Pit Bull Junky

October 20, 2011  

A chance meeting turns one woman into a lifelong pit bull lover

By T Kaaminii Stroh

Twenty-three years ago, I met a crazy woman in northern Idaho named Margi that had 15 pit bulls and six wolves. Her pack inspired me to become a fan of the breed. They were big dogs with heads like rocks, and I thought they were stubborn and protective of their family. However, they had this one charming quality I couldn’t help but to notice: Each had a gigantic pit bull smile that radiated unconditional love. It took me about six months to start a 23-year love affair with the breed.

My first pit bull came from Margi, who soon became my best friend.

I picked out the dog I wanted when he was 10 days old. His eyes were still closed, and he had a mushy face. He was pure white and had two gray circles around his eyes, and he reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt. So that’s what I named him.

When Roosevelt was 8 weeks old, he came to live with me in Oregon. I had never had a pit before. I thought he’d grow to 70-75 pounds. But he just kept right on truckin’, and by the time he was 3 years old, his head rested on my waist and he weighed 110 pounds.

We had 10.5 wonderful years together.

Roosevelt went everywhere with me. He carried my grandchildren on his back like he was a pony when they were babies. He nurtured those children and for me he was an amazing babysitter. He was always looking out for the grandchildren, and I remember one time he pulled my youngest grandson out of the pond when he had fallen in at 6 months old.

Roosevelt was the love of my life.

Sadly, I lost him to cancer.

I had him cremated and his ashes were placed on a mantle in my room, and one day my ashes will join his.

A New Friend

It took me five years to get another dog after Roosevelt died.

One night I received a call from Margi.

“Hi,” she said. “I just picked up your new best friend.”

Then she told me a terrifying story about this little female pit that had been rescued from a fighting ring in Idaho, where all she did was have puppies – litter after litter.

The dog was on borrowed time. She was on her last day at the shelter when the manager called Margi and asked if there was room for her. The dog was sweet and it would have been a pity to put her down, especially when she’d make a great companion. Margi went and got her, but it took her two years of persistent trying to get me to even look at the dog.

When I saw her I noticed she was white, and she reminded me a little of Roosevelt, but I was not ready to have my heart broken again by one of those white pit bulls!

Finally, Margi and the pit bull wore me down, and I went and picked up the dog. I named her Spirit.

Spirit has been with me for six years now, and she is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She’s gentle with kids and cats, and all she wants to do is love you.

Easy Sacrifices

Two years ago, Margi came to visit me in Portland, Ore., and she brought a friend with her: Boston. He was a rescue, too, and an 80-pound bag of love. (Photo above)

And he too became mine.

Unfortunately, when I moved back to Colorado I learned that Denver had the pit bull ban in effect, as well as Aurora and Arapahoe counties.

This was a problem because I work in Aurora. So I moved 22 miles away in a little tiny town, but it’s a sacrifice I love to make because it means I have my dogs with me. I recognize it probably would have been easier to get rid of both dogs or send them back to Margi, but what would life be without them?

After a long day, there’s nothing better than coming home and seeing two really big heads smiling at me with their big pit bull smiles. I love that they put their head on my lap at night and even how they push me out of bed at night if they need more room to sleep! I admit it; I am a total pit bull junky.

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2 Responses to “Pit Bull Junky”
  1. YAY!!!! That’s love if I never I never knew what love was. Keep loving them because they’ll always love you

  2. rhengen says:

    We love our square head dogs don’t we? And I agree, they have the nicest smiles!