Voodoo Casts a Love Spell

November 3, 2011  

A pit bull uses his magic charms to find the perfect family

By Lisa Hopewell, member of StubbyDog Trekkers

Kris and I had finally agreed that the time was right to adopt a dog. We had been searching for a few months at the local rescues and shelters, and we were starting to think that the right dog for us wasn’t really out there. You see, we needed the “perfect” dog. This dog had to be good with cats because we already had two, good with other dogs because our family is full of dog lovers, and good with children because they are a part of the family too.

We decided to take a look at the pound on a whim one Sunday morning. We were walking through rooms of dogs, and we could tell that “our” dog just wasn’t there. As we exited the last room of available dogs, one of the workers told us that there was a room that the vets had just cleared for adoption 10 minutes before, and we should go check out the newest batch of dogs. We weren’t too hopeful, but we went anyway.

There he was! I saw him from across the room, and I had a really good feeling. He was kenneled between a 3-month-old puppy and a beautiful 2-year-old pup, both of which we wanted to look at more closely. He wasn’t barking or jumping; he was just sitting there staring at us with as much of his body as possible pushed up against the chain link. His tail was wagging so hard I thought he might beat a divot into the floor!

As we walked back and forth, his eyes never left us, and he continually repositioned himself to be as close to us as possible. I mentioned to Kris that we should throw in the one in the middle as well, just for the sake of comparison. I didn’t want to seem too eager because that might turn Kris off on the dog. He agreed that that would be a good idea.

The little pup was very cute but didn’t seem to really care about us at all, and the 2 year old was just too hyper for our lifestyle. Voodoo – who didn’t even have a shelter name yet, just a number – did the best thing he could do in the observation area: Kris threw a ball for him and he started to go after it, but halfway to the ball, he turned around and went back to Kris. Voodoo sat on Kris’ feet and looked up at him. Kris looked around and and said to me, “I think I have just been chosen.”

As the three of us left the pound, we discussed a name for our new dog, and we talked about how it seemed a little like magic finding Voodoo the way we did. As we got in the car, we heard “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix playing. We arrived home with him, and he was great with the cats. Within the first month he was tested out in all of the other scenarios and passed with flying colors. He loves children and other dogs. He truly is the perfect dog for us!

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5 Responses to “Voodoo Casts a Love Spell”
  1. Adrienne Clegg says:


  2. effcla says:

    Love your story! Our cat had died 12/09 so we were looking for a Chi for the Chi we already had. In 10/10 wr had gone to an adoption event to see a dog my husband was interested in. The dog ended up being too hyper but in the cage next to her was Scarlett. I looked at her and knew she was the “one”. She was quietly sitting in her cage watching the goings on. Her inner pittie came out when we got her home (boundless energy) and our Chi looked at us as if to say “what the heck did you do?” One year later we are a family and are doing well.

  3. ferricoxide says:

    Cool looking dog (we have a blue-eyed bully, too). Was this picture taken in India??

  4. magicalvoodoo says:

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