How is Your Pit Bull a Hero to You?

October 14, 2011  

As part of our month-long celebration of heroes, we asked our Facebook fans, ‘How is your pit bull a hero to you?’

They are there for us when we are happy or sad, love us unconditionally with their wiggle butts and big smiles. Some also give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. And a warm body to snuggle with at night. Our pit bulls … our heroes.

Thanks everyone for sharing.

Photos by Melissa Lipani

She’s been a constant in my life for almost six years and my rock. When I’m upset she’s there for me, so she’s my emotional hero.

~ April Dooley

She has been an ambassador to our family and others…changing people’s minds about pits!

~ Jessica Korves

My pibble gets me out of bed in the morning. If not for him, I’d probably never leave the house. He has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I want to help animals find the people who are going to love them unconditionally like we do our baby bull (he’s 2 but my baby forever)!

~ Lisa Schier

She saved my life and inspired me to get out of a bad situation.

~ Kate Wassel

As far as we know, he’s been blind since birth. He’s 9 now and his blindness doesn’t hold him back. He lives life to the fullest.

~ Vanessa Reed-Knifel

Because she has changed the minds of many people, giving me faith in the human race. No one who has met her has not fallen in love with her. We can change people.

~ Sandee McMonagle

She has been an ambassador for her breed in our neighborhood. ~ Carrie Heiser

My pit bull, Sukha, is a hero to me because despite the people who look at her like she’s a monster when I tell them she’s a pit bull, despite the people who pull their kids close when we walk by, despite the hate that some people feel for her for no reason other than the fact that she is a pit bull, she looks at all of those people and wags her tail with love and happiness. I don’t know many people, myself included, who could keep on loving those who hate them.

~ Marie Desrosiers

My pit-mix knows when I am sick. I mean he actually knows when I am going to have a seizure! And won’t leave my side, he’s stuck like glue!

~ Nancy Black

My lovely APBT and Staffordshire terrier made me happy and helped me during very hard times and they are there for me when no one else is. They prevented me from killing myself, basically.

~ Richele Elehcir

My first two helped me through a divorce as well. They got me out of the house when I was down and miserable. I live right next to a park with a 1/4 mile track. I always took them for at least a mile walk/jog everyday. Which in turn, got me back in shape, feeling like a new person and healthier. Since taking my dogs out everyday, I’ve had some people turn the other way, grab their kids, etc. Within a year, people started to warm up and love my dogs. Saying, “wow!” “your dogs are so nice!” “I thought all pit bulls were mean”. Together, my dogs and I have changed many minds and, like I mentioned, they get me out of the house. They’re always happy to see me and love me no matter how bad things are in life.

~ Chris Winicky

My 18-month-old pit Daphney is our alarm clock, kid watcher, skunk enforcer, house alarm, and court jester.

~ Holly Alessi

Not just mine, but every pit bull I’ve had the honor to meet, for their strength, not physical, but emotional and spiritual. No matter what they’ve been through, no matter how they’ve been treated, they love life. They have the strength to go on.

~ Tara Shay Bernard-Gifford

Buddy, my Staffordshire Terrier, and I went for a walk one day, walking about fifty feet behind a neighborhood kid when we were confronted by two much larger dogs. The boy turned around and asked if he should do anything, and I told him to back away slowly. The German Shepherd went for me and got a combat boot for his trouble. The Husky wasn’t as lucky. He lunged for Buddy, and Buddy clamped down on his snout and gave him a shake, then let go and stood at my side. I was so impressed by his restraint. That’s hard to teach, and he did it on his own. We called Animal Control, who cited the owner of the two dogs, and he gave Buddy a treat for being so brave! I gave him one too when we got home.

~ Christopher Adams

My AmStaff Odin is an awesome breed ambassador helping to change the minds of many who think bully breeds should be banned. He most recently has been a wonderful comfort for me as I am going through divorce.

~ Susan Klein

My dogs are featured in print samples around my print shop. People notice the cute dogs, and a conversation follows. Also, my dogs have almost as many Facebook friends as I do!

~ Daniel Clark

My pit bull Danny Boy is a hero to me because he has had a lot of people let him down and yet he still loves to meet new people and greets them with exuberance – he doesn’t hold grudges.

~ Kimberley Prygocki-Jeakins

He saves me every time I have a migraine. He won’t leave my side and follows me everywhere to make sure I’m ok. He’s my light in the dark!

~ Lisa Bratcher

My pit bull is (named) Hero – aka Herodotus Perfectness ~ Lynn Platow

My first was a beautiful deaf girl, who in the short time my husband and I had her in our life, learned over 20 sign commands and was just a delight to have. Sadly, her deafness was believed to be caused by a brain tumor and so we had to part with her when she was just shy of 2 years old. But we now have our boy Baldr (Norse god of gentleness and kindness, beloved by all the gods) and he is my snugglewumpus. He was rescued from a fight ring in OK when he was 6 months old and he found his forever home with us a year ago this Nov. and is over 3 now. He is so gentle and loving, even though his first 6 months of life were spent in an outdoor muddy enclosure, with only a 50 gallon barrel as his home, staked to the ground with a chain about the size of my wrist and a collar so large that it covered his entire neck. I can’t imagine not have one of these wonderful dogs in my life.

~ Erin TookiTooki Marshall

Lazarus is a hero to us for many reasons but mainly because he has overcome an abusive, neglectful past and has totally blown our expectations of what he is capable of achieving out of the water! He constantly amazes us with his abilities. He is a hero.

~ Chris Thomsen

Before my pit-mix Bonnie, I was in therapy for border-line for 11 years, alcohol abuse for three, five years and OCD since forever. After she came into my life, she fixed me so well that I could stop my therapies, which were about once every 10 days for six years. No more drugs now – no psychiatric hospitals, isolation rooms or electroshock therapies. She is my hero because she gave me a life that is worth living. Bonnie is a tripod pit-mix, all black…my whole world, my life, my everything. And the best cat nurse ever, living with 10 cats, most blind or handicapped.

~ Cagri Sert

Because he is being an ambassador for his breed. And because he is my service dog and alerts me when I’m about to have a vertigo attack, which is super important when I am driving.

~ Jen Chess

No matter how tough a work day I’ve had, Jonesy lifts my spirits the minute I get home. Even before I’ve reached the front porch, I can hear him by the door, rattling his tags and growling hello. I drop my bags, change my shoes, and follow his bouncy gait to the back patio. After 20 minutes of training, treats, and doggy hugs, I’ve completely forgotten my day. Unconditional love, thy name is pit bull.

~ Liz Wickham

Despite being in pain every day due to hip dysplasia, Angus is happy to see everyone, be it a random stranger or the vet. He loves every person regardless of their opinion of him.

~ Heather Phillips

Zack is my hero because, despite his abusive first two years, he had overcome a lot of fears to become the wonderful balanced dog he is today. He has proven several people wrong about his ability and he is there for me in every way. He had helped promote the goodness of his breed and show people that dogs forgive and forget so easily. For this I will stand next to him proudly and protect him against any who would want to harm him due to ignorance.

~ Anita Elias

I lost my dad last year. Sadie was awesome. I’m so glad she was by my side.

~ Roxanne Tankard Raynor

My first staffie is my hero. Before he came into my life I was oblivious to the whole stigma against pit bull type dogs, I learned, through him, how much hate is aimed towards them just for the way they look. But most importantly, he has taught me true simple love. He is my rock and I owe him so much for teaching me that! Because of him I learned to fight for equal rights for all dogs and have been able to help rescue pit bull type dogs and gotten involved in my community to help the breed. He is now 14 years old and wouldn’t trade my Elderbull for nothing else in the world. Conan is his name and he is my hero.

~ Iris Alvarez

I’m a single girl living all alone, my pit Kali hears things before me. She is my “guard” dog and my love bug, she can always put a smile on my face!

~ Brooke Kristin

She has patience with children that I can only aspire to. ~ Tess Purvis

Capone is my hero because he is the one thing in this world that will always be here for me, will always listen to me, and will always love me unconditionally. I wish I was as forgiving and comforting to others as he is to me. He’s my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without him!

~ Nicole Scrima

I adopted my Jada just before a really low point in my life. Basically she gave me purpose when there was nothing. She’s not the most perfectly behaved pup, but she will always be the most important individual in my life for that.

~ Heidi Luneau

My pit bull Dozer is my hero because he has given me the courage to stand up for myself (and him), which I would have never done before. He has proven that pit bulls are awesome dogs and my goal is to change as many minds about the breed as possible. He is my four legged hero who loves everyone unconditionally, which I fail to do at times.

~ Amber Mummert Wolf

Cinnamon is my hero in her determination to prevail despite continued anxiety. She was an emotional mess when I adopted her. Her anxiety was over the top. With time, patience, love, and help from some of the most awesome trainers I could find, she has been able to calm down, do some therapy dog work, entertain children with her tricks, be an ambassador for her breed, and “mother” foster babies. She has more heart and soul than anyone else I know.

~ Katherine Smith

My boy is definitely my son’s super hero. He has saved him from numerous terrible toddler accidents…everything from playing in the dog food, trying to run out an unlocked door, to even catching him almost sticking a broken light bulb in his mouth! Rowdy somehow senses something is wrong and immediately begins barking at him, telling us where he is and what he’s gotten into. With my dare devil son going into his terrible twos, Rowdy is our savior! Even though Donovan always gets mad at him for “tattling” on him and even though my clumsy little boy keeps adding normal toddler scrapes and bruises, thanks to his rowdy, we are lucky enough to dodge the bullet on some unseen close calls!

~ Krista Bayerlein

From my momma: Jagger is our own live-in hero. He reminds us every day of the miracle of love. He is always happy to see us, always ready to play, always ready to cuddle. He loves to learn. But most of all, he has an amazing trust in me. As humans, if something scares us or hurts us or betrays us, we hold a grudge. Jagger holds no grudge against humans, even after the horrible cruelty he spent the first part of his life surviving. In fact, he adores people and thinks everyone is his friend. He has an amazing ability to forgive and to love, to over come and to enjoy life. We may have rescued Jagger, but he certainly rescued my spirit.

~ Jagger

When we adopted Brodwick my plan for him was to be a therapy dog that I could bring to work with me to help my clients feel calm and comfortable with seeing their therapist. Well, Brodwick has become more like my therapist, helping me to get back to my life after a long day at work. I couldn’t have the energy to do what I do without Brodwick’s calm welcome. He saves me daily.

~ Patty Martinez

Our pit bull Meatball was a hero to me because he taught us that pit bulls are not what they’re perceived to be. Even after being abused he was still a happy loving dog and so grateful to have a good home with us. We lost him after two months due to heartworm, but it’s because of him that we now have our pit bull Nugget. We will probably always have pit bulls from now on.

~ Cindy Wittich

Chance was found at the bottom of a 20-foot hole in St. Kitts, where I go to vet school. With the assistance of the St. Kitts fire department, he was rescued by a fellow student. Although he suffered no major injuries from falling, he was covered in bite wounds consistent with fighting, and the consensus was that he was a fighter who did not perform to par and was tossed away. I adopted him about two and a half weeks later. He was scared of everything and aggressive around other dogs. For the first month I had him, I wasn’t sure he had a tail as it was always tucked between his legs. He was afraid of the furniture and unsure about people. As the weeks passed on, the timid little pittie came out of his shell more and more, and I saw the playful, energetic, social, and very lovable pup he truly was. Although he still cannot be trusted fully around dogs, he’s made tremendous strides, including befriending my roommates (at the time) 6 week old puppy and another friend’s 7 lbs. Chihuahua. My dog is my hero, not only because he’s overcome such a presumptively dark and painful past, but also because he’s demonstrated the amazing resilient, loving, and forgiving nature that pit bulls posses.

~ Rachel Norris

My little girl pit bull, Dahlia, is a 1-year-old sweetheart and lights up each day of mine. Not only is she a character, she stretches like a cat, begs to go swimming, chases her tail for fun, but she is like a best friend to me. She stands by me and everyone she loves and protects us as much as she can. She leans on me and listens when I’m sad, and puts her paw on my lap like she knows I need someone to listen and spins for me when I’m excited, barks when I’m mad, she knows that her mommy needs her just as much she needs me. My pit bull is my hero when I need one there.

~ Krissy Vilders

Our Razer is my hero for so many reasons: his ability to love and forgive unconditionally, his unflagging joy of life are amazing lessons to learn. His superhero story is when he alerted me that my husband was hurt. We were at home doing yard work and Razer and I had gone into the house while Michael was outside cutting the grass. After about 15 minutes, Razer started barking, spinning and jumping on me, then jumping on the front door. He kept repeating this until I finally went outside. He ran off down the hill barking and then running back and jumping on me. I didn’t see or hear anything and went to put him back in the house, when I heard Michael yelling my name. When I got to him down the hill I found that he had wrecked the riding mower and I had to call 911. He spent two weeks in the hospital and had five surgeries on his leg. This was this past April and he’s on the mend. I truly believe that Michael still has his leg because I was able to get to him and get help as quick as I did, and that would not have happened without Razer.

~ Natasha Habib Ambuster

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6 Responses to “How is Your Pit Bull a Hero to You?”
  1. Sasha & Krusher have been my heroes for many reasons. They have showed me how to love unconditionally outside of mankind; they showed me I am an advocate, a writer, a public speaker, a mind and perception changer and last but not least they showed me that I can be foster pittie mom! The list goes on and on how my pit bulls are my heroes above all they have saved my life and brought my family closer.

  2. blazer says:


  3. BethIneson says:

    My pit bulls show me how much return on investment can be given for LOVE. My dogs are three of the best things that have ever happened to me. They are heroes because they all started out in the worse of positions, overcame so much and are all great examples of how wonderful and special this breed is. Thanks for your efforts!

  4. laurapmooney says:

    Before our bully breed/lab mix, Buddy, showed up as a stray in our yard, my husband and I never wanted a “mean” pit bull type. A little over a year later, he has changed our minds about the breed. Buddy never has a bad day, he loves everyone and everything. He will share his crate with our 20 plus year old cat, love on the vet and techs and anyone else who comes up. He’s learning patience and self control and agility training with a agility trainer who LOVES him and his enthusiam. Because of Buddy, my husband has said our next dog needs to be another rescued pit mix, we are changing minds one big, slobbery kiss and wiggle at a time….