December 1, 2011  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Meet Dipstick!

Dipstick is 5 months old and ready for his new home! He is beginning some new and exciting puppyhood training. Hand signals and treats are his best friends! Strange combination…we know….but this is the language that a deaf dog understands best. Other than not being able to hear, Dipstick is a regular dog that LOVES to play in the yard with his human & dog friends. He enjoys lying outside in the sun, giving lots of kisses and curling up in your lap for a little snuggle time. He is very food driven, which makes teaching him new hand signals pretty easy. He has already perfected sit and is now working on down, come, and stay. Just remember to give him lots of yummy treats and affection, as he can’t hear your verbal praise. As Dipstick is still very young, this is the prime time to teach him everything he needs to know to be a wonderful dog. He does like to stick by you and he will pay a lot of attention to you, so whatever room you are in, he is more than likely going to be there! This is a good thing, because if he’s out of sight, he can’t hear you when you call. Please read up (Google is a wonderful tool) on hand signals for dogs and come spend some time with Dipstick. Give this incredible boy the chance he so truly deserves!

Dipstick is available for adoption through Response-A-Bull Rescue which is located in Wilmington, DE. Please visit to Response-A-Bull Rescue to view our policies, procedures, adoption fees, and to fill out our adoption application. You can also check them out on Facebook. Please note that you must submit your application for approval prior to meeting any of our dogs. We look forward to helping you find your new best friend!

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