Do You Buy Presents for Your Dogs for the Holidays?

December 9, 2011  

With the holidays approaching, we asked our Facebook fans, ’Do you buy presents for your dogs? If so, will you buy this holiday season?

Little surprise that everyone gets gifts for their dogs, either bones, beds, Kongs, and stockings filled with treats. As if we need a reason to spoil our dogs!
Thanks everyone for sharing.

(Photos by Melissa Lipani)

Yes, dog toys, and dog beds are always in demand for the holidays!

~ Christy Moore

Prince got an early present (Kong Wobbler). He got a new sweater on Black Friday, and for Christmas he gets a plushie blue dog wearing a Santa hat.

~ Jackie Baltrun

Absolutely! Each pet gets a stocking with treats. This year they get a new tug toy and a new soccer ball.

~ Anke Roepke

Seriously? You’re kidding right? Of course our dogs get presents!!

~ Percy Ripley

Yes, I do. They each get a new toy and a special treat. This year, they are also getting naughty/nice bandanas.

~ Candace Moncaí Korasick

Of course! This is the one time of year our sensitive-tummied pittie gets rawhide candy canes and balls, and of course, the super special canned dog food feast on Christmas.

~ Jaime Jovanovich-Walker

Chew toys! ~ Deidre Leonard

Ugly sweaters, booties for the snow, and some food puzzles for the cold day workout!

~ Dustin Brantley

Toys, a new chew bone, tennis balls, things that squeak, a new bed….the list continues!

~ Percy Ripley

Of course. I buy for all my family. My dogs are my family. They are like my kids so why would I not buy for them. They get chew toys, new raw hide bones. They have their own stockings that are hung up every year right along with all the family’s stockings.

~ Shellena Dearman

Yes, my dogs need their own beds… they keep hogging mine!

~ Scott Winnie

Yes!! They even have pre-stuffed stockings for pets and a new Kong is always great.

~ Lnc Janssen

Yes! They have stockings so I must fill them! Last year it was lots of Christmas-themed treats, this year, it is brand new (very cute) tags! I can’t wait!

~ Katy Reeve

Yes, and Yes. They each have their own stocking, and they each get a couple rawhide toys, a ball or two, etc.

~ Phil Clark

Well of course. They are my children. My babies like tennis balls to play catch with, and crazy critters and ropes to play tug of war. May some nice Sherpa sleep pads, but they always sleep on our bed. But Santa Paws is coming to our house for sure!

~ Furrbabies Sullivan

I am so excited that we have a real fireplace this year so we can hang stockings for Haley Dog, Molly Dog, and Mr. Jinx the Cat. Probably won’t be able to stock them with treats till the day of though, since I have a feeling they might be “broken into” if we get too ahead of ourselves.

~ Meriel Read

Of course!! We usually by them a new bone, treat or toy.

~ Lisa Kagy

Heck yes! They are each getting a new Sirius Republic collar and then an additional item: one gets a dog bed, one a thundershirt and one some new toys.

~ Miranda Loehle

Hey hey hey! Hoping no little pets are reading your post right now! No WE do not buy presents for our pets…. SANTA comes and fills their stockings which they hung up the night before with special treats and toys! Silly Stubby!

~ Laura Zalewski Watson

Of course! Pig’s knuckles and a couple flying screaming monkeys to chase!

~ Terrie Puckett

I always wrap my doggie’s gifts and put them under the tree. She can smell which ones are hers and loves discovering them and sometimes ripping off the paper.

~ Lisa Harper Shaffmaster

The largest raw bones we can find. ~ Colleen S Moore

Absolutely! We love to watch them open their gifts, they go crazy. Their gifts were the first that I purchased this year…still have to finishing shopping for the family.

~ Megan Maguire Cohen

Yep. Lots of toys and some new beds.

~ Shanon Kent

I have cats instead of dogs, but I give holiday gifts to my sister’s two dogs and to my mother’s dog. I give them toys. My sister’s German Shepherds are pretty hard on some types of toys so they always need new ones. Sometimes the gifts don’t even last until I leave their house that evening! But it’s fun watching the destruction.

~ Leslie Cobb

My dog gets a new stuffed toy and a bag of pigs ears, but this year I have a Great-pittie- niece and a brand new Great-pittie-nephew to buy for. They both got Goughnuts, leashes and a copy of The Lost Dogs for their people.

~ Karen Clarke

Yes! This is our girl’s first Christmas too. So far we got her a new bed, new collar, treats, and a couple toys. Also looking to get her a coat. I’m going to wrap some of them too and put them under the tree.

~ Donna Lytle Johnson

Of course there my kids. I even wrap them and they even unwrap them. Of course once there opened mostly I take the paper away so they don’t eat it. Love my kids with tails.

~ George Kiddoo

Already got him (Ozzie, photo above) some squeaker mat toys – they’re his favorite – and he knows where I hide his toys too, so they probably won’t be much of a surprise!

~ Alicia Anthony Baldwin

Oh yes. Khloe had her own stocking. Santa is bringing her a new Nylabone wishbone, probably some new toys, a reflective collar for walking at night, and who knows what else Santa is bringing her!

~ Carissa Figelski Smyka

We bought them a couple of their favorite bones… they like the hard beef bones by Red Barn that are stuffed with peanut butter. We give it to them as we are opening our presents to each other. It has become our family tradition.

~ Tracy Sorensen Hodges

Lola gets a giant stuffed teddy bear from the Goodwill to disassemble at her leisure. Somehow her instincts always send her right to the neck, she rips off the head and then proceeds to remove every bit of stuffing and generally reduce said bear to a pile of little bits. Don’t worry – she does this with supervision, and she never tries to eat anything she disassembles!

~ Ginger Stinchfield Garff

YES!! She is apart of the family! I am not doing as much as last year, but she will have some new bones Christmas day without a doubt!! I give her a mixable also on the holidays. No human food for her but she eats good on the holidays just like me!

~ Veronica Wawrzyniec

Yes! They’ll be getting new collars, giant bones, stuffed toys (a rarity), and boiled chicken mixed into their dinners.

~ Alyssa Edwards

Definitely! His stocking is already on his kennel. ~ Kt Morris

Vladamir got lots of new Kong toys (the only kind that will last more than an hour), so many tennis balls that I lost count, and a huge peanut butter rawhide. We also picked up some goodies for local pet toy/treat drives. We were lucky enough to adopt Vlad from a shelter when he was just a baby, so we love to give back!

~ Jen Woleslagle

Of course! We usually have a strict “no stuffed toys” rule in our house (because they only last about 5 minutes and our vacuum cleaner can’t take much more abuse), but birthdays and holidays are special occasions. We usually buy a huge stuffed animal and let the dogs go to town – stuffing everywhere, tug-of-war with limbs, oh you should see the carnage. But they have a blast, and it’s hilarious to watch!

~ Heartbeat at My Feet

OMG of course I do. There is such a thing as Santa Paws of course! We buy our pitties a stocking and fill it with there favorite toys and snacks but this year they are getting new dog beds and we are going to donate there old beds to a local rescue – we send stuff to as much as we can..

~ Renee Gainey

Goliath is going to be getting an Elk Antler. He’s allergic to just about every other bone and rawhide. I could get him a deer antler…but I feel like that’s taboo on Christmas.

~ Jen Chess

Oh my goodness, YES!! They end up getting more than we do! They each get their own gifts to open, which they do by taking the bows off first and then meticulously (NOT) ripping the paper off. They get gifts from all of the grandparents (three sets), us, their cousins! Once they are done opening their gifts, then they help us with ours. They typically get toys and treats. Last year they each received their own fleece blanket.

~ Treasa Chopp

Yes, but the goods all come from after Christmas mark-downs. I’ll buy other people’s pets gifts but…the budget….aieeee!

~ Stacy Foster

YES! Echo (photo above) has gotta have new discs! The two fosters need presents too, so Rio the 2-year-old will get chuckit balls and the 10-week-old will get some squeaky toys. Don’t know about the grumpy elderdog though…

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

Of course we do! Our dog is part of our family! Stewart is getting some toys, a new collar and right after the New year he is getting the best gift of all. FIXED! Merry Christmas to all you dog lovers. xoxo

~ Jamie DeVine Legato

They always get presents! Unfortunately, due to the poor economy in our household, they’re getting the doggie equivalent of socks–new collars, BOL! They’ll each get a toy too, plus a treat from one of their grandmas. And they always exchange gifts with a few friends.

~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

This will be our first Christmas with our pitties. YES! They’ll get gifts as they do regularly (as a matter of fact they’re tearing up of their gifts now)

~ Kelli Parker

I don’t buy presents for anyone, but I do use the extra time off to get some hikes and fun time in with my pups. We also used this time last year to take in a new foster pup, and it looks like we’re doing that again this year.

~ Jen Milner

Of course! Everyone in the family gets presents for Christmas! A new fleece blanket, a new Frisbee and some “once-a-year” treats!

~ Mary Salerno Aguirre

Absolutely I buy presents for my furkids. Why would I leave my family out of the Christmas holiday. I can just imagine the joy on their faces when they see their new squeaky ended fuzzy toys and special treats.

~ Denise Ellis Rogers

Yes, I buy gifts for my dogs-they are my family-they love sniffing and tearing into them, so cute.

~ Rebecca Wetz

Yes! This is my first Christmas with my pup and he got a very warm (and handsome) coat and will also receive a yummy chew bone. But more importantly, we will be donating on his behalf to the rescue organization that saved his life. Desiree at the Adirondack Pitbull Rescue is amazing and I want to make sure she can continue to be an angel to this wonderful breed!

~ Marissa Paige Aubin

We donate lots of chewies to the shelter and our dogs usually get new beds at the end of summer due to our camping habit they can’t wait till Christmas. But always bones under the tree. And some fresh bison bones with lots of meat on them.

~ Spenser Miller

All our animals get presents, usually special food presents. Dried fruits for buns, galactic nip for the cat and super huge bones for the dogs.

~ Lillie Ruby

Absolutely! The sound of squeakers filling the house and stuffing scattered across the floor is the best. No one expresses gratitude like my pups!

~ Emily Storkamp

I also got some toys for the dogs at The Humane Society of West Texas, Target has some great value toys in their bins up front.

~ Jackie Baltrun

Our fur-girls first give a gift to the dogs at the local shelter, waiting for their own furever families and then Santa Paws always makes sure they get a little gift; a tee shirt or toy!

~ Nia Di

I always get my dogs stuff. They each have their own stocking that goes up with all the rest of the stockings…Toys and bones.

~ Allison Henderson

Yes, perhaps this year I’ll buy them their own bed and pillows so I can finally get a good night sleep without being crushed by my love bugs!

~ Noah Carpenter

Of course! Already ordered online and ready to wrap. Santa Paws wouldn’t skip our house!

~ For Love of a Dog

Absolutely! And now that I work for I am in trouble! I think my dog will have more under the than everyone else combined!

~ Denise Foley

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