November 21, 2011  

Stubby lived his life on a chain until one day he broke free and ran away. A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the shelter. Now his real story begins…

I’m going to celebrate my first Thanksgiving. I was a little worried it might be Halloween. Not that Halloween wasn’t fun, but I like when everyone looks like themselves (and I don’t have to wear a costume.)

Matt told me that Thanksgiving is about FOOD – especially TURKEY. I’ve had some chicken before and it was delicious but Matt said turkey is even better! Marnie warned Matt that he can’t give me any cooked turkey bones, and to remember not to give me anything that’s been cooked with onions or anything too rich for my belly. So I thought I would pass that on to you guys just to be safe.

Lily said that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being grateful for the gifts we have. The shelter said I was around fives years old, which means that I supposedly have lived through at least four Thanksgivings. I don’t remember any, but in the days before the shelter and my family, I was grateful just to get through the day. Food was scarce and the chain around my neck was so, so heavy.

But this year I have a warm bed and a family that loves me and a belly that is always full. Instead of being scared of what’s lurking around the corner, I’m rushing out to meet it. I am thankful that I have so much, but I worry about dogs out there who are like I used to be – cold, scared and hungry.

Marnie promised that we would bring some Thanksgiving treats to the dogs at the shelter and donate some warm blankets to a local rescue. I am so lucky, and I hope that by helping other dogs, they’ll have a chance to be lucky just like me.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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