Jynx Meets a Chipmunk

January 26, 2012  

A pit bull makes the most unlikely of friends

By Loren Miles

My pit bull, Jynx, has always been fond of chasing anything that will run, especially me. I’d always wondered what might happen if she caught something, and I actually worried about that. The two of us were vacationing in Telluride, Colo., hiking on a mountain trail, when I found out.

A chipmunk crossed the trail we were on just in front of Jynx. She ran to it and it stopped. I’m guessing it was slightly paralyzed in fear at a โ€œkillerโ€ pit bull bearing down on it.

What happened next astonished, amazed and filled me with pride. Jynx stopped and greeted the chipmunk as a friend. Once the little guy realized it wasn’t going to be eaten, it began to sniff and get to know Jynx. I watched this for over two minutes, taking a few pictures, and finally I told Jynx it was time to go and to follow me down the trail, which she did.

To my total surprise, the chipmunk followed Jynx for more than 20 feet. The little fellow had made a new friend and didn’t want her to leave.

Some people say they are killer animals, which should be regulated or even outlawed. If you ask me, I’d say chipmunks aren’t that dangerous!

Jynx is the best friend and finest being I’ve ever known!

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17 Responses to “Jynx Meets a Chipmunk”
  1. Jynx is gorgeous! Your second to last sentence has me in stitches lol

  2. sunkissedbutrfly says:

    This is too cute! Love Jynx! That’s one brave lil chipmunk!

  3. BaltimoreGal says:

    The same thing happened to me when my Stella found a baby robin in my yard! She discovered it, sniffed it, then stood around looking at it, then me, in a very worried fashion, until I noticed! Not only did she not harm it but I may not have found it in time had it not been for her. The bird was taken to a wildlife rescue where the owner was surprised by the story and made it clear that it would not have survived without Stella’s help.

  4. jynxmiles says:

    Yeah, I was a little concerned at first but once I realized the chipmunk wasn’t gonna hurt Jynx I relaxed. It seems as though it just never occurs to Jynx to bite things, she’d so rather play.

  5. justcallmatt says:

    @jynxmiles what brand of front attach harness is that? I want to get one for my Pittie, and that one looks very well made.

  6. jynxmiles says:

    That’s actually something I built. It’s a regular top connect harness that I rigged so Jynx could ride my motorcycle with me. The clasp on the front of the harness would attach to a part on the bike. Didn’t want her to fall off.

    • justcallmatt says:

      @jynxmiles Oh, I see. So she rides on a motorcycle, hikes, befriends chipmunks, I love this dog! I’ll keep looking for a new harness. I’ve got a Kurgo harness for my Pit that I love because it works with a zip-line hookup in the backseat of my car, but my dog trainer says that harness where the lead clips on the top of their back encourages them to pull…. which it definitely does. My quest continues.

      • pitbullsrock says:

        @justcallmatt @jynxmiles Hey justcallmatt, I have bought two “Sensation” harnesses online (lost the first one) at the suggestion of my trainer. My male dog is a pit bull-pointer mix that pulls like a freight train at times, although at others he’s an angel on the leash. It’s just a lot easier to use the harness when I’m walking both my dogs together. The Sensation harness is pure magic in how it works and was like that from day 1. It takes away the dog’s inclination to pull. If Dom sees a squirrel or deer, he might tug but you have total control and WAY more control than a harness that clips on the back. Go to softouchconcepts.com, which is the website.

        P.S. to jinxmiles – I’m jealous of your beautiful girl. My male has “dispatched” a few grey squirrels from our back yard. I’d much rather have a Jynx.

        • justcallmatt says:

          @pitbullsrock @justcallmatt Thanks PitbullRocks, I’ll check out those Sensation harnesses.

        • skreidle says:

          @pitbullsrock @justcallmatt @jynxmiles We swear by the Premier EZ Walk Harness — which looks quite similar to the Sensation harness, with the additional of a martingale-style attachment at the front (rather than a simple ring) which seems to add a bit more control than a simple ring. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • jynxmiles says:

          @pitbullsrock @justcallmatt @jynxmiles I don’t know if I could ever have another best friend. Any other dog I had I’d always be saying “why can’t you be more like Jynx?” Noone wants to hear that

        • pitbullsrock says:

          @jynxmiles @justcallmatt That’s the way I feel about my female dog, Inca. I adopted her at 10 weeks old from a no-kill shelter two months after we lost our 14-yr-old Lab-Boxer mix. I got sooo depressed when Mocha was gone. Inca showed me that you can love another dog just as much and that they are all different. However, some are extra special and I think Inca is that girl in almost every way. Domino, however…loveable but challenging! But then he came to us at one year with no training, not knowing how to play with other dogs, essentially a wild man. He’s a great dog now, except for that prey drive. He does great with our 3 kitties, though, through a lot of hard work.

  7. LilianaRuano says:

    This story reminds me of a time when my husband and I were walking in Cape May with our dogs Sasha and Argus. Argus, our first male dog, saw birds on the walkway and trotted towards them, but when they didn’t fly, he just smelled them and looked at us confused, as saying, “why are they not flying?” It was great to see…to this day, he does that when he sees birds = )

    • StubbyDog says:

      @LilianaRuano haha, it’s funny how so many dogs will chase something because it runs away, and when they don’t, the dogs are at a loss. Thanks for sharing.

  8. skreidle says:

    We have several AmStaffs, and cats, chickens, ducks, and guineas; the birds (and several of the cats) roam freely outside. Some of our dogs would be more than happy to dispatch the flock, and -maybe- hurt a cat, most of them could be walked right through the birds and cats milling about without more than a sniff. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. AdrienneClegg says:

    Dog bless you!!

    You are right Chipmunks are not as scary as they are made out to be!

    My Pit Bull Gaia has changed my life and I agree that she is about the finest being I have ever met.