Pit Bull Halloween Parade

November 4, 2011  

We asked our Facebook fans to post photos of their pit bulls in costumes. They are all so cute and we are impressed at the creativity and that the dogs kept their costumes on.
Thanks everyone for sharing.

Diamond, my Elderbull as a Tortoise- “Slow and steady wins the race.” ~ Cynthia Zavala

And a special thanks to Angie for the first-ever StubbyDog Pumpkin! We love it!

StubbyDog Punkin’ ~ Angie Stoll

Madame Maxine the Butterfly ~ Angie Stoll

Yes, I am a bunch of grapes. Mom has many other costumes for me, but the pics are mostly all outtakes (blurry) since I tend to get the zoomies while in costume. ~ Angie Stoll

Ginger was Pitty in Pink this year. ~ Denise Pitre

Simba is bummed here, because we ran out of candy. It means no more kids for him to sniff and get petted by. ~ Candice Kinsey-Zeller

Ok enough with the Tricks…where’s the Treats! ~ Brianne Hazekamp

Happy Halloween from “Banana split” Josie!! Love this pitty!!! ~ Patti Hirshouer

Bruschi, the honeybee! ~ Bruschi Biela

Nina, pretty ballerina! She’d wear anything for all the extra attention and lovin’ she got with it on today! ~ Laura Cooke

Charlie’s going to be a Prima Donna Ballerina this year! ~ CharlieHeartsDiesel

… and Diesel is going as Batman! Yes, he takes his job quite seriously. Yesterday he asked for a utility belt. I think that may be outside my skill set. ~ CharlieHeartsDiesel

Cassidy the Headless Horse-dog. ~ Andrea Avoian

Tank….SQUIRREL!!! ~ Andrea Avoian

Raven was a playboy bunny. ~ Susanne Abel Snider

These are the sons of Pawzitive Petz Rescue’s President. Both dogs are rescue dogs. ~ Alexander Thomas

Pawzitive Petz Rescue used a costume paw-rade as an opportunity to showcase a few of their available dogs – Deisel, Billy Jo, and Sammie. ~ Alexander Thomas

My girl Ready a Bullies In Need dog dressed up as a Dancing Panda! (we have BSL in Ontario, hence the muzzle) ~ Sarah Matthews

Sterling as a Ram! ~ Sarah Matthews

Here’s our group all dressed up in sports jerseys. ~ Stacie Wankel

Lily as a Pumpkin. Diesel as a Pirate! *my little old man* ~ Breanna Findley

Happy Halloween from Lola! ~ Michelle Crowton

Here’s Lucy our lil witch. ~ Kevin Knabe

This is Chico…our little pumpkin! ~ Mary Salerno Aguirre

Obie the Dinosaur. Happy Halloween! ~ Crystal Boddy

Pinky the Pit bull Princess. ~ Allison Lamond

My two old ladies, Moki, and her mama Puddin. ~ Sam Piper Young

My fairy princess Daisy says Happy Halloween. Daisy has a HUGE personality and she has made me smile every single day since I rescued her. ~ Jennifer Senechal Green

Maya the Pumpkin. ~ Carrie Caselden

Lola and Franklin will sit for treats. ~ Claudia Richman

Wonder Miley and Super Buddy. ~ Kathy Cross Parrish

Our foster dog SuperLevi! Though since he thinks he was descended from actual superheroes, he will wear his outfit even when it’s not Halloween. ~ Two Pitties in the City

Another Fairy Princess – Mayzie! ~ Amber Singleton Carlton

Mack the Little Devil. ~ Allison Johnson

Rosie’s dressing up as a punk rock chick. ~ Cathy Becker Gonzalez

Her name is Brenna! She is our 8-year-old charmed one!! She is very in tune to our feelings, we love her dearly! ~ Pam Chambers

Michael was a New York City Rat aka Mickey Mouse this Halloween! He was SUCH a good boy…He ate an entire container of Beef Liver Pro-Treats for his troubles (no breakfast to ensure he won’t have GI upset). ~ Tanya Copeland

Miss Mabel Dog Brown as a Pretty Pink Princess! ~ Buckey Todd Brown

Mr. Nacho chillin’ in his camo hoodie sweat suit….. ~ Buckey Todd Brown

My foster dog, Oliver. He was totally excited to be wearing this costume… tail wagging the whole time, even after the antennae fell off. He’s deaf and strangely unfazed by chaos, so walking on a Brooklyn street crowded with kids in costume was no problem at all! ~ Megan Moore

Sadie went trick or treating as a…what else…a dog! She seems to have met her match. It’s either a real dog or a very small person in the same costume, different size…. ~ Pat Bettendorf Ruby’s Tale

Chango as Batman. ~ Evelyn Ramirez-Landa

She’s not a pitty, but I still wanted to share. This is my deaf boxer girl, Fiona. And we love all of the bully breeds. ~ Michelle Beston

AbraCadabra! It’s The Great Zekeeni and his lovely assistant Medic! ~ Dona Joey Lopez

Spike as Superman in our Halloween graveyard. ~ Terri Bryant Betancourt

Spike and Sandy. ~ Terri Bryant Betancourt

Our little punk rock girl, Ava, helped give out candy to all the kids tonight! ~ Cinnamon Mcgeehan

My sweet little punk, Sam. ~ Amanda Taylor

Hunchback looking Princess Leia. ~ Whitney Norton

Or Yoda with a little Photoshop background for fun. ~ Whitney Norton

Bauer was a skunk, fitting – as she is my little stinker. ~ Marissa Mullane

Superwoman! ~ Rachel Sherman

For Beau’s first Halloween with me, we decided to be pirates! ARRR! ~ Rachel Masters

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7 Responses to “Pit Bull Halloween Parade”
  1. JulieRobbs says:

    They ALL looked AMAZING !!!!! LOVE IT !!!! Thank you for sharing

  2. blazer says:

    too cute!

  3. skreidle says:

    The level of cuteness in this post is almost unbearable, but I toughed it out. ;D

  4. thelizzy says:

    I see Miss M from twopitties Two Pitties in the City in the background of Lola and Franklin’s picture!


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