Cheers to Our Rescue Dog of the Week!

January 29, 2012  

One of the most active and rewarding programs that we have here at StubbyDog is our Rescue Dog of the Week program. This program started at the very beginning of our public presence as a way to both help spotlight pit bulls in need of homes at various shelters and serve as an example of how to best tell a dog’s story to help encourage adoption.

As the program has evolved and grown, we’ve learned a lot and gotten better at showcasing these dogs in a way that resonates with a potential guardian who might be a perfect match. Much of that knowledge we try to pass down to the rescues whose dogs we are featuring (although so many of the awesome rescues we work with are way more savvy at the “art of adoption communication” than we are. Many times we learn from them too).

We decided to do some research work and figure out how many of our Rescue Dog of the Week alumni ended up being happily adopted. We were thrilled with what we found and will share that info with you all next week as we launch our shelter and rescue theme.

Although much of the work we do here at StubbyDog is aimed at a higher level to change public perception and, of course, as a side effect from that, improve the overall situation for pit bull type dogs in multiple ways (less dogs in shelters, less abuse, etc.), it is still amazingly rewarding each time we help just one dog find a new home. It is one of those rare moments in life that no matter how many times you go through will never lose its joy.

So stay tuned for next week when you hear about all of our rescue dog alumni who were adopted in 2011. In the meantime, let’s everyone give a few big cheers to Harvey, one of last week’s featured dogs from Rescue Farm who just found his forever family. (photo above)

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3 Responses to “Cheers to Our Rescue Dog of the Week!”
  1. mlhimmler says:

    That is us! We adopted Harvey from the great people at Rescue Farm and his first week home has been great! 🙂 He loves his new sisters Laila (a black boxer/lab mix) and Athena (an all white deaf cat) and is such a lover! He enjoys giving us kisses and thinks he is a lap dog! Thank you for showing him on your website so we could find him and bring him into our life!!

    • StubbyDog says:

      @mlhimmler Thank you for giving Harvey a loving home! We are thrilled that he is fitting in so well with your family. If you want to share your story about Harvey and gang after a little time spent in your home, please do so. We would love to have a Rescue Dog of the Week success story from the adopters on our site. If you are interested, please email and send us photos! We are all so happy for your family and Harvey!