Why Are You Thankful for Your Pit Bull?

November 24, 2011  

Thanksgiving is here, so we asked our Facebook fans, ‘Why are you thankful for your pit bull?’

Whether it’s the unconditional love, butt wiggles or being an ambassador for the breed, our pit bulls keep us strong, give us love, warm our feet and inspire us.

At StubbyDog, we are thankful for the incredible community we have, so we are using our fans’ dogs in all the photos in this post.

We may have rescued them, but they rescue us every day.

(Photo of Jasper by Kimberly Dovel)

For being the sweetest angel ever! She is my best friend and cuddle buddy!

~ Derek ‘Danger’ Powelson

She taught me so much! She showed me what it means to really love someone and she showed me how amazing it is that a dog can be so abused, but at the same time have so much love to give!

~ Katie Lynn Rindfuss

She is my angel in fur. I have PTSD and depression and she keeps me going and is my soul mate.

~ Debra Lewis Caruso

I am thankful for my pitties because they make me laugh every day. No matter how bad of a mood I may be in, they are an instant cure. My life wouldn’t be the same with out them.

~ Angela Wood

I am thankful to both of mine because they love me despite my flaws, never hold grudges, always are goofy and make me laugh which in turn keeps me happy and healthy…I love my blockheads!

~ Jessica Funderburk

I am thankful for my pit bull because she makes me smile every single day. ~ Tara Evers

(Photo right by Joe Lampi)
Because he SHOWS people every day why you shouldn’t judge a dog solely on its appearance.

~ Kelsy VonderHaar

I’m thankful for my pit bull because she saved my life and has made me a better person. I’m also deaf and she is my service dog. She is my best friend, companion, and helps me a ton. I also have a 2-year-old and when I can’t see him, if he is up to no good, she comes to get me and let’s me know.

~ Jodie Swearingen-Bias

So many reasons, but for right now, I’m thankful for him as a foot warmer!

~ Lauren Woods

My babies are my shoulders to cry on when I need to, a blanket when there is not one in sight, my happiness and laughter when nothing else makes me smile, and my protectors if something shall ever happen.

~ Shelby Smoot

I rescued pit bulls for three years and am most thankful for the lessons they taught me on love! They taught me that no matter how badly people talk about you or try to bring you down, always greet them a smile and love! I’m down to one pit bull now, but I’m forever grateful to her for helping me heal from losing my mixed breed boy, Shadow. Clearly we were meant to be together, as I received the email that she was 6 weeks old and in the shelter, the day after my boy went to be with God. I can’t imagine what life would be like without her!

~ Jessi Sherick

I’m thankful for my Rozzy because she is my best friend and cuddle buddy! She keeps me warm and makes me smile!

~ Kris Tree

(Photo of Daddy and Cavil by Renata Tweedy)

I am thankful for my pit bull because she is the best dog I have had to date. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, and I love her so much it hurts.

~ Stephanie Sorensen

Because someone else wasn’t.

~ Ben Pollard

I am thankful for my pitty babies because they helped me to restore my faith in love, loyalty and forgiveness. My personal pitty makes me smile every day with her silly face. She is a constant source of peace for me and my family. My foster was horribly abused and every day I am amazed by her capacity to forgive and love unconditionally.

~ Melanie Mathis Curtis

We got our pittie mix last December when he was 2 months. Since then I have learned much patience, responsibility, and the importance of being silly and letting loose. I am so thankful for Tibs and the smiles he has brought to my boyfriend and I, and for knowing now that bully breeds are the BEST. I can’t wait ’til we have enough space/resources to rescue another one!

~ Bex Allen

Our pit mix is our friend, our protector, our entertainment. I can’t imagine life without him, and now can’t imagine a future without at least one pit bull in our lives.

~ Barb Roscoe Twaddle

I am thankful for the unconditional love they give me! ~ Erin Clifton

(Photo of Oliver, right, by Oliver’s Clubhouse)
My pit bulls are my best friends – they love me unconditionally, they make me laugh hysterically, and they also get me out of bed every morning for a 2 mile walk!

~ Sharyn Glowatz

For being one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met (and definitely one of the nicest I have ever owned- shhh…don’t let my other dog see this), and for proving that a pit bull can be, and often is just the opposite of their stereotype. She is the inspiration for my thesis work in graduate school. Because of her, I am passionate about what I am doing in school, and I will always defend the pit bull breeds!

~ Jaime Schlusser

His personality gives me inspiration and makes me smile every day – a silly, expressive, and loving social butterfly!

~ Diane Enochson

Just did a cross country road trip. When I pulled over to sleep, my pit would sit beside me while I lay down in the back of my jeep and would look out the back window and warn me by going off, if anyone got too close. Because of him I could sleep at ease. He was also swarmed by kids, who rode him, pulled and pushed him and he just stayed calmed and loved every minute of it. Couldn’t ask for a better dog.

~ Ryan Wiseman

I am thankful that he, along with our foster pitties, is showing people in our small town how pit bulls really act. He is a beloved member of the family. This particular family includes my fiancé and I, an 11-month-old and a 3-week-old, cats, and small animals. And our dog loves us all!

~ Alysa Koryn Collis

(Photo by Steve Evans)

I am thankful for my nanny dog for teaching me more about love, loyalty and compassion!!

~ Lisa Marquez ‎

I am thankful for my pit bull because he is opposite everything that the media says he is. Sweet, loving, funny, happy, silly, goofy, snuggly, social, very patient. I am so proud to take him out in public and have people love on him. I love him so much! He’s my heart dog!!

~ Natalie Kayl ‎

Snuggles and wagging tails and bully smiles. I’m thankful for everything about them and try to be worthy of their love every day. I’m thankful for my foster and all the fosters before him, because they’ve taught me hope and patience. I’m thankful for my Sally because she’s taught me that there’s always time to lay in the sunbeam shining through the window. I’m thankful for the shredded dog beds, torn up toys, holes dug in the yard and half eaten shoes (I don’t know why – maybe because they make me laugh). I’m thankful for zoomies around the couch and tug of war with the rope toys. I’m thankful because they love me and my life wouldn’t be complete without them.

~ Belilah Polly O’Connor

I’m thankful for my pit bulls because it’s not often some one can say they live with there own personal comedians who never run out of material and can make my day go from bad to absolutely awesome all in one big gummy smile!

~ Hollie Thomas

I love my pittie mix because her funny personality makes me laugh every day, even when there doesn’t seem to much to smile about and because she is the best cuddle buddy. She’s my fur baby!

~ Danielle Sholly ‎

That they make me laugh every single day. ~ Beckie Shelly

(Photo, right, of Lilly by Maggie Farrell)
Mia, is more than just a pet. She has unconditional love to give me all of the time. She can make me feel better on my worst day.

~ Jill Ashley ‎

I am thankful for my pit bulls and their unconditional love and acceptance that they provide me and other people. Every day I walk in the door I am greeted with grins from ear to ear that make any day exceedingly better. The acceptance that comes from them and their wagging tails to all people even those who scoff at them which helps to show that pit bulls are an amazing breed!

~ MaryAnn Vieira

I’m grateful to my pit bulls for reminding me every day that there are things that are amazingly good in this world. Also for giving me the opportunity to try to be the best dog mom I can be. They so completely changed my life.

~ Mira Ishii

I am thankful for my pibble when we take him to the dog park, and he’s the best dog there. The fact that he constantly changes at least one person’s opinion per day is a huge reason my boyfriend and I are thankful, and lucky to have him!

~ Megan Glass

She’s helped my wife realize how much work kids will be! Just kidding…mostly. She’s truly the epitome of unconditional love. She’s taught me a lot about myself. And, I hope, she’s teaching others that pit bulls are just dogs, and can be as loving and goofy as any other breed.

~ Dustin May

(Photo of Juno the Pit Bulldog Goddess)

I am thankful for my Pearl because she keeps me going everyday. She’s my alarm clock, my walking partner, my cuddle bug, my protector. We take care of each other and we appreciate each other. My only wish would be that all those that are in shelters find a forever home like mine.

~ Susan Shirley

For reminding me that even when people think the worst, it’s possible to be the best and change unreasonable opinions. And for her sweet pit bull smiles and kisses.

~ Robyn Sherman Dunford

I’m thankful that Enola came into my life at the perfect time, keeping me stable and looking to the future, by giving me courage and emotional support. She is healing my heart with all the love and funny antics she can do. Every day she makes me smile!

~ Holly Dorette Reese

I’m thankful for my sweet Dora because she is such a lover! She is great with my kids, keeps my bed warm, gives me the best pibble kisses, makes me laugh and has inspired me to learn more about this misunderstood breed.

~ Ally Alexander

I am thankful for my pit mix for many different reasons. This year I am especially thankful that she accepted the stray tom cat into “her” home and puts up with all the crap he gives her.

~ Alexa Brooke

He saves my life all the time! ~ Jen Chess

(Photo of Bella, right, by Jacqueline Escobar)
I am thankful for my pup coming into my life in March of this year. Not only has he transformed from a scared and nervous shelter dog, but he has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of bullies! So much so, that I am working towards creating a rescue to rehabilitate bully breeds as service dogs. Thank you Boone-ter!

~ Krysa Lynn Scoggins

It’s getting chilly and I need someone to keep my feet warm at night!

~ Kirstyn Northrop Cobb

I’m thankful for my Reba (pit/boxer) because she’s been a loyal companion for 15 years. I’m thankful for my Ella (pit/Lab) because she survived a puppyhood of abuse and neglect – refusing to give up until she was rescued – to become a sweet, funny, smart and brave dog.

~ M.K. Means

Too many reasons to count! She makes everything better, morning to bedtime. And she loves our children like no person ever could!

~ Samantha Gianulis

I’m thankful for my two pittie girls because they always know just what I need to make me laugh and they both love my son so much! He is an only child, so they are his play buddies and keep him safe from the dark. My oldest pit, Foxy Brown, helps my husband relax after work. Without my two girls we would be missing something! They love so much with their whole soul and heart. They are a big part of the Gumbiner family!

~ Holly Villegas-Gumbiner

Arthur has changed my life! He has lessons for me every day about taking pleasure in the simpler things and living in the moment. Bonding with him and learning to communicate with him has also taught me to see the world in a different way, and of course, dogs have something to teach all of us about loyalty and unconditional love.

~ Heather Martin

(Photo of Enzo by Linda Blauch)

I am thankful for our elder bull mix Carma (12 in January) because she taught me what great dogs and best friends pibbles can be. I was completely uneducated about bullies before her. I am thankful for our 2-year-old pocket pit Cecile because she loves me with everything in her and is the single greatest joy of each of my days. I am thankful to our foster pit Waylon because he reminds me to forgive and to let go of grudges (despite being dumped starving from the trunk of a car, he loves everyone). All together, I am grateful to the three of them for teaching me the meaning of true love, loyalty, forgiveness, joy and being non-judgmental. And with them on my side, there’s nothing I can’t do.

~ Gia Trapani

My pit bulls welcome me home after work, rest their head on my lap when I am upset, and give me unconditional love and I hope we give as much or more back to them.

~ Patty Lucas

I’m thankful that my big snuggly boy Bowser will be there to greet me when I come home, keep the couch from moving, and keep the kitten entertained. Plus puppy hugs, kisses, and smiles wherever we go!

~ Kristin Morris

My pittie is my BFF!

~ Dian Massa Rattner

Because going through my battle with cancer, they are the biggest part of my drive for life. All four are recues and their thankfulness for life shows how much life is worth. They are my best friends. They would die for me as I would die for them.

~ Matt Schenkel

Tallulah and I keep each other loved, warm, and safe. ~ Michelle Whelan Tafari

(Photo of Spazz, right, by Francisco Martinez)
I don’t have one but I volunteer with a rescue that rescues them! We’ve gotten several victims of dog fighting and Steve was our latest, picked up almost dead out of a local park. He still had duct tape marks around his muzzle and was so thin, with open wounds all over his body. The animal control/vet that the police took him to nursed him back to health. Steve’s love is so unconditional. He had no idea that he should be mad at humans and other dogs. He loves everyone and every dog. He was adopted a few weeks ago. I’ve known so many pitties who have gone through so much and they survive. They love anyway. When my life is tough, I can think of the pitties I’ve known and just keep going. They’re so wonderful.

~ Amanda Weigel

Because she’s my best friend ever!

~ Kari Kirby

Because going through my battle with cancer, they are the biggest part of my drive for life. All four are recues and their thankfulness for life shows how much life is worth. They are my best friends. They would die for me as I would die for them.

~ Matt Schenkel

I’m thankful because she has velvet ears, squiggly body and a HEART OF GOLD!

~ Leslie Jehle

I am thankful for my pitties because they are the most incredibly sweet, loyal, and gentle dogs I’ve ever known. They have been ambassadors for their breed and have shown many people what pit bulls are truly all about.

~ Jennifer Lewis

(Photo of Piggy by Sleeps with Dogs)

I am thankful for my little pit Sebby. Every morning he looks into my eyes with love and kindness. I get all the kisses I need and then some. He is the love of my love (sorry husband Steve!). He makes a gray day sunny, my sad mood into a happy one. I love to hug him a million times a day. To me, he’s the cutest dog on earth. Without him, my life wouldn’t be complete. As the saying goes “he completes me!”

~ Patty Nichols

I’m thankful for my Miko because she’s a constant source of joy, laughter, and love. She changed my wife’s perspective on the breed and now she can’t live without her pibble. Miko’s also a wonderful cuddle-bug and a darn good “heater” in the cold Illinois weather; even though she’s a blanket thief.

~ Dannie Gabbert

I lost my pit bull, Aspen, three years to numerous health issues. In her 9 years of being with me, she was nothing short of the Mother Theresa of dogs. I never had a dog quite like her. She was always picking up my spirit and telling me with her eyes how important I was to her. I was and still am thankful for her. Even now, I still look at her picture or my bracelet with her name on it and I feel touched by an angel. She reminds me to be the best person I can be no matter what the circumstances are, because she was the best dog she could be. And she was well loved and is greatly missed.

~ Sonja L. Solomon Terbrock

I’m thankful to my Kahlua because she offers me a shoulder to cry on at my loneliest, then she gives me kisses to cheer me up!

~ Ozzie Fortich

I am thankful for the gift of her love and trust. She is a joy and brings us smiles everyday. She loves to play and sing whoo hoo every day! She is one happy dog! We are blessed to have her in our lives.

~ Tracy Sorensen Hodges

For her unconditional love and velvet ears ~ Amanda Fitzgerald

(Photo of Mancha, right, by Arika Brown)
Quite simply: Our two beautiful baby girls always act as though we’ve just gotten home from the war – even if all we did was run and get some milk! They’re always overjoyed to see us come back. And vice-versa. I’m thankful for their effervescent and unconditional love.

~ Cristina Falcon-Seymour

Because he’s a snuggle bunny.

~ Lisa Trimarchi

I am thankful for Queenie because she rescued me from loneliness a year after the passing of my wife. She is companion, affection, entertainment, all those good things for which pits are known!

~ Jack Kessler

West I’m thankful for my Luther for helping my oldest son get through some serious depression two years ago. He brings laughter into our home every day and makes our customers smile.

~ Sheila Hoogestraat

They make me smile even when I don’t think I’ll ever smile again. They always know the right thing to say and when to say it. Everyday I’m thankful for my gang.

~ Rachel Brown Richards

I’m thankful for my pit bulls for just being pit bulls because they are all perfect.

~ Lori Klimas Burkett

(Photo of Niobe by Kelly Wolfe)

I am thankfully for my two; Pierre and Suzy – we sleep together and I know they love me.

~ Vicki Brown

Thankful for my boy, Audi-Jaxx, from the City of Seattle shelter. Started out a foster dog, but ended up with me for 11+ years. He made my life happier, and I hope that I did the same for him.

~ Kurt Marx

I’m thankful for my Helena because she is always there for me, and brightens my day with a big smile and lots of kisses. I can always count on her to make me laugh with her goofy antics. Helena, I’m thankful for every morning that I wake up and see your smooshy face buried in the pillows, and every night that you snuggle in bed next to me (after your secret code paw swipe that means “lift up the blankets, mom…I’m going undercover”). I love you Helena!

~ Liz Massad

I’m thankful for my pit bull because she goes from snoring to dance party in less than 2 seconds. Her wiggling could put Shakira to shame!

~ Kelly Snyder

Simply because they have absolutely changed my life.

~ Celene Wasserman

(Photo of Fat Boy by Mr. Wilson the Elderbull)

I’m grateful for my Diesel because he is the most loving and lovable dog I ever had (and I’ve had many different breeds in my life). He loves everyone and thinks everyone should love him.

~ Sharon Wolfe

My Staffy has helped me relax, getting through life’s lows like losing my 11-year-old male Colby, losing my mom, and comforting my 10-year-old on those nights she is having a bad night!

~ Rick Abdella

I am thankful for everything she is…

~ Christine Isabelleblunose Blotzer

They are my love, life, laughter, morning alarm clock, hiking and exercise partners, bedtime teddy bears, stress-relievers, teachers, best friends, a furry neck to cry into, a comedian to make me laugh, best medicine for any aliment, best little photography models, good little vacuum cleaners, taste testers when I cook – they are everything to me! I love them so much – and am so thankful for my two little blessings!

~ Tracey Thompson

She reminds me daily to take time out for play.

~ Alexander Thomas

(Photo of Daisy and Scrappy by Debbie Gartenmayer Miller)

I’m thankful for my pittie, Remus, because before him I had no idea what BSL was or that there even was “breed restrictions”. He educated us that every dog is the same and shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their breed. I’m proud to say we are breed advocates for pitties and all other discriminated breeds because of our snuggler Remus! We wouldn’t give him up for the world!

~ Courtney Beckerink

They love me no matter what!

~ Tonia Haynes

I am thankful George is no longer sitting on concrete floor behind a chain-link fence, wagging his tail so hard it bled. I am so grateful to him for every moment I share with him. He is the best face cleanser ever! And he is the best toy squeaker around. But mostly I am thankful to be his best friend. Always ready for hugs, naps, bones, or to scratch his back on the pine trees and roll around in the grass, bringing constant smiles my way. Thank you George!

~ Andi Keller

My pit bull, Boom, is the best friend I could ask for. He’s the best couch companion when I’m sick, a never ending play mate with the weather is nice, and such an ambassador for the breed. He’s touched so many lives with his sweet affection.

~ Rachel Miller

Because they are a forever cuddly puppy!

~ Beverly Nielsen Harrington

So thankful for their unconditional love, their concern, kisses, friendship, company, and of course their pitty wiggle butts like no other!!

~ Dixie Michelle Wichlin

(Photo of Lulu by Marnie McPhee)

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One Response to “Why Are You Thankful for Your Pit Bull?”
  1. CharleenShelby says:

    I am thankful for my pitbull because she is always there to listen and cuddle with when I need to talk or have a snuggle buddy

  2. I love my one year old pit bull Scrappy Doo because if i cry he licks me tears and wont leave my side when i am sad.