Does Your Pit Bull Live With Other Pets?

January 6, 2012  

This month we are celebrating furry friends. So we asked our Facebook fans, ’Does your pit bull live with other pets? What kind?’

Many live with other dogs or cats, but there are those that coexist with bunnies, chickens, chinchillas and horses. All are best friends … cue “The Golden Girls” theme…thank you for being a friend…

(photo by Rebecca Adams)

I have two pit bulls. They live with a Rottweiler and a Ridgeback and their ferrets, Honey and Alvin.

~ Vicki Christian Gramm

He lives with another dog and 25 cats.

~ Gary Fitzsimons-Karen Fitzsimons

Yes, he is a pittie mix. His buds are a Chihuahua and a blind Bichon, which is his best friend.

~ Debbie Berk Purchia

When we got our pit bull we already had a male beagle, so they lived together for quite a few years until our beagle Magic died last January.

~ Elly McCarthy

My pit/husky mix lives with two other dogs: a boxer mix and a yellow Lab golden retriever mix. They are all buddies!

~ Denise VanEpps

Oh yeah. My pit bull lives with a mixed breed older shelter dog and five cats! She loves everybody.

~ Cathy Sieferman May

(photo, right, by Alexandra Beck)

‎One cat – she’s the boss! ~ Susan Shirley

My two pit bulls live with two cats and two bunnies in perfect harmony, and nobody is caged or crated.

~ Mireille Goulet

Yes! Mine lives with a crazy calico cat, Jinx. (They’re spooning partners!)

~ Amanda Doran

Nigel, our pit mix, lives with a 7-year-old female GSD mix and two 10-year-old cats. He is very attached to his older sister.

~ Julianne Bassett Stickle

My pits live with two chinchillas and two cats.

~ Ariane Duncan

Liberty, our 2-year-old pittie, lives with five Pugs, one Papillion, one Havanese, one Bullmastiff and two cats — all rescues. She loves them all.

~ Kelly Flynn

Our pit bull lives with a German shepherd mix, four Ibizan Hounds, and two cats.

~ Christy Moore

Ours lives with a Westie, two Shi Tzus, and six cats.

~ Melanie A. Wright

(Photo by PaWtricia W mcg)

Ruby – our pittie mix lives with three cats and three bunnies. She loves them all, but her best friend is our smallest kitten Chloe.

~ Rebecca Miller

Mine lives with a cat (who thinks he is a dog). They love to play together and get along very well.

~ Elisa Garofalo

Nope, but she loves having sleepovers with my Mom’s Bichon! They cuddle together!!

~ Danielle Weitzler

I have a pit, a Chihuahua and a miniature pinscher.

~ Linzy Sanator

We have three pit mixes and they live with three cats. Our girl, Winter, always took the kittens we rescued under her wing.

~ Katrina Mason

Our three pits share the house with four cats and surprisingly, it goes pretty smoothly.

~ Eric Mandolesi

(photo, right, by Talisa Hunt)

My pittie lives with one crazy wiener dog! ~ Dawn Hinkley

Our old girl Mere (RIP) lived with many kitty cousins during her time in our family as well as a few foster furbrothers and fursisters and a few two-leggeds of various sizes – and she was always a great and loving companion and protector to all of them.

~ Zena Grindlay

One Elderbull and three cats, in a 700-square foot apartment. Every day is an adventure!

~ Nicole Schock

Our pit bulls (four of them) share a house with a Lab mix and 10 cats!

~ Becky Britz

My female Elderbull shares her home with a 2-year-old female Shih-Tzu mix.

~ Cristina Santucci

Our household is comprised of cats as well as two adult humans, one Malamute, one long haired German Shepherd, one Bull Terrier mix and one pit bull and they all get along famously.

~ Gia Trapani

Our pitty Uno lives with our blue and gold Macaw, a Siamese cat, and two orange tabby cats, a tea cup Chihuahua and a Jack Russell.

~ Caroline Anderson-Remeikis

I libs withs 3 moody kittys!! It’s a BLAST!!

~ Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess, (photo above)

She lives with four other dogs. Three she gets along beautifully with. She doesn’t like our senior Yorkie, but then again the Yorkie doesn’t like her. He likes to attack her while she’s sleeping. She gets that pitiful pittie face that says, “Mom! Do something about the big rat!”

~ Tess Purvis

My 11-year-old boy lives with his 1-year-old Chihuahua little sister.

~ Cristina Boitel

I have three female and one male APBTs and they live with a small ground squirrel and five horses. They all sleep in one big pittie pile!!

~ Maribeth Jalepes

We have my son’s “pig bull” or pot-bellied pit bull with us while he is in military – she lives happily with two miniature Schnauzers, both of which boss her around!

~ Ruth A Majors

Our pit bulls live with three other dogs: a Lab, a Lab mix and a bull terrier, as well as two snakes and two cats. We all live in almost perfect harmony!

~ Chelsea Molitor

My pit bull lived with two kittens in his previous home, and since I adopted him has shared our home with 15 foster dogs. He also frequently visits friends in the area including dogs, cats, rats, horses and goats!

~ Jenn End Bsl Frankavitz

One cat, who is the supervisor and critic of all canine activity. ~ Sara Campbell

(photo, right, by Kathy Drinosky-Taylor)
Yes my five pit bulls live with other pets – they live with their 12-year-ld mixed breed brother, a cat named Fat Boy and two fish.

~ Jenny Rice

Yes, a golden retriever!

~ Amy Frese Parker

Yes, two Chihuahuas and three cats. They all get along.

~ Dorotea Rivera Field

They eat from the same bowl and adore each other. I have had pit bulls for 35 years so you could consider me experienced.

~ Cristina Boitel

My pit mix is getting to know our pet rats! Max (the pibble) is just a puppy and we’re slowly introducing them. He got licked by one last night so it’s going well.

~ Shannon Coulter

My pittie lives with a German shepherd, a ragdoll cat (his best friend), and a bird!

~ Nicole Scrima

Our household has one pit who lives with two Chihuahuas and a Beagle.

~ Adriel Doan

Yep! Ours lives with an English setter, a Beagle, a cat, and a guinea pig.

~ Barb Roscoe Twaddle

Yes. Our home includes two pit bulls, one Pug, one Pug-light, one Cocker Spaniel, and one Heinz 57.

~ Sarge Wolf-Stringer (photo above)

Seven horses, a Border collie, a Lab and a red cattle dog of some sort that I found in a remote ditch in Texas when she was a puppy. All of the five pits I’ve rescued over the years, except one who had been fought, were/are excellent with all other dogs and creatures and people.

~ Jean Vertefeuille-Cutlery

Yep, my Bella lives with six cats and two Great Pyrenees dogs. Total of nine pets and me!

~ Debbie Parker

Lacy has been raised with pet rodents. At first it was only Guinea Pigs, then I got my first rat. Lacy was about 6 months old. Rats like to “defend” their space by climbing the cage and “boxing” or “grabbing” anything within reach. Lacy boinks around the cage with her ears forward in a play bow, like a silly cartoon dog!

~ Valerie Sherman

Let’s see… Marvin the pit bull lives with two other dogs (his sisters Cricket the bull terrier and Zoe the whippet mix), two cats (Smitty and Fifi), a chinchilla (Bubby), a rabbit (Jasper), six hens and a rooster, a turkey (Bocephus) and two goats (Lenny and Squiggy). We also have two horses on our property that do not belong to us but live there… Marvin loves the country living!

~ Stacy Sanders

My pit bull Chance (60 lbs.) lives with his smaller but older Papillon sister Bailey (8 lbs). We also have a Sun Conure, Coral, a Guinea Pig, Little Bear and a Bearded Dragon, Max.

~ Kristina Parker Burris

My pit is OWNED by a Boston terrier and a Yorkie! ~ Gustavo Pereza

(photo, right, by Debbie Gartenmayer Miller)
My rescue pit lives with my three cats (one which he bathes daily), my other rescue, a German Shepherd mix (his best friend), and a bird. They are all best of friends.

~ Renee Curtis

My pitties have each other. The older, at 6 and a half, had been fostered with lots of other pets for five years of her life before we fostered and then adopted her! The second addition, at 11 months, had been fostered since she was 9 weeks with lots of dogs. They both love other animals and we often bring other fosters into the house for a couple of months at a time!

~ Heather Anne Hendricksen

There are 2.5 pit bulls, 1.5 other dogs, four cats, three cockatiels, fish, and two humans living here!

~ Rubi the Pit Bull

Bruno My Daughter’s Dig Dog [pit mix] lives with my four parrots! I think she is more afraid of them than they are of her!

~ Kass Ratcliffe

Yes my male pit lives with a female Presa Canario, a female pit that was a rescue, and a male pit puppy that is a rescue/foster.

~ Zach Watkins

My two pit bulls live with a Pekingese and a Brussels Griffon/Cairn Terrier mix. They all get along with my oldest daughter’s Pug and my middle daughter’s three dogs…a Maltese/Shih Tzu, a Bichon/Terrier and an American Eskimo mix. It was lots of fun watching them play when we all gathered for the holidays!

~ Lisa Goldsmith Glime (photo above)

My pits live with an African Grey parrot and are actually scared of him!!

~ Amber Mummert Wolf

My newly adopted pit bull, Roo, lives with Theo, an American bulldog and three cats; Maya, Max and Tucker…As well as three kids.

~ Jodi Lowenthal Oestreich

Tilly lives with a rat terrier and a little poodle. What an odd trio!

~ Sandy Lintz

My pittie, Fancy, lives with her brother Brody (a Shih Tzu) and a little kitty, Zeppelin. We are just one happy family.

~ Jonna Pullen

Sadie the Elderbull and I live with a feisty kitty named King Henry.(photo, right) He is in charge at our house. If we get too crazy and do zoomies inside he smacks our butts to tell us to calm down. Sometimes though, Henry can be nice, too! When I had my knee surgery recently, he sat up with me late at night when I was in pain and he kept me company. I called him my night nurse.

~ Rocco The Therapy Pit Bull

My pitty, Gus, lives with a toy fox, a bull mastiff, Chihuahua, and a Manx cat…..all in perfect harmony!!

~ Joann Sesser

My pittie lives with two cats and a chinchilla.

~ Deena K O’Neill

We live in a four pit bull nation. They live with five cats and the only problem is that the one Siamese periodically roughs up the pit bulls just to be a bully. How’s that for flipping the ole stereotype?

~ Annette Feeser

I have two pit bulls, a 4-year-old female and a 2-year-old male and they are the best of friends.

~ Nicole Sprankle

‎One dog, five cats, and “works” at an Animal Hospital with Mom!

~ Ulla Toikka Edades

Two pits, one Lab, one Catahoula, one Maine coon cat, two human children and a husband somewhere in the mix.

~ Amanda Mouisset

Two other dogs (pit mix and Chessie mix) and two rescue cats! She loves and cuddles and grooms those kitties, and is best buds with the dogs.

~ Laura J. Nutter ‎

She lives her brother, Bamse, the cat. They grew up together. I had just adopted the male older kitten when I found and rescued my Stubbydog, Freia. I was coming home from a family wedding when I had to stop for gas … and there she was waiting for me with those big brown eyes. How could I leave without her? She and the cat are my children and the best things that ever happened to me. I love my cat and Elderbull!

~ Karen Fromm (photo above)

My pit bulls have lived with rats and various species of birds.

~ Courtney Furgason

Kids, cats, rats, and snakes!

~ Anjiey Lovesablayze Lowe

My girls used to live with our pet rat, Meow Two, until she passed away. She would sit on our old dogs back. Raven would shake but never hurt her. Rip Raven and Meow two!

~ Renee Gainey

Our pit mix Aurora lives with Colby, the Jack Russell, and Lincoln the turtle.

~ Melissa Pequeno

Four-year-old pit mix Satchmo lives with our 50 lb. Kelpie, our 14 lb. Westie mix, four cats and two horses. He loves his furry family.

~ Susan Tyler McPhee

Echo and Co. (photo above) live with a cat, a horse and 11 free range chickens!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

We have two cats, one Rottweiler, two Pit Bulls, a revolving door of two foster pit bulls at a time, and a boarding dog or two at a time.

~ Dawn Marshall

Kids, cats and eight horses!

~ Laura Prowicz

We have an am staff, am bull, pit mix, Rottie mix and an Aussie. We also have two cats. We also foster a lot. A normal count for us is our seven perm fuzzy friends and two moms and litters! We’ve been doing this for some time now and everyone that comes to visit eventually joins in the fun pack we have! Its more fun then you could imagine!

~ Alanna Messimore

Yep, Gypsy lives with her older sister Lani, a 9-year-old pit mix.

~ Ashley Marie Quesinberry

Yes! A malamute, two Goldens, a duck and a rabbit.

~ Natalie Blair

Yes: Two horses, two cats, three other dogs, two birds, and one hubby!

~ Penny Jensen

Our rescue pit, Samson lives with six siblings: two staffies, a cat, two ferrets, and an African grey. He is loved by all!

~ Cheryl Miller Winsted

Our year-old pit bull/terrier mix lives with a 9-year-old beagle.

~ Tammy Hayes Glover

Yep. Xena lives with Katie the Doberman pinscher, Maggie a Lab/Rottie mix, and Jazzy a miniature Dachshund.

~ Sherry Stinson

My 2-year-old dog lives with two Amazon parrots, that she like to play with!

~ Michael Barry

Our 10-month-old pit lives with our 5-year-old cat. The cat runs the place.

~ Mike Davis

(photo by Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark)

My pibble Ada lives with a Cavalier King Charles spaniel (her BFF), an Australian shepherd, and a Lab/Husky!

~ Diana York

In our house we have Bronx, an American Bulldog/Pit Mix and two cats. She tends to buddy around with my smaller cat, Nanao, since the older feline, Button, is still displeased that dogs exist on the planet.

~ Mary Pepper

Kota lives with two other pittie crosses, two cats and a mouse. The female cat rules! He has lived with several others who have passed on from old age. When our 16-year-old Shih Tzu lost his eyesight, Kota became his eyes and would help him outside. Would sleep with him and cuddle him. When our 20-plus-year-old budgie died Kota paced the floor looking for her all night and fretting. Very sensitive pittie. Love him so much. He makes my life whole.

~ Pearl Caddell

Yes – two cats and two guinea pigs.

~ Corinne Mancevice

Our fur babies are a pitt, a Pomeranian, a Chihuahua and a Chi-wienie. All of which get along just fine.

~ Charissa Madison Richert

(photo by Dana S. Reed)

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12 Responses to “Does Your Pit Bull Live With Other Pets?”
  1. NuriaRodriguez says:

    I love every single one of these. I also found it quite amusing that in many cases, the cats run the place. lol

  2. DanniHupka says:

    2 1/2 year old Amstaff with a 16 year old Border Collie, a 16 year old siamese, 7 year old ragdoll X and a 1 year old tabby… Oh and the Geckos that love to sleep on my amstaffs warm tummy. 🙂

  3. Vmparra03 says:

    Tulip lives with her brothers bruno, an English mastiff; Sylvester, a doggie mix (your guess is as good as mine), chuy, a cockatiel that runs the household; Patrick, a peacock and her only sister pepper a peahen. We are one big happy family 🙂

  4. DanniHupka says:

    Birds and dogs, love it!

  5. Vmparra03 says:

    Does your AmStaff try to give kisses to the Gecko’s?? Tulip gives Chuy kisses and in return Chuy whistles her a tune. Too cute!! She has nothing but love to give!

    • DanniHupka says:

      @Vmparra03 No, he knows better then to do that! He is not allowed to give kisses to the reptiles, and he is not allowed to play with them lol. He can only sleep with them, I dont want to risk him getting excited and someone dropping there tail

  6. SusannahLewis says:

    My Amstaff lived in a 5 dog, 1 cat pack up until a few years ago. Now it’s just her and a Terv and Aussie mix. My old Tervuren used to kick her butt!

  7. SusannahLewis says:

    My pack used to consist of 3 Tervuren, a catahoula mix, a cat and my Amstaff. My little old Terv bitch actually used to rule the roost! We’ve had rescues come live with us for a time,before going to new homes. I’m down to just 3 dogs now, and have even added a new dog. My Amstaff does very well with everyone, and is an awesome bed warmer. I will definitely adopt another pit when the time comes.

  8. Cocoanuts says:

    Help! Help! Need to find a loving & caring home for a pit mix who is 1yr & 3mos, spayed & is current on her vaccines. She does not do well with little children in the home, but does do well with other dogs. She is too much for me to handle. Please email me at tortorlinies@ if you can help us. We live in the reno/carson city, nevada area. Will pic of her soon. Thank you Thank you!