. The life he has now, and the good he’s doing are nothing short of inspirational. Thank you for being the loving facilitator for Clancy’s transformation.

  7. bakercon says:

    Looking at Clancy’s beloved rugged face….I see my own reflection:-(   We’ve spent so many years in rescue it can wear on you and I feel like I must look just like him.  There are really good days, some great days, but there are a lot of hard days….hard decisions…wanting to save ones we have no room for.  Thank goodness Clancy’s life was transformed and is truly a shining example of what can be achieved.  Our cruelty survivor Pit Bull is also a therapy dog…..she is most unique in that she’s much like the people she goes to see in a rehab institute; she’s in a wheelchair too.

    • Matt.S says:

       So well said. I left rescue for awhile and have only recently returned. I have a lot of respect for people like you, people who have stayed the course. Thank you.

    • StubbyDog says:

      @bakercon We would love to hear your story and the story of your beautiful therapy dog. If you are interested, please email and send photos. It sounds like another inspirational tale that we love so much. Thanks.