December 8, 2011  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Nelly is a very well-adjusted, happy, and grateful girl. She’s our most perfect dog and we all love her so much! This poor girl experienced severe abuse at the hands of humans so it took her awhile to settle into her foster home. Once she realized she would not get beaten and could trust her new family, she blossomed into a happy, funny, affectionate, sweet little girl.

Nelly is a tiny little pocket pit, weighing only 40 pounds, with an inspirational spirit. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She enjoys life every day. She loves being outdoors in the yard, exploring and hunting for animal intruders, playing with her canine family, laying in the sun, wading in her pool and/or running through the snow.

She also loves cuddling with her fosters and any visitors in the home. She’s nice and small so she fits on almost anyone’s lap! Her favorite end of night routine is to wait for her foster dad to sit on the couch. She jumps up and lays down next to him with her arm around his waist. She stares longingly at him as though she realizes how lucky she is and is thinking about how much she loves him. Often, he covers her with a blanket and we hear her sigh just to indicate to us that she is in heaven! It’s so very sweet.

Nelly loves every dog she meets but is intimidated by overly pushy, almost mean, dogs. She wants no trouble and just wants to play and be in the company of canine friends. She loves playing tug with other dogs or rolling around on the ground.

Nelly can be a little overly excited to meet new people. She tries so very hard to keep her butt on the group when saying hello to people but her excitement and the powerful wagging of her back-end and tail seems to lift her back-end right off the ground. Although excited to meet new people, she calms down after the initial 15 minutes and is rather calm with people in her home after that initial period. She is not demanding but will not turn down a request for her to come near. She loves to cuddle but will not push the other dogs out of the way.

Not only is Nelly everything listed above, she’s also the perfect size. She’s about 40 pounds of pure muscle. She keeps fit by running in the yard, playing with her canine foster brothers and sisters and taking long walks with her foster parents. Nelly is about 3.5 years of age but is so healthy and acts more like a 1.5 year old dog. Because she’s so small, she’s also likely to live longer than the large dogs or larger dogs.

Nelly has completed her obedience class and attends events regularly. Quite the little ambassador! Nelly is housebroken, crate trained, great on leash, obedience trained and loves other dogs. We’re not sure about cats. She absolutely loves kids and is very sweet with them.

Nelly is available for adoption through For the Love of Pits which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. You can also check them out on Facebook.

If you are interested in adding Nelly to your family, please make sure you comply with our placement requirements before completing the placement application, which can be found on our website. Anyone lucky enough to add Nelly to their family must be prepared to attend at least one obedience class with Nelly within the first 2 months of placement. Northeast Ohio placements only. We conduct pre- and post-placement home checks. The placement donation for Nelly is $150.

Here is Nelly in action, playing with a few of her canine brothers and sisters:

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One Response to “Nelly”
  1. BeverlySpicer says:

    Nelly seems like such a beautiful pet that anyone would be proud to have. She is just so adorable! I thank her foster dad for giving her a home till someone gives her that forever home, which shouldn’t be long when they see her. I hope you will keep us updated on her. And thank you Shana and your group–you do amazing things with these dogs-we need more people like you. God Bless you Nelly-I will pray that your forever mommy and daddy will come for you soon!