Holiday Dog Photos

December 16, 2011  

The holidays are quickly approaching so we asked our Facebook fans, ‘Do you take holiday themed photos of your dogs?’ If you have a pic of your dog dressed up or in a family photo for your holiday card, we want to see!

It was cuteness overload as fans posted their pups in antlers, Santa hats and in front of the tree. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and these just left us speechless. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Sir Chick LOVES to dress up for our holiday cards photos! ~ Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Bama Bully Rescue‘s Collard Green Gang had their first visit with Santa Bully this past weekend. Their wish? That all their friends in the BBR foster family got loving homes, since they’re not quite ready to be adopted yet themselves. ~ Collard Green Gang

Here’s our current foster pup, Lola, who was captured sticking her tongue out at the camera since we were tormenting her with a Christmas headband! ~ Pittieful Love

Tinkie says Happy Holidays!!!!! ~ Renee Keller

My Tala bear in her candy cane sleeper hat. ~ April Dooley

Merry Christmas ~ Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess

Yes – we do take holiday themed photos of our dogs each year! Here is our pit mix “Chance” this year. This is a FUN time for us – and our dogs (we believe!)! ~ Almy’s Bryant

Here’s our Christmas card this year. ~ Almy’s Bryant

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This was my family last Christmas: Grady, the big guy (we lost him in May 2008); Jazzy, the little weiner, and my new baby, Katie, another Doberman pinscher. ~ Sherry Stinson

Yes, we humiliated our boy this year … first time. ~ Nicole Kuszynski

The lovely Savannah, the “rednose” reindeer! ~ Stacey Schultz Herrick

Maverick and Grayson! ~ Stacey Schultz Herrick

Soda Pop! ~ Stacey Schultz Herrick

Merry Christmas! From the Blaxlands, with our pups Magic, Koa, and Fiona. ~ Vanessa Blaxland

Precious Isabelle… ~ Christine Lynn Blotzer

Rocky and Omega. ~ Micaela Myers

The babies in their sweaters. This pic went on our Christmas card along with a pic of the kitties! ~ Katherine T. Flinchum

Happy Holidays from the Barnett’s! (Liam & Leonidas the Amazing 3-Legged Dog…and all their brothers & sisters) ~ Katie Bray

Happy Holidays! First Christmas card with our pibbles Bella and Ziggy. ~ April Gray

I dress them up every year, they hate it but they do it!! ~ Renee Dodsworth Oram

Lug, 80-lbs. Boxer, he’s such a big baby… ~ Renee Dodsworth Oram

Pup Pup, 65-lb. pit. ~ Renee Dodsworth Oram

Roxy, 12 lbs., she loves to dress up!!! ~ Renee Dodsworth Oram

May always finds it hard to contain her enthusiasm for the holidays. ~ Meghan Turner

I love Christmas, people. ~ Coco Puffin

This is my Chico (on the left) and his cousin Glory with Santa! ~ Mary Salerno Aguirre

This is Abby Wigglebottoms!! Not too shabby for a dog who lived her entire life on a chain and used for nothing more than a breeding dog- NOT ANYMORE! She’s now got her own loving family who adores her. She’s rockin’ a cute little red and white North Pole number as one of her own seasonal wardrobe pieces – CHA CHA CHA – It’s magical and awe inspiring to us when we see the very moment that these dogs find their forever homes- A huge thank you to Abby’s forever family for loving this girl like they do. ~ Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Education & Rescue

Jena, Zak, and Miles eagerly await the arrival of Sandy Paws. ~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

Jazz, our 2-year-old Golden, sitting pretty with her Christmas necklace on. ~ Cindy Matteson

Maddie, our 1-year-old pit mix, with her Santa hat on. ~ Cindy Matteson

Merry Christmas from Frankie and Lily! ~ Jenn Kaliser

I have two great Christmas pictures that went on my Christmas cards this year! The first is a picture of Beau and me together (you may remember us as the pirates from Halloween!) ~ Rachel Masters III

The second is a picture of Beau smiling with Santa! ~ Rachel Masters III

Holiday Pet Photo 2010. ~ Debra Calandrillo

Esme and Fender – 5-year-old rescues loving life and learning how to be dogs! ~ Sue Yaw Kappler

Merry Christmas from my baby. Misha was 6 months old when I got him and a week from being put down. He’s 9 years old now and the second love of my life (gotta keep the real son as number one) ~ Denise Holt Roddey

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  1. ValerieSherman says:

    OMG..This is great stuff. I have GOT to get my scanner out of storage. I know I have some raindeer ear sort of torture polaroids that my kids dished out.