Man Goes Homeless to Protect Dog

January 3, 2012  

Ivory’s landlord banned pit bulls

Reprinted with permission from Life With Dogs

Peter “Ivory” Bowling has spent the last two weeks sleeping on the streets of LA. He has an apartment, but says he has forgone the safety of home in order to protect a dog.

Ivory has gone homeless to stay with Chocolate, a young pit bull he found near death in an abandoned apartment building. He worked with a rescuer to have Chocolate seen by a veterinarian. She was examined, spayed, dewormed and microchipped.

But Ivory’s landlord had denied his request to allow the dog to live in his apartment – despite the fact that other tenants have animals in the building. Ivory was not willing to let Chocolate go it alone, so he packed supplies and blankets, strapped them to his wheelchair, and took a stand, spending nights in area parks, under bridges – even fighting off a mugger who slashed him with a razor and stole his belongings.

Ivory is working to have Chocolate officially classified as a therapy dog, and is hoping that by doing so, he’ll be permitted to have her move in with him.

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Life With Dogs has started a ChipIn to help Ivory and Chocolate:

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7 Responses to “Man Goes Homeless to Protect Dog”
  1. Really Stubbydog is this how you want to start the New Year off? I can’t type because I’m crying. Glad Ivory was able to check himself into a hospital to seek help and thank God for the vets office for taking Chocolate. Wow this has been an interesting New Year already. A co-worker just informed me that he’s giving his 18 month old pittie away because he doesn’t have time for him anymore. His wife was never keen on the idea of having a dog so she doesn’t interact with the dog. What’s funny is the first time he told me about his dog I knew eventually he was going to give the dog away. Now I’m scrabbling to get take his dog because he was going to sell him to someone from Cragislist.

    • StubbyDog says:

      @theprettychic We know this story is sad, but it’s a reality. Besides the breed discrimination angle, the other part of this story is the devotion Ivory and Chocolate have to each other. We hope this story will eventually have a happy ending. As for your co-worker, so sad that they are putting the dog on Craiglist, and that they took the commitment of getting a dog too lightly. Let’s hope this story too has a happy ending. Keep up the good work Kelli!

  2. AngieBaldwin says:

    What can we do to help this guy and his dog???? I would do the same thing for my pittie!!! I hope that he can get back into his apartment with his little baby!!

  3. davesprettylady says:

    Not sure if you guys have come accross these awesome resource; here is a link to the Psychiatric Service Dog Society Also, here is a link to a site that has all the different laws regarding service dogs listed by state I don’t know what the laws for service dogs are like in CA, but I know there are some states where a dog doesn’t have to be professionally trained in order to be considered a service dog (i.e. in NY as long as the dog is helping someone with a documented disability and is following all the behavioral “rules” they are considered a service dog regardless of their training or certification). If Chocolate is considered a service dog (or even a service dog in training) under the laws then the landlord legally cannot bar her from living in the building.

    Anyhow, I will be praying for Chocolate and Ivory.

    • @davesprettylady

      Thank you for the infornation its definitely useful

    • StubbyDog says:

      @davesprettylady Thank you for the information. We are not aware of the status of Ivory, but asked the folks at Life with Dogs, who reported this story originally, to keep us updated if they find out anything. We too are praying for them.

  4. hurpdegurp says:

    Having Chocolate deemed a “therapy dog” won’t give him any special considerations or rights. A therapy dog is a dog that has been certified by a therapy animal organization, such as TDI or Delta Society, to visit people in nursing homes, hospitals, school, etc. Outside of these visits, the title makes no suggestion that the dog will be welcome anywhere.I think what Mr Bowling is aiming for is for Chocolate to be classified as a service dog, which would grant him the right to have his dog with him in any housing situation or public place. There are many websites with a wealth of information on training your dog to be your own service dog, a simple Google search will set you in the right direction. According to, “Currently there is no form of certification for assistance dogs. You may personally train your dog to accomplish your own specific needs. What qualifies your dog as an assistance dog, is the help the dog provides for your individual disability”