Ted Picks a Home

October 5, 2011  

Ted the pit bull freed himself and walked six miles to let everyone know where he wanted to live

By Bill Kallman

Teddy Bear (or as we call him, Ted or Mr. Ted) was a rescue dog. One day about five years ago a couple of teenage girls walked Ted down the driveway on my Woodland, Wash., ridge property and said he was lost. They left him.

Ted had a tag and I called the number and found that his young guardian couldn’t keep him in the city of Vancouver and had dropped him off with his dad about six miles away from us on five acres. We had started to get attached to Ted in a short time and were upset about taking him back, but thought that was right to do and took him back there, driving six miles and dropping him off.

The former guardian’s dad had a pair of older tough Rottweilers. We said if Ted comes back, he’s staying. Well the Rottweilers attacked Ted and supposedly to break up the fight, the guy beat Ted badly with a 4-by-4-inch post so hard that he still has a stiff hip. Ted chewed through his rope and escaped. The next morning Ted had managed to walk six miles through the country in the dark all the way back to our front door with about 2 feet of rope hanging off his neck. That was it. Ted had decided this was the place for him and was adopted. He has been here since.

Teddy Roosevelt I learned later had a pit bull and teddy bears were his namesake as well. The name Ted stuck.

I have a 1,400-square-foot shop on the 12-acre property here with four houses on it, three of which are rented. Ted has a field of toys he keeps in one area of the property, and it’s marked with a Teddy Collector sign.

We put in a hidden electrical fence for him, so now Ted roams freely on about five acres around the four houses but can’t go onto the road. In the shop, there are two couches with dog beds warmed by a big Jotul wood stove. There is another big dog named Butch that had been hanging out here before Ted showed up. He is the neighbor’s dog but he likes it here more, so effectively he is my dog, too. Ted and Butch became fast friends.

More recently a Chocolate Labrador puppy named Mitch with the nickname Hershey has been hanging with Ted and Butch, and they like the youngster (but he’s a friend’s puppy and likely is just a visitor for a few weeks). There are also two big cats in the shop that roam the property. They are brothers named Lewis (brown tabby) and Clark (orange tabby). They were both adopted rescue cats from our neighborhood because the place overlooks the Columbia River.

Together we seem to make up one big, happy family!

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6 Responses to “Ted Picks a Home”
  1. Anna_J says:

    Great story! Sweet boy, that Ted, and smart, determined. Glad he’s loved this time around.

  2. tinkertoy62 says:

    Many thanks, Bill for saving Ted and taking an interest in this wonderful soul. Sounds like you have quite a houseful of characters! ha ha! Many happy years with the animal menagerie- Ted looks like a love!

  3. ValerieSherman says:

    Dogs are so smart aren’t they??

  4. AdrienneClegg says:

    You have been blessed! And are at the same time a blessing..isn’t it great how that works out?