Here Comes Cosmo

February 6, 2012  

Featured in StubbyDog’s 2012 calendar, Cosmo is a true superhero of love for his family

By Anita Vigil

After our family sheepdog, Einstein, died in our home at the ripe old age of 15, I said that I did not want any more dogs for a while. I had raised two children, mostly as a single parent, and decided that this was my time. The kids were grown and I could live where I wanted and do what I wanted! As much as I loved Einstein, I wanted to have some freedom.

One year later, I was living alone and coming home to an empty house at night. It wasn’t horrible by any means, but it was pretty lonely. So my son’s girlfriend, Amy, got me started me on I would look at the dogs in need of homes and read their stories. I would love to take all of them in, but that is just not feasible, so I wrote down a few names of the dogs in that I was interested in. While I had never owned a bully type dog before, I had watched enough “Dog Whisperer” segments to really start to appreciate pit bulls. As I scrolled through the pictures, I just literally stopped at a dog named Sammy. He was sitting with a few doggie friends in the photo, but he was looking at the camera sort of sideways. As soon as I saw his eyes, I knew he was the one for me.

I made contact with the organization that was taking care of him, Reach Out Rescue. They didn’t have a building, but instead they had a series of foster homes where the dogs stayed. Sammy had been in two or three different homes, most of the time in a cage, as many of these foster homes already had dogs living with them. One of these foster parents brought him to our home for a visit. He was a little over a year old at the time, and all I knew about him was that he was a surrender, along with some of his brothers and sisters.

He was a little overwhelming at first, running through the house. But he settled down after a few minutes and gave us a taste of what has now become one of his signatures – he will sit in front of you for a minute or so, and, as you are talking to him or rubbing his head, he begins to fall asleep sitting up!

We went back to pick him up a few days later, when I was able to take a few days off of work to get him settled. We changed his name to Cosmo, after TV’s Cosmo Kramer, and, if you’re a Seinfeld fan, you will understand it when I say that he enters the room the same way that Kramer does!

Cosmo has been with us since September of 2010. We love this breed so much that we just adopted a 1-year-old female pit bull who had quite a sad, abusive life – until six weeks ago, that is. She and Cosmo now sleep in my bed with me at night. They play, fight and love just like any other couple. My children have all been back with me for about a year, so we once again have a very active family life that includes Cosmo and Loretta! They are both truly loving animals that change perceptions about pit bulls the instant you walk into our home. For anyone who can see past the large exterior and loud bark as they approach these two, the rewards are great!

In my life, I have lived with a Dalmatian, a Sheepdog, several German Shepherds and some basic mutts. I can honestly say that these two pit bulls are the most loving dogs that I have ever known. Cosmo has now evolved into a big, handsome guy who is acting more mature since we added Loretta into the mix. I really feel blessed to have him.

Thanks for featuring him on your calendar, StubbyDog, and thanks to the people who voted for him!

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  1. The last picture says it all hahaahahah too cute & funny