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November 29, 2011  

Photographer Dawn Marshall of Flyin Fur Pet Photography talks pit bulls with StubbyDog

Q: Can you tell the StubbyDog community a little bit about Flyin Fur Pet Photography?

A: Flyin Fur Pet Photography all started as a hobby and volunteer position taking photos of adoptable dogs, trying to increase adoption rates. I fell in love with photography and decided to make it a career. I am so thankful that I am able to make a difference while doing something I absolutely love.

Q: Can you tell our readers a bit about your volunteer experience and how your photography is helping pit bulls?

A: Pit bulls are the most widely discriminated against type of dog, and only a small percentage make it out of shelters alive. Part of what I’m doing to change this is changing perceptions of these dogs with my photos. I volunteer with Dolly’s Foundation, not only photographing their adoptable dogs, but taking photos for marketing campaigns and public service announcements in which we dispel myths and promote pit bulls in a positive light.

Q: I am wondering if you could tell the StubbyDog community about some of the pit bulls you have photographed.

A: I have been incredibly fortunate to photograph so many amazing dogs. Probably the best known dog I’ve photographed was Harper, a puppy found paralyzed in a trash bag. With hydrotherapy, massage therapy, electromagnetic stimulation, good nutrition and lots of love, she is now walking, running and playing like a normal puppy. I have also been lucky enough to photograph Dolly of Dolly’s Foundation, Cuda of Cuda Cares, and Firu of Friends in Rescue United. It’s been amazing photographing so many famous dogs, but they’re all rock stars in my book!

Q: Your pictures seem to capture the spirit of the dogs you photograph, which we’re sure is not an easy process. How do you do it?

A: I like to spend the beginning of my photo sessions cuddling, playing and having fun with the dogs. It really helps them to relax and get comfortable with not only me, but the big, black, clicking box in front of my face. I use treats, toys and silly noises to get those adorable head tilts and crazy expressions. Once they realize we’re just there to have a good time, their personalities shine through.

Q: Do you have a pit bull yourself? What got you involved with pit bull type dogs?

A: I have two permanent pit bulls and a revolving door for foster pit bulls. I grew up doing an all-breed rescue with my mom, but I never understood the plight of pit bulls and their families until Bruschi, my first pit bull, fell into my life. After experiencing discrimination first hand, I knew I had to get involved in a bigger way. Ever since the first time someone crossed the street to avoid Bruschi and me, my life has been dedicated to rescuing and repairing the reputation of pit bulls.

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