Mack Studies for the CGC – Part III

October 13, 2011  

We follow a pit bull as he prepares to take his Canine Good Citizen test

By Allison Johnson

See Part I and Part II

Our third week of class was fairly uneventful. Mack did just fine and had no real issues. I did find it a little frustrating to have to sit out several of the exercises because of how he might react if he got too close to the other dogs. It sort of felt like he wasn’t getting the practice that he needed for the test, which is just two weeks away. The trainer was still very encouraging, but understandably cautious about how Mack’s reactions might hinder both him and the rest of the class. He and I spent a lot of time in the back, working on sit-stay and down-stay.

At this point, there are just a few of the CGC test items that I think Mack may struggle with. He isn’t always great at staying until released (test item 6) and has a serious aversion to both the brush and nail clippers (test item 3). Otherwise, he really seems to be ready to take and pass the test with flying colors. Perhaps this sounds like I am biased, but I think he has the best basic obedience skills of any dog in the class!

Something encouraging that Cherie, our trainer, said to me this past week was that there is a good chance Mack will one day completely get over his dog reactivity. She said considering the progress he has made in just a month, if we keep working at it, he could overcome this hurdle and be totally comfortable around other dogs. She also said she thought he could train to earn his Therapy Dog International certification if we wanted to put the work into it. It’s something I am really considering for the future.

Mack keeps showing me what an amazing dog he really is, and I am beginning to think it’s true that pit bulls can do anything!

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One Response to “Mack Studies for the CGC – Part III”
  1. blazer says:

    Go Mack — you can do it! Just keep on practicing, you’ll get there!