A Special Connection

January 2, 2012  

When Judy suffered a stroke, her pit bull rushed to her side

By Judy Unnone

It was a normal day for me, a Friday in October, and I was off work that day and home alone. They say that dogs have a connection with their guardians – a sixth sense of some sort. This is a story of how my rescued pit bull mix used his sixth sense to save my life.

Buster (above) was an unexpected gift. He came to us when our life as a family had just begun. I was a single mom with two wonderful daughters, and we were living happily; however, I still wanted a man’s love in my life and a good stepfather to my girls. Then, along came Mike with the added bonus of two great kids. Not only did I receive the gift of a man to love, but I also received two great stepchildren to love. We were getting married and making this a great big family in April. That’s where sweet Buster comes into the picture.

Kelly, a great friend in our neighborhood who fosters rescue dogs, had a tiny pit bull puppy that they just rescued from a gas station where someone left him to die. The kids brought him home and, of course, stated that we just had to have him. Mike left it up to me. I didn’t have a dog because I was not a dog person. Now he wanted me to have a pit bull mix! No way! I had heard the stories. But all four of the kids seemed to love him, and he was cute sitting right in the palm of my future husband’s hand. So I researched pit bulls on the Internet and was shocked to find out that what I had heard just wasn’t true. I honestly was scared and nervous, but I still said yes.

As Buster grew and was nurtured, he captured all of our hearts. He was the perfect dog and proved all my fears and hesitations unwarranted. For someone who wasn’t what they call a dog person, I was totally smitten. He was the best family dog and perfect with the kids. We loved him and the pit bull breed so much that we got another dog! We searched for a pit bull/Labrador mixture and found Kasey. She is just as wonderful and, together, they put all the myths about pit bulls to rest.

Sixth Sense

As Buster and Kasey grew, I noticed that dogs can tell when you’re not feeling well or upset. Buster actually will not leave the kids’ sides if they are sick and lying in bed. But the level of nurturing he showed to me in my time of need was beyond what I thought possible in an animal and totally dispelled the belief that pit bulls could not be as nurturing and as loving as any other type of family dog. That Friday morning that I was home alone shows the true nature and character of my dog, as well as any other dog, if they are given a chance to be loved and brought into a family that loves them.

I was home alone and I remember it being a very quiet morning. The dogs had gone outside through the dog door, the kids were in school, and my husband was at an interview for a new job. I remember turning the corner to walk into my bathroom, and I felt like someone hit me in the head with a sledgehammer. It hurt tremendously and was instantaneous. I slumped to the floor and started crying softly. I didn’t make much noise at all. All I remember was the extreme pain, the eerily quiet house, feeling tears and hearing Buster run in through the dog door and up the stairs. All of this happened within minutes, but it seemed like a very long time.

Buster ran into the bathroom and started licking the tears off my face. I remember I kept slumping over and him pushing me up by nudging me. I then remember him just sitting with me with his sweet head on my shoulder, licking my tears. He stayed with me and didn’t leave me until my husband got home. I don’t know how long it was. I remember trying to talk to say “Thank you, buddy,” but I couldn’t get the words out. (I wouldn’t be able to talk correctly for another nine days.)

During the incident, I noticed that Kasey was pacing outside the door and was very upset too. My husband got home and we immediately went to the hospital where I stayed for nine days. It was revealed that I had a stroke or transient ischemic attack.

Road to Recovery

Since then I have had complications with severe pain and have been recovering. I believe my Buster helped to comfort me during a very scary time and possibly even saved my life. Either way, my pit bull, if not rescued and given a chance, would not have been there for me during my time of greatest need.

My recovery has been long and painful. I am still not recovered, and I am going through a lot, but I have my husband and four teenagers there for me. And, of course, my sweet Buster and Kasey are there for me too.

Buster has gotten some gray hair since then, perhaps because of worry. He will not allow me to walk anywhere in the house without him. He follows me everywhere to ensure that I am safe! My husband also got me a baby pit bull, Bailey, (below) to help me with my recovery. I now have my three dogs to love – and they love me right back! Their level of love for me and our family is amazing. We gave Buster a chance at a better and longer life when we rescued a pit bull breed. And all he’s done in return is better our lives. He literally may have even helped to give me a chance at a better and longer life in the end.

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3 Responses to “A Special Connection”
  1. Tears of joy, what a beautiful family. God definitely is int he blessing business. Prior to me being diagnosed with bursitis in my shoulder I was in so much pain to finally I had to the go the hospital. We’d had Sasha for a month or so when the pain was so great that I needed help getting out of the tub and getting dressed. While all of this was going on Sasha was by my side. When I came home from the emergency room, I had to go the bathroom and she stayed “on guard” and wouldn’t leave my side for a minute. I don’t take medicine however, this time was an exception and when it wore off in the middle of the night Sasha apparently knew it because she jumped on the bed and kept pacing back and forth until I woke up in tears from the pain. She slept on the pillow until I went back to sleep. This bully breed is the absolute best!!

    • StubbyDog says:

      @theprettychic Sasha is such a good girl! It’s obvious that you two have a special connection as well.

  2. rn4pitbulls says:

    Welcome to the 3 pitbull club! what a wonderful story of how amazing and special pitbulls truly are. There is no dog like a pitbull 🙂