A Day with Dan and Dawn

November 18, 2011  

By Laura Petrolino, StubbyDog VP of Operations

I had the honor of spending Wednesday afternoon with none other than Dawn and Dan Marshall of Flyin Fur Pet Photography and their two wonderful pups, Bruschi and Paisley, and their foster dog, Darla.

In this online world, it is always so exciting to actually be able to meet with the people I work with virtually.

Dawn is one of the many photographers that I mentioned in my blog last week, who are helping StubbyDog redefine the visual representation of pit bulls in our stories.

Anyone who is a pit bull fan should be a Flying Fur fan as well. Not only is Dawn a talented photographer, but she also does amazing work for pit bulls. Dawn and Dan are the adoption coordinators for Dolly’s Foundation, as well as foster parents themselves. Dawn is also a Hearts Speak member (which is another great organization that I’ll talk more about in another blog).

So, anyway, I was lucky enough to spend a good two hours outside in the beautiful Florida fall weather hanging out with some pretty amazing dogs. Not to mention that with Bruschi’s kiss-per-minute rate of approximately four (but that’s when he’s tired) … I got an awful lot of kisses! (I had some major explaining to do however when I came home to my dog, Oliver, who was not happy that I was out having fun with other dogs without him.)

So what were Dawn, Dan, Bruschi, Paisley, Darla and I up to out there (other than having a great time)?

You can find a sneak peek if you search over on Bruschi’s fan page … but stay tuned for more!

P.S. – Make sure to check out Dawn’s donation to the StubbyDog art auction. The fabulous Bruschi.

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