January 12, 2012  

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My name is Penny. I’m a sweet, active, fun loving girl with a great smile, sense of humor and personality. I love people, especially children! I once nuzzled a little girl onto my back for a piggy back ride. I got a big smile on my face when she started laughing. Unfortunately, all I’ve known is disappointment. You see I was found wandering the streets about 2 years ago. My friends believe I was abandoned and left alone to fend for myself. The nice person that found me took me to the Baltimore Humane Society, where they took very good care of me for many months. However, I love people and playtime so much that I just couldn’t adapt well in the kennel. I was so excited when people would walk up to my kennel that I would wag my tail with excitement. So much that I developed what is called “happy tail.” Basically I would shake my tail against the walls and bars of my kennel with excitement so often that I’d make my tail bleed. I had to be put on antibiotics so my happiness didn’t cause an infection. While at the shelter, I loved when my friends would take me out and run in the yard with me. It was the one thing I really looked forward to each day. Nothing is better than quality time with toys and friends. I’d be in heaven if I could have that all day, every day.

My friends at the shelter were very excited when someone finally put in an application for me. I finally went home! Sadly I came back only about three weeks later because they decided not to teach me how to live in their home. Once again, I was heartbroken. As the months went on, my stress in the kennel at the shelter grew and I was taken out of the main kennel because I was hurting myself and loosing too much weight. A request for a foster went out for me but nobody stepped up. There I sat waiting and waiting for my life to change.

Finally, the shelter got word that the nice people over at Jasmine’s House rescue were willing to pull me! They couldn’t have done it without my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Brian and Mary Swift. They agreed to open their home and heart to foster me! You may recognize my foster mommy’s name, as Mary Swift Photography takes pictures of other animals looking for homes, just like me. Boy am I lucky to have them! I love them so much and I know they love me. However, they know my perfect home is out there. I get along well with my foster sister (a border collie) but would do best without cats. I don’t want to hurt them but I enjoy chasing them. They want to play with me, right? I’m also fully house broken and even ring a bell when I need to go outside. I try and be the best girl I can be!

So, I’ve been in Jasmine’s House Rescue for a while now and have had interest but everyone always seems to change their mind. I just don’t know why. I kiss everyone I meet, I sit on my friends laps and just adore every person that crosses my path. I haven’t met anyone I didn’t like yet. I recently thought the time finally came for my family to find me. It was only an illusion. It was so close, yet so far away. We met a few times and I enjoyed the company of their personal dog but in the end they didn’t want a shelter dog in fear of extra baggage. I was heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken. Why doesn’t anybody want me? Have I done something wrong?

Tonight, I will wish upon a star for my family to finally come and get me. My foster mommy keeps telling me if people don’t give me a chance, they just don’t deserve a great girl like me. I wish I may, I wish I might, find my family tonight. Please Contact Jasmine’s House at if you can help me find my way.

Love and Thanks from the bottom of my heart,
Penny Lane

Jasmine’s House is a 501(c)3 Pit Bull Rescue operating in MD, PA, VA and DC. You can follow Jasmine’s House on Facebook.

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One Response to “Penny”
  1. Jasmine it sounds like Penny has found her furever home….with you & your family! I’m just sayin 🙂