Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

December 13, 2011  

Five things you’ve always heard about pit bulls and why they’re all true

By Micaela Myers

1. Pit bulls “suddenly snap.” It’s true. One minute they are lying upside down on the couch snoring, and the next minute they hear the word “walk,” or “rawhide,” or “ball,” and they suddenly snap. From 0 to Mach 90, they are doing zoomies down the hall, tongue flapping, tail tucked for turning aerodynamics. Jump in front of this joyful train, and you could indeed accidentally get knocked down! (photo by Donna J. Griffin)

2. Pit bulls’ jaws are unlike any other dog. Again, it’s true. Bullies have a singular type of jaw that enables smiling unlike any other! The lips curl up and wrinkle, and you can’t help but laugh at that happy pink tongue bobbing with each big breath, those shiny white teeth and those big twinkling eyes. (photo by Ronny Ag Roberts)

3. Pit bulls are tenacious fighters. Ever try and fight a pack of pit bulls for the couch? The bed? A soft, cozy blanket? It’s true, they love a comfortable place to sleep and would rather lie right on top of you or each other than be alone on the cold, hard floor. (photo by Janet Podczerwinski)

4. Children beware. If your child has a phobia for canine kisses, then he or she definitely better stay clear of pit bulls. Pit bulls have a special radar just for children. Smell one, and they start to lick their lips. They can’t wait to find that little kid and cover them in kisses. (photo by Colleen S Moore)

5. Pit bulls are the ultimate guard dogs. Maybe all robbers need is a little love? If this is the case, then yes, pit bulls make excellent guard dogs. Most will be happy to greet robbers with their wiggly butts. They may even show them where the couch (and TV) is, where the coziest bedroom (and jewelry) is, and invite them to stay and cuddle awhile. (photo by Cristina Falcon Seymour)

Those of us who really know pit bulls, know that they’re just dogs (OK, maybe they’re especially cuddly and goofy dogs). Now let the world know the truth about pit bulls! For a more serious look at pit bull myths and facts, click here and visit our resource page.

All photos courtesy of StubbyDog’s Facebook fans

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118 Responses to “Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap”
  1. This is so so so so true lol Sasha thinks everyone in the world is here to cater to her and her needs of wanting t o be petted, provide a smile or something. As cold as it is out here especially in the morning she sees kids walking to the bus stop and her tail goes bannas! All of the neighborhood kids love her to pieces. They love Krush as well however, it takes him minute or two to feel the situation prior to him to leaping and pulling me or the kids over to whomever Sasha is playing with (he’s so jealous).

  2. plourdm says:

    i’m always scared when i come home, having to defend myself against the brutal and merciless onslaught of doggie kisses and nuclear powered tail wagging.

    • StubbyDog says:

      @plourdm Yes, watch out for that killer tail!

    • TaraS says:

      My little girl is the first dog I’ve owned with a tail. Boy can she ever leave some bruises! After she finishes getting me she turn to the rottie and gets him with her tail and more kisses.

  3. Patricia Gerschler says:

    Pibbles are vicious killers. They will LICK YOU TO DEATH! <3

  4. ValerieSherman says:

    I laughed through that whole thing, cause I am, at this very minute sitting on the very edge of an overstuffed hair, since Lacy is not moving, even though I’m sitting on her As burglars go, she’ll make a lot of noise if they make it past the thresh hold, (she has a deep bark, not the usual high pitch pibble bark) but I have no doubt she would hold the flashlight.

    • StubbyDog says:

      @ValerieSherman Haha, Lacy is such a helpful girl. 😉

      • ValerieSherman says:

        @StubbyDog In her defense if I tell her “move” or “off” for my dad, she’s outta there…she just would rather be sat on then sit alone…lol

    • StubbyDog says:

      @ValerieSherman Haha, Lacy is such a helpful girl. 😉

    • NonyaFlippinBizz says:

      @ValerieSherman My house has been broken into a few times while I work nights and poor Myra is fearful of flashlights or anything that resembles one to her:( Hard to get a picture of her now.

  5. shore828 says:

    I’ve trained mine to know the word “constitutional” (instead of walk)…said in a silly voice of course. when i say it, she has to tear off after her bone and avoid me until i pretend i’m leaving and then she’ll come over so i can put her leash on. EVERY TIME!!!

    • ValerieSherman says:

      @shore828 since you brought it up…I noticed the article didn’t mention that all important word they know for “go”…with Lacy it is “go” doesn’t matter who I’m talking to or why..even on a phone call. She is suddenly a velcro dog…sometimes I have to think about why the hell she is under my feet…oh yeah, I said “go” on the phone with my daughter..etc. I am not sure when she picked that up, it wasn’t intentional…but my daughter’s dog also learned it at about the same time. It must have been me. They might be goofy, but they sure are smart.

      • KristofferLand says:


        God forbid I mention where I “park”ed the “car” to a friend on the phone. Initiate whine and run circles sequence…

  6. ValerieSherman says:

    Thank you Stubbydog for posting these…clearly it endears our pibbles to us even more…lmfao

  7. dawnwalker says:

    Love, love , love your website!

  8. dawnwalker says:

    Love, love , love your website!

  9. Arleen J Rutten says:

    Love this site. Am so glad the precious “pit” is getting some of the love and understanding they so deserve. Education is such an important part of turning around the way the “world” sees these “angels with paws.” Now if we could just keep them out of the hands of cruel, “mentally degrangeed” ignorant human dreck who seem to think they can ruin and torture these sweet innocent creatures in order to make themselves feel more like “men.” (*cough* *cough*) I use the term “men” loosely. I’m really “hot” about this topic. grins. Again, thank you for undertaking this important mission.

  10. mneedle says:

    This past summer, I was at the Vet’s office to pick up some meds. I was standing waiting for my turn, and I felt a wet slobber on my leg. (I was wearing shorts.). I turned fo find a pit bull standing and looking at as if to say “Year, it was me.” I stooped down to tell him that I was glad to meet him and give him a little pet on the head. I found that “Yes, they do smile.”

  11. NuriaRodriguez says:

    The horror! LOL

  12. BexAllen says:

    My Pittie mix turned on me! Yes, the leash slipped out of my hand and he trotted after a squirrel, then he stopped, turned and came back! He is also the worst bed hog ever. He’s not even that big, he just finds ways to splay out across our legs.

  13. JenFortin says:

    If I say the word BYE BYE my pittie goes absolutely ballistic, she even understands it when I spell the word. My other 2 who are older are total couch hogs, but they always make room for their MAMA!!!

  14. Maisleys says:

    Wow, this is just ridiculous… any normal person would be able to see that this article is just a bunch of crazy pit bull owners trying to make their dogs look good… they didn’t even mention how they can’t be trusted… if you so much as EAT in front of them, they’ll look at you with that vicious gaze in their eyes as if to say “but, but, but, I didn’t get any! and then you HAVE to sacrifice the last bite of your food to them!” Uhg, horrible dogs… :oP.LOVE this and sharing it!!!

  15. Maisleys says:

    Wow, this is just ridiculous… any normal person would be able to see that this article is just a bunch of crazy pit bull owners trying to brag about their dogs… they didn’t even mention how they can’t be trusted… if you so much as EAT in front of them, they’ll look at you with that vicious gaze in their eyes as if to say “but, but, but, I didn’t get any! and then you HAVE to sacrifice the last bite of your food to them!” Uhg, horrible dogs… :oP.LOVE this and sharing it!!!

  16. Maisleys says:

    Wow, this is just ridiculous… any normal person would be able to see that this article is just a bunch of crazy pit bull owners trying to brag about their dogs… they didn’t even mention how they can’t be trusted… if you so much as EAT in front of them, they’ll look at you with that vicious gaze in their eyes as if to say “but, but, but, I didn’t get any!”and then you HAVE to sacrifice the last bite of your food to them!”

    Uhg, horrible dogs… :oP.

    LOVE this and sharing it!!!

    • Germanshepardbailey says:

      @Maisleys You are the kind of idiot that gives this breed a bad rep. if you are not joking. Dont write about anything that you dont know about first hand, it onky makes you sound ridiculous!

    • ValerieSherman says:

      @Maisleys I couldn’t stand the “vicious gaze” I taught my Lacy “no beg”..she walks minimum 3ft away and lays down facing away from the eater..does it make me feel guilty….you bet your ass it does…and I think she knows it. But, when I’m at my sister’s house and her dogs are surrounding the BBQ waiting for treats, my dog is 3ft away and I don’t have to worry about accidental burns or food

  17. mshilz says:

    My pitt will be a year old this month, and he is so smart, and sweet, when i was pregnant he loved cuddling with my belly, now that my son is here and is 6 months old he is the dogs bestfriend. Dare me leave my son asleep on the couch or bed alone and leave the room for 5 minutes, I come back to find the dog cuddled up and knocked out too! When my son crys my dog goes and licks him in the face then walks away as my son starts cracking up, he thinks our dog is the most hilarious thing ever! I believe if someone was to come in our house my dog would love all over them lol, the only time he becomes any type of aggressive is if he feels me or the baby are in danger and even then he just trust to scare you and let you know I’m his momma and that’s his baby lol. My dog is the sweetest thing ever! And although it can be hard to find housing when you don’t own bc of the bad name pittbulls have been given I wouldn’t give him up for the world!!!

  18. WinnieBryantAllen says:

    My pit Jo Jo was the sweetest kindest most wonderful dog ever. People take one look at pits and think the worst…I think the best because I know how great they are. We had Jo Jo for 7 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. He was snuggly, cuddly , loving, smart and fun. He loved my grandson, my cats and my other dogs. He was never mean or aggressive just playful and fun. He was raised right. Unfortunately the other pit who attacked and mauled him to the point where we had to have him put to sleep due to massive injuries was not so well raised. That dog came into our yard and attacked Jo Jo who was out an a lead in our back yard to get some fresh air before we brought him in for the night. Jo Jo who thought he was a child and not a dog didn’t even know how to fight back and that dog literally tore him to pieces It was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. We did what we never thought we would have to do and that is have our precious Jo Jo put to sleep due to massive injuries and another dog put down for vicousness but felt it was necessary in order to keep that dog from hurting another dog, cat, or person. That incident did not put me off pits. It only made me more certain that pits are great dogs if raised right. I would own another one in a heartbeat and will when I find the one that is meant for us.

    • StephanieSteele says:


      I am so sorry you had to go through that. It is always horrible to have to put your precious loved one down. But, I too think of pitbulls as snuggly, cuddly, doggies. They can be very loving dogs.

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @WinnieBryantAllen It is my experience that it is the environment that creates a vicious dog. There are arguments about pits being more “prone” to being aggressive but I have yet to see any evidence to support it.I have been attacked by more chihuahuas and yorkies than pits or rottweilers or any other reportedly aggressive breed. It’s all about how they’re raised. I completely agree with you.

      Pits are wonderful and the stigma against them is wholly unfounded.

  19. Maisleys says:

    @Germanshepardbailey LOL, i knew someone wasn’t going to read the whole thing after I posted it… I love my pit bulls, just poking fun at the people who believe the stereotypes… guess you didn’t catch anything but the first sentence :o)

  20. Maisleys says:

    @KristofferLand Thanks!!!

  21. Maisleys says:


    LOL, i knew someone wasn’t going to read the whole thing after I posted it… I love my pit bulls, just poking fun at the people who believe the stereotypes… guess you didn’t catch anything but the first sentence… :o)

  22. Maisleys says:

    @ValerieSherman For the first 4 months of my little Graidey’s life she NEVER got people food… then the more I’d bring her around people and after my living arrangements changed, so did her love of people food… hmmm… wonder how that happened! Now she will get scraps here and there, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, popsicles, soup… stuff that’s not TOO bad for her. But ONLY if she doesn’t try to take it and is laying down. Her little gaze just breaks my heart. I tried telling her that I didn’t beg for her food while she was eating so she shouldn’t do it to me, but that didn’t work.

    • ValerieSherman says:

      @Maisleys Let me guess? You got the cocked head? Which I call the WHAT?? but is really the WHATEVER…just share…lol.

  23. KetlynAusten says:

    Honestly I think it’s unfair to generalize ALL pit bulls into one category. If you’re going to write an article like this, do everyone a favour and use statistics, not generalizatons.

    • jaymie_allover says:

      @KetlynAusten Lol who else has a feeling someone didn’t read the article through…?

      • KetlynAusten says:

        @jaymie_allover@KetlynAusten LOL. Jesus what are you, twelve? People still use that acronym? I DID read the article through. I have a problem with articles that say A is B without naming exceptions. This is shitty journalism. This is something I would expect to read on someone’s private xanga or livejournal.

        • ShaneSpafford says:


          Reading comprehension is lost on you, I see. This isn’t a journalistic review, this is a statement manifesting the postive aspects and denouncing the myths and stereotypes regarding pit bulls. It’s a pit bull lover mentioning what they love about their pits. What about this actually strikes you that the author was trying to make a scientifically informed post? Everything in it is tongue-in-cheek.Please, please, please never comment on something you clearly do not understand again. The pure stupidity of your post just sends me reeling.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @ShaneSpafford Reel all you want, I stand by my statement that if someone is going to post an “article” it better not generalize. If this is a personal blog, someone should clarify that it is a blog, not an article. Now go take a chill pill and put the butter knife down sweetheart. I made a simple comment. There’s no need for anyone to go OMFG LET’S LYNCH HER BECAUSE SHE HAD SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY!

        • ShaneSpafford says:

          @KetlynAusten I believe I made it clear I’m not lynching you because you disagree. I made it clear I’m lynching you because you lack reading comprehension.As I said, the entire post is tongue-in-cheek, something you’re far too ditzy to get it seems. There’s no need for clarification, because nowhere does it state that it is an article.You’re on a site called StubbyDog.Org, for heaven’s sake. Everything points toward every opinion, which is all they are, being biased in favor of the dogs. (Dog lovers: I’m actually a vet tech myself and I love pits, so don’t mistake this statement for one against.)All you’re doing by continuing your posting is perpetuating your lack of understanding of not only the point of the post, the goal of the author, but also the very definition of article.

          I reiterate: please never comment on something you clearly do not understand again.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @ShaneSpafford I reiterate that I am allowed to say whatever I want. I posted my response to this post and you guys didn’t like it. Forgive me, next time I’ll refrain to posting “omfg look at teh kewt fuzzeh puppehh!!!” for fear of wounding your sensitive eyes, so clearly unable to look past my comment without trying to correct someone on teh interwebz.

        • ShaneSpafford says:

          @KetlynAusten You can say whatever you want, and I will continue to ridicule you for it. You can walk down Times Square wearing a hat with a sign that proclaims you are the king of Sweden. It isn’t true and it makes you look like a fool, but as with this post it is perfectly within your rights.But go right ahead and continue to make a fool of yourself.

        • BexAllen says:

          @KetlynAusten Do you realize you are getting defensive about the same thing you posted about to begin with? You are saying that if this is a news article, it’s “shitty journalism.” It’s not a news article and I’m not clear on how you decided it was to begin with. We’re trying to point that out to you- that there’s no reason to say “do everyone a favor and use statistics.” Imagine if someone came to your poetry/wordpress site and commented that you should be using statistics. It wouldn’t make sense, would it? That’s all we’re trying to say.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @BexAllen Yeah I may have thought this was an article when it was just another blog entry. I’ve taken more tylenol today than any rational human should. But I don’t take too kindly to people going “wtf can’t you read” over a comment that they could just as easily have skipped over. It was, in my opinion, a harmless statement stating that I didn’t like it, and within 2 minutes I had six emails full of people going “oh em gee are you DUMB?????”

        • ShaneSpafford says:

          @KetlynAusten@BexAllen I suggest calming down, you’re not improving anyone’s perception of yourself.

          If, once you’re sober (p.s. acetaminophen has no perceivable cognitive effect, so blaming it on that is just silly), you are able to read through these with a calm and clear mind, you’ll notice that nowhere was anyone angry. In many cases both myself and BexAllen have been attempting, in a calm mindset, to make statements to correct your misperceptions. You really should stop assuming that anyone who disagrees with your viewpoint is angry. It only makes you appear more foolish when you do become defensive, as you did and are doing; it might have helped you to realize when it was first pointed out to you that this is not actually an article rather than thirty minutes and several posts of making yourself look foolish later.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @ShaneSpafford Reread the last sentence in your first response to me. I am pretty sure a simple “this was just a blog entry, not an article” reaaaally would have sufficed.

        • ShaneSpafford says:

          @KetlynAusten I will do so, if you will read the first few sentences in your response to jaymie_allover and tell me you were responding calmly.

        • ShaneSpafford says:

          @KetlynAusten Your post WAS a stupid one. Sorry, but that’s the truth of it.

        • caseygraham90 says:

          @KetlynAusten@ShaneSpafford Now who is the 12 year old? “I AM allowed to say whatever I want!!”

        • KristofferLand says:


          To be clear, someone used “LOL” and got bashed, then the “basher” used “OMFG”? I’m just trying to get my facts straight on this e-rage. ;)Lighten up, folks. This was a cute, easy to relate to, article for most of us. Spare us the rhetoric on what makes journalistic gold in your mind(s).

        • KristofferLand says:


          For factual purposes, did you know that the APBT scored nearly 1% better than the Alaskan Malamute in temperament testing?

        • Maisleys says:

          @BexAllen@KetlynAusten “Lol”, I was about to say the same thing, Bex.Not only is she getting all ticked off from somebody voicing their opinion against hers, but she is also taking low jabs at Shane, that do not pertain to anything she can back up with proof, or ‘scientific facts, a and b points, and/or statistics.” as she said any good journalist would. (Side fact: She also made a reference to Xanga, which is a website people under the age of 14 use, normally nobody older. So, she is telling us were too old to be using acronyms such as LOL, but is on these other ‘bad journailsm’ websites…?)To me she just seems like a girl who just can’ tgrow up and leave the drama behind. Thanks @ShaneSpafford for at least attempting to put her into persppective and defending out dogs :o).Also, if this article was about Chihuahuas, @KetlynAusten , would you still be requiring us to write about how that, in fact and statistic, bite more people each year than Pit Bulls? Or that even though their the most popular toy breed of dog in the U.S they aren’t good for family with small children? Or that they are very sensitive to new surroundings and are “one owner dogs”?Truthfully, I do not think you would. I think you would have left a comment along the lines of, “OMG these dogs are soooo cute, great article!”

        • Maisleys says:

          @KetlynAusten@ShaneSpafford No offense sweetie, but not commenting at all, name calling and/or bashing a great article probably could have avoided this whole situation… Shane and Bex have just been defending themselves and us, and trying to make you understand a simple point. You could have avoided ALL of this.

    • BexAllen says:

      I think you’re missing the point… @KetlynAusten

      • KetlynAusten says:

        @BexAllen I feel you missed the point of my comment. I’m not saying this person has a crappy view on pit bulls. I’m saying the article is badly written.

        • BexAllen says:

          Because your comment misses the point of the story. This isn’t an informational article. This is a cute, fun piece that uses humor to turn pit bull myths on their heads. If you want statistics and citations, there are plenty of them on this great site! @KetlynAusten

    • shore828 says:

      @KetlynAusten — statistics can be manipulated as easily as words to support a point of view.

      • KetlynAusten says:

        @shore828 It’s no excuse to leave them out of an article.

        • MariaIsabelGarcia says:

          @KetlynAusten Hellooooo read the article, it says, and I quote “For a more serious look at pit bull myths and facts, click here and visit our resource page.” Now sit down, people came here for a laugh, not to hear your uninformed knee jerk criticism.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @MariaIsabelGarcia Then let them read the article and not my uninformed knee jerk criticism. I can comment whatever the hell I want. No one has to read it. I have the freedom of speech to express my reaction to this “article”. It’s not an article, it’s a blog post. BIG DIFFERENCE. If it were an ARTICLE, it should have the statistics within.

        • ShaneSpafford says:

          @KetlynAusten@MariaIsabelGarcia So what about this made you think it would be an article and not an opinionated statement?

          Because you clearly missed that.

        • MariaIsabelGarcia says:

          @KetlynAusten Then by all means, stop complaining and use your freedom of speech to write your informative article.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @MariaIsabelGarcia I made a COMMENT. I stated my OPINION. Where was I “complaining”? It was my reaction to this “article” and you people are freaking out over a two sentence response like I just killed a pit bull and nailed it to a cross.

        • MariaIsabelGarcia says:

          @KetlynAusten I’m not the one who misread what was clearly meant to be a tongue-in-cheek piece of satire and gets ridiculously defensive about it. You are welcome to your knee jerk opinions, just know that there are tons of articles with plenty of statistics out there, and one post written in a joking manner is not going to be the death of the Pit Bull breed. Relaaaaax.

        • KetlynAusten says:

          @MariaIsabelGarcia Again, I wrote two sentences, very calmly. They were my reaction to the post. What I’m not so relaxed about are people trying to crucify me for having an unfavorable opinion of the post. Different strokes for different folks. I didn’t like it, and you people did. There’s no need to start a war on me because of it.

        • MariaIsabelGarcia says:

          @KetlynAusten When your replies include phrases like “start a war”, “crucifying”, “lynching”, and “put down the butter knife”, it really begins to look as if you’re the one over reacting.

        • MariaIsabelGarcia says:

          I think my I.Q. just dropped a little after beating my head against the brick wall that is trying to beat an idiot at their own game.. Peace out.

        • Debrea52 says:


        • Debrea52 says:

          @ShaneSpafford@KetlynAusten@MariaIsabelGarcia I think by reading the first few lines you knew you didn’t like it. Should have quit reading it and moved on. Wasted alot of space on this topic. BTW I LOVE my 4 pitties and their kisses 🙂

    • magicbird says:


      Dear KetlynAusten,

      What “One Category?” For that matter, what “Article?” This is a cite for postings, not necessarily scientifically-researched ‘articles.’ Some readers enjoy humor too. I guess you’d criticize Garrison Keillor, too, if he posted a funny article about a Lake Woebegone pit bull on this site.

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @beerwolfccds@KetlynAusten In all honesty, you’re not helping.

    • beerwolfccds says:

      @ShaneSpafford@beerwolfccds@KetlynAusten not helping an obvious troll. who gives a shit. If you really think this broad came here with any other intention of stirring up shit , then welcome to the internet you must be new here.

    • MariaIsabelGarcia says:

      @beerwolfccds Dude, come on. There’s no need to use that type of language towards women. This is supposed to be a family site. I don’t like what she had to say as much as the next person, but calling her a c**t is offensive to all women.

      • StubbyDog says:

        @MariaIsabelGarcia@beerwolfccds This article was done in fun, as pit bull lovers can obviously see. Our site is full of facts and statistics. That being said, we would like everyone to refrain from using profanity and name calling.

        Please refer to our commenting guidelines,

      • ValerieSherman says:


        Thank you Stubby dog for speaking up..I was getting a little disgusted.

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @beerwolfccds@KetlynAusten Let me rephrase: You’re not helping the image of those who are here defending this site and Pit Bull lovers in general.

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @beerwolfccds It isn’t a matter of what you do and no one is throwing that in question. Your attitude and the way you come across is very poor and you should feel ashamed of yourself for doing so.

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @beerwolfccds And as far as I can tell, you’re the one here to “start shit”. You lashed out immediately as soon as you noticed her posts were not being supported, and are still lashing out now long after she has left.

      In the words of another poster: “grow up”.

    • annabear says:

      @KetlynAusten Statistics lie, Just like “all people who smoke pot are drug addicts etc etc etc” Yeah that dumb 12 year old girl who let some itiot friend get her to smoke some pot is SO on her way to jail HAH get real and get over you’re self,, Of course they will say “pit bull bit a child” rather then “mutt” or “dog that looked NOTHING like an actual pit bull” i volunteer at my local animal shelter and have one on one time with each dog walking them, and yes breeds like shep have a very unique temperament, but even the ONE pit bull i didnt fully “trust” and this IS a shelter so over half ARE bull type dogs, even that ONE dog was a SWEET heart, Go and spend some one on one time with a bully type dog and see if you’re still that ignorant about them after that.

    • annabear says:

      @KetlynAusten Pit bulls score at or below average for aggression when compared to other dogs. Temperament evaluations by the American Temperament Test Society give American pit bull terriers a very high passing rate of 82.6 percent. The average passing rate for the other 121 breeds of dogs in the tests was 77 percent.There is your Stats…Happy now??

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @beerwolfccds@ShaneSpafford Thanks for proving my point better than I ever could.

    • ShaneSpafford says:

      @beerwolfccds P.S. The best way to annoy a troll (the way you’re being annoyed right now)?

      Be logical.

      Yeah, I have been doing this for a while. Thanks.

    • sassybrat says:

      @beerwolfccds@KetlynAusten Please don’t do that to the sweet puppy! Remember it’s the owners not the breed and that poor pup wouldn’t have a chance!

    • TamaraKim says:

      @KetlynAusten I bet you think everything on the internet is supposed to be ” professional journalism”… In case you didn’t know, the internet is designed so people can write whatever they want HOWEVER they want. You DO NOT have to be a journalist to post something on the internet and you certainly DO NOT have to write in the beginning of the article: “THIS IS A BLOG, NOT A PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE.” Most writers give their readers the benefit of the doubt that they understand the purpose of an article considering where it is found and how it is written. Apparently they are giving some readers too much credit.

      You are on a site called and are reading an article that is meant to be cute and relate to pit bull owners. If you want to read an article that is professionally written and true journalism go to!

  24. Iluvmypibble says:

    Wow you have nothing better to do then bitch do you. This is a great “article” and if you don’t like it, stop reading it. Grow up.

  25. JenniferFoust says:

    Well it is totally apparent that those of you who are bashing the Pitbull breed have never owned or been around one long enough to know what type of dog they are. You are going off of hear say from media and other sources that say they are bad dogs. Never have I once been uncomfortable around a Pittbull or felt threatened by them. I have always said owners make their dog what they are, they are not born that way.

  26. VKelly says:

    My bully boy doesn’t even require an utterance to “snap” to from what appears to be a sound sleep. All it take is for me to leave the room and he’s on my heels making sure he knows exactly where I am. Once that’s established he returns to “his” couch to resume his nap.

  27. KimMason says:

    Lets all remember we are animal lovers and would defend our furry fuzzy friends regardless who and what they are, Everyone has different views and opinions which should be respected. I applaud all who have worked with, rescued, fostered, owned or even petted an animal, Sometimes we forget the reason we go to these sites,

  28. theenglishrider says:

    Pit bulls are dangerous animals. Their wagging tails can whip your shins. There is a real danger of being kissed to death. They lie at your feet when you’re cooking, creating a tripping hazard. They hog the blankets at night, thereby increasing your chance of pneumonia. People need to just accept the fact that they are dangerous.

    • KellyLynne says:

      @theenglishrider Not only do they increase your risk of pneumonia, they may shove you out of the bed completely. Who knows how many bumps, bruises, or even fractures are due to their dangerous bed-hogging behavior?

  29. jaylove74 says:

    This isnt a debate,This is a comment This is to support and help this wonderful breed,I had 3 of them,and after having one for fifteen years,I lost her,she lived to love kids. I have her two babies though, they are six years old,and they act just like her,You should see their smile,and watch them stick their tongue out at you when posing for pics…….Please take your time to get to know the breed before you base your opinion on something you know nothing about.

  30. sassybrat says:

    Somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor. Can you guess who? giggle, giggle

  31. AlfredoPapirriqui says:

    I love this post. It is absolutely true. Every responsible pitbull owner knows it very well.

  32. Her_Benjamom says:

    The last dog is even on the counter! Typical pittie!!

  33. sassybrat says:

    I sleep in my bed with both my dogs Midnight pitt-bull and BabyGirl pitt/shepard mix and i don’t have blanket problems, space problems we all share lolol I do have one problem is i sometime get to hot from my little heaters lol

    Most people who have problems with them ether

    A. don’t get to actually know them or

    B. don’t take the time to teach them right.

    My 2 girls didn’t get along at all when Midnight first came home now with time, patients love and a lot of training they now play, sleep and kiss each other together!

    When you become a dog owner it is not just walking them and playing fetch!

    It also is not what you get from them it is what giving them what they need.

    • DevonRessler says:

       @sassybrat My Lulu Belle (Pit/Boxer mix) and my BabyGirl (rottie/shepherd mix) take over the bed and leave me a small space, if I’m lucky.  I have a 50 lb and 80 lb cuddle convention every night.  Add two cats into the mix and I think we are a reality show in the making.

  34. avegas72 says:

    Everything that was listed – is so INCREDIBLY TRUE about my dog. How funny! She is the sweetest little pittie!

  35. ReneeDuprey says:

    we own 5 of the funniest pitties ever , they are the biggest babies , the only danger as you all know is getting beat to death with those whipping happy tails or kissed to death !!!!!!! But really would you wanna go any other way NOT ME!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE PITTIES AND THE OWNERS AND GOD BLESS!

  36. jlong6302 says:

    Has anyone caught their pit listening at a closed door? All too often we have opened a door only to smack our pit in the head. At this point, I am pretty sure he is eavesdropping. Any thoughts??

    • magicbird says:

      @jlong6302 I haven’t noticed my pit listening at closed doors, but what does happen is that, when my family/friends are in a group, we can’t talk politics–

      –or at least we couldn’t during the Bush Jr. Administration because our voices would get so angry about what Bush Jr. was doing to our country/our soldiers/our economy/our world relations/our student loan policies, etc. that we’d unintentionally scare the dog–she thought we were angry at her! She’d start grovelllng at our feet, begging for forgiveness, for what Bush Jr. had done to the nation! So we’d have to change the topic.

      It could be that your dog gets scared if you are talking in heated or excited tones of voice–or talking loudly to a hard-of-hearing person (which our pit assumes is ‘yelling angrily at’ the person) behind closed doors, and is afraid you’re angry at him/her (your pit).

      • VKelly says:


        If I speak in an angry voice my pit boy will slink off to his safe spot and even shake a little.. It makesme feel so sad and guilty. I have to reassure him that he didn’t do anything wrong. These dogs are so sensitive. I guess this is their reaction when their humans “snap”.

        • magicbird says:



          We have to do the same thing! We always have to bend down and say “I’m sorry” and scratch her ears, so she’ll know we’re not mad at her when we’re talking politics. Same thing if she gets underfoot and we accidentally kick her–we have to say “I’m sorry” and pet her, or she’ll think we did it on purpose and look so hurt that it breaks your heart!

        • VKelly says:


          You’ve identified another hazard and cause for misunderstanding. Due to their need to stay close at all times, the risk of tripping over them or stepping on them is ever present. One must be quite vigilant when walking around the house. And if my Titan thinks a treat might be in the offing the risk is greatly increased – but if he gets the treat then he’s more likely to overlook whatever he had to endure to get it.

  37. GeneFloyd says:

    I think our pit bull helped the burglars carry the big-screen TV out the door. i know I couldn’t find any kind of a blood trail…

  38. sassybrat says:

    wow I can’t believe that someone posted a brighter side of Pitt Bulls and it brought such negativity. Not all of us are highly educated brains and enjoy the simple things in life like the brighter side of our pets. My little Pocket Pitt even sits at my side when I am washing dishes.

    I myself am glad that statistical information was not included.

  39. Anne says:

    LOVE it!  Keep these circulating!

  40. DeniseHoltRoddey says:

    Yup, this describes my boy exactly!!! I’ve always joked that if I were to be mugged while out walking Misha all he will do is push me out of the way looking for the person to give him love.

  41. mneedle says:

    I am disappointed by the comments from KetlynAusten, so I have to repost a little story I put in quite awhile ago.  This will be the unbiased observation that she wants.  It is also full of statistics.  First of all I have to say that I have never owned a pit bull, and have never really been around them.
    I was at my Vet’s office one day simply to pick up some meds for my dog. I had left my dog at home. It was a warm summer day, so I was wearing shorts.  As I was standing in line waiting for my turn, I felt a very wet tongue run up the calf of my leg.  I turned around to see a pit bull standing there, looking at me as if to say “Yeah, I did that:  What do you think of that?”  I told him that it was a pleasure to meet him too and gave him a little pat on the head.  The woman who was with him told me that he does that often.  A very sweet dog. 
    Now for the statistics:  That is 100% of my experience with pit bulls.  It was a pleasure.

  42. ShaneSpafford says:

    Something worth mentioning that I think may have been missed; the third picture that involves two pits, the tan one has some characteristic scars on its face.  It might just be artifact or the scars may very well be innocent, but it’s possible (and not very unlikely) that they’re scars from being used as a fighting dog.  Possibly a rescue, possibly rehabilitated.  Possibly has experienced that which causes people so much stigma and negativity toward the breed.
    And what’s that pit doing to the little girl sitting on top of the two dogs?
    Letting her do whatever she wants.

  43. DeDe1 says:

    Thank you for this post. It describes my red nose pit!  I found your site because I  was Google-ing why my pit likes to sleep in my lap all the time.  A dog walker I met recently said it was a sign of aggression and I wanted to prove him wrong. I found your site thinking oh no– maybe the dog walker is right because your site came up during my Google search. Thanks for making me laugh! Pit bulls are great dogs and yes they love kids. My dog is always stealing kisses from kids all the time.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @DeDe1 Welcome to StubbyDog, we are glad you found our site. Please click around and enjoy all our wonderful stories and check out our resources page if you want to find out more about your dog.