Heroes For Pit Bulls

October 7, 2011  

We’re celebrating heroes this month, so we asked our Facebook fans, ‘What person or organization is your hero for pit bulls and why?’

From the well-known to those behind the scenes, one thing is certain … there are many heroes advocating for pit bulls every day.
‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.’ ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
Thanks everyone for sharing.

Photo by Melissa Lipani

Tia Torres and her husband have done so much for the breed. I have a criminal justice degree, so I also love that she works with parolees.

~ Brooke Biediger Rossen

Paige Anderson with Animal Rescue of Texas is a pit bull saving rock star! When I took in a stray pit mix and was desperately searching for a rescue to help, Paige called and gave me all sorts of great advice. She helped me get Pibby into ART’s foster program. After fostering Pibby, I’ve fostered five other pits/mixes for ART. Paige’s recent big save was taking in a litter of six 5-week-old pit mixes that a little boy was hauling around in a shopping bag. She’s fearless and such an advocate for the Stubby Dogs!

~ Cari Weinberg

I’d have to nominate someone I consider to be our local pit bull hero: Steph Pocius at Cprfund Rescue. She has done so much for pitties between Indiana and the Chicago area and is a great ambassador of the breed.

~ Kathy Huish

I would have to say Cesar Millan. I wasn’t biased against pit bulls before watching his show, but I really like how he says they are animals first then dogs…then the breed. It really resonated with me how they were just dogs, like every other dog. And, I think it is because of his work that we were open to getting our pit, Crystal.

~ Jessica Korves

Jason Flatt of Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue in Ga. Also Meike Wilder of Carpathia Paws in Hinesville, GA.

~ Elise Redmond

Sarge Wolf Stringer ~ Cindy Tierney

Carolina Care Bullies and founder Amanda Michele Liston work tirelessly to save pits, find them homes, and promote a positive image and responsible ownership of pitties throughout the Carolinas!

~ Kim At Triangle Imaging

Animal Rescue League of Iowa and their ARL Pit Crew Club – they educate, promote responsible ownership, help train, find homes, nurture bonds between dog and human and companion animals. They provide specialized services to help and guide pit bull people when needed. I’ve leaned on them more than once and they’ve always been willing to help. They are pro pit bull and not ashamed to show it.

~ Sarah Babbitt ‎

Dr. McMillan at Best Friends. He has tracked the progress of 22 of the Vick dogs, and he is so interesting to listen to. I went there for a feline residency for my schooling, and he spoke to us one day. He was very insightful and had a lot of great things to say about the breed. The study he conducted shows that these dogs are victims that can be rehabilitated, not monsters that kill anything in their path. I love hearing information from credentialed experts – it’s so opposite of all the media hype and demonization of the breed.

~ Jaime Schlusser

I have been volunteering with It’s The Pits Dog Rescue for over three years and they are like a well oiled machine. They know what they are doing and they do it well. I have seen people sacrifice so much more than money for these dogs. We have saved so many homeless pitties, some with serious medical issues for the mere fact that we knew they deserved the second chance and money was the last thing we were concerned about. Beth Gruff and Eric Gruff are my heroes and without them I really don’t know where my life would be.

~ Melina Ramos

StubbyDog is! Because I see your posts all the time on Facebook, and I rarely hear stuff from other organizations, on TV or anywhere. You are truly out there trying to help our pibbies. Hugs to you!

~ Tina Hedges

Bama Bully Rescue – The volunteers are wonderful and go out of their way to help needy bullies and their families all over Alabama (and sometimes farther away). Richard Burgess, Garland Clark and Deanna Beeson McCollum (among others) work tirelessly for the dogs and their people. I’m proud to call them friends and my “dog family.” I foster and volunteer for BBR and it has changed my life and my family’s life for the better. I don’t know what I would do without the pups and the people.

~ Belilah Polly O’Connor

Photo courtesy of Smiling Pit Bull Rescue
Eric Gray of Smiling Pit Bull Rescue in upstate New York. He is a tireless advocate for the breed. His website and photography help to reach many who would never have considered the adoption of a pit bull. Check them out on Facebook too!

~ Laura Salerno

Daisy Balawejder of Hello Bully in Pittsburgh, PA and Chris Schindler of the Humane Society of the United States. Both organizations work so hard to repair the reputation of the pit bull!

~ Sarah Shively

For the Love of Pits in Ohio is a class act! Ohio has some of the worst laws with respect to pit bulls. For the Love of Pits works hard to make communities in Ohio safer for humans and dogs. They work very hard to attend council meetings and educate the public regarding responsible ownership and even attend schools to teach kids how to safely interact with dogs. They hold training classes and seminars to educate owners of pit bulls and show people how to communicate with their dogs properly. I have lots of respect for the big rescues like those mentioned above but I have even more respect for the little guys who aren’t getting any help from TV shows and media coverage. For the Love of Pits relies only on volunteers and that’s why I’m proud to be one! Keep up the good work Shana Klein!

~ Marlo Slusarski

Mariah’s Promise in Colorado. With BSL laws enacted in Denver, they have their work cut out for them. They do an awesome job!

~ Anke Roepke

The Washington Humane Society. If it weren’t for them, I never would have met and adopted my pit bull, the single most loving being I’ve ever been privileged enough to share my life with.

~ Laura Cooke

Cathleen Catti from Boise Bully Breed Rescue. I have never seen anyone work so tirelessly, day in and day out!

~ Andrea Sparzo Blomquist

Bad Rap – not only for taking in the pit bulls, but for taking in and placing the Vick dogs, the non-stop outreach they do in the Bay Area and their commitment to training and education of those with and with out pit bulls.

~ Kristina Drobocky

I like Bad Rap. They provide realistic information, training videos and advice.

~ Leslie Mischke

Geoffrey Lee, the pit bull avenger! Soon after getting on the StubbyDog bandwagon, I saw him on Wipeout! and got super excited! He went on national TV to try to spread the word about the wonderfulness of the breed (and though he didn’t win, he got close!). I know he does a lot with pits and works with charities to raise money for awareness and care. Go Geoffrey!

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

Patch O’ Pits Therapy Dogs, Shorty and the guys at Pit Boss, and our very own StubbyDog Project!

~ Sherrie Lockman Sullivan

Brew City Bully Club in Milwaukee. They work so hard to rescue pits in the area and even harder to educate the community! I try hard to go to all their events and someday I hope to foster for them. And Kim Wolf with the Animal Farm Foundation, is my personal hero. She is so wise and level headed about these dogs and is really making an impact on the pit bull community. I love reading her knowledgeable posts and she always puts a new perspective on things!

~ Amber Carolyn

Donna and Tim and the rest of BAD RAP, for sure. They were instrumental in turning the tide with the Vick case. To get those in authority to look at dogs as individuals, not just breeds or just by the way a dog looks. They provide education, training and thought-provoking insight into pit bull issues as they arise. They never step away, taking the bad with the good. They reach out to everyone, regardless of background, with the goal of making things better for the dogs. They are intelligent, caring and accepting people and an inspiration to so many.

~ Susi Allen

Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton MA, specifically Sue Bennison who recently took over the shelter. They are one busy little shelter and care so much about all animals. They are an amazing group of volunteers.

~ Tricia Roche Bolger

Best Friends for their work with the Vick dogs and Saving America’s Dog campaign, plus SL County Pit Crew and the various trainers that work with their dogs.

~ Kathy Cross Parrish

Paige Burris and Cricket – ” The Positive Pit Bull!”

~ Christine Isabelleblunose Blotzer

Hamilton County Humane Shelter in Indiana. They make it their mission to get all the pit bulls there to forever homes, no matter how long it takes. Some have been there for years and they are still trying. They have thought up many original ways to get the animal’s stories out there to the public. Some have their own Facebook pages and they talk to each other on them. It’s hilarious. I have never been there, but learned of the site through a friend of mine who takes some pictures for them. I can’t get enough of their posts and the way those volunteers absolutely love every one of those pitties. They deserve many kudos for their work.

~ Cathy Sieferman May

Anyone that doesn’t believe all the myths and actually helps people understand this beautiful loving breed. Cesar Millan is high on my list too!

~ Darreena Harding

Bad Rap and Our Pack, along with everyone at Berkeley Animal services. Their work is wonderful.

~ Renee Gainey

Tia Torres and Shorty Rossi. They both have invested their whole lives to saving pit bulls and the way the general public sees pit bulls. I admire them both. They are both heroes in my book.

~ Kathy Ogilvie

Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy of Arizona. It’s a small rescue that fosters the hardest to adopt pit bulls and makes them whole again, no matter what it takes. They are true heroes to pit bulls who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise.

~ Virginia Kelly

Chain of Hope Kansas City provides low income families in the Kansas City metro area with proper outdoor shelter, low cost spay and neuter services, proper restraint/leads and free dog food.

~ Christopher Adams

Without a doubt, Woof Slc is my pit bull hero. She gives her all, every day to help people to understand these dogs. (and her therapy partner Honey: The Dog’s Life) (photo right)

~ Aimee Clements

San Diego has some great groups. I volunteered with Pit Bull Rescue San Diego Pit Bull Rescue San Diego and adopted our sweet Omega from them. They are great. Even Chance: Pit Bull Advocacy, Resources and Rescue rocks too!

~ Micaela Myers

Animal Farm Foundation, BAD RAP, Shorty Rossi, Tia Torres, and locally the founders of Some Pit!

~ Loretta Larrabee

My hero is a staff member at the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook, Maine named Patty Beattie. She’ll never get famous or rich from her work. She doesn’t have a pit bull at home. But that makes what she does every day at the shelter so great. She’s in it for the dogs: ALL dogs. She shows up to work every day with a positive attitude and, despite all the hard, heartbreaking stuff that comes with working at a shelter, she never stops trying to improve the lives of the dogs in her care. A busy mom of three, Patty brings her best to the shelter every day, never judges a dog by the way it looks, and lifts the spirits of the people and the animals in her care. Patty, and all the shelter workers like her, are my heroes!

~ Jessica Dolce

Animal Farm Foundation for being one of the first voices for pit bulls and rescue resources. Kris Crawford for inspiring me to use my rescues for search and rescue. Diane Jessup for all her work with Law Dogs, she single handedly got Washington law enforcement to utilize rescued pit bulls.

~ Lori Klimas Burkett

Best Friends for taking in all the Vick dogs and making them Vicktory dogs.

~ Monica Schrager

Shorty Rossi & Hercules tied with Animal Farm Foundation.

~ Ann Vanderlaan

Photo courtesy of Pretties With Pitties
Pretties with Pitties!! Not only are they helping to save lives by working with multiple rescue groups, but they are also trying to change the perception of the people who can own and do own these beautiful dogs. And I feel very honored to have the opportunity to work with them on this mission that is so close to my heart.

~ Cristina Gonzales

Guardian Pit Bull Rescue!

~ Cyndi Berg Lott

Pinups For Pitbulls – Not only do they support pit bull rescue groups, but they educate and advocate, all with style and class!

~ Jakii Kahakalau

Cesar Millan. What a class act!

~ Debbie Souza-Pappas

BAD RAP, Villalobos, Animal Farm Foundation, Best Friends. Locally, Atlanta Bully Rescue , Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue, Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, and Society of Humane Friends of Georgia- Jail Dogs!

~ Jennifer Howard Wagner

BAD RAP, Best Friends Animal Society, and any of the other rescues that took in the Vick dogs! They really opened the eyes of many people to what was going on and how important it is to save these dogs and not just label them as “vicious” dogs.

~ Sydney Killian

Marthina McClay of Our Pack. The education she promotes and the time she freely gives to help people and their dogs. She inspires me everyday!

~ Lark McIntosh

Other than StubbyDog? Buster Foundation Rescue is doing a great job advocating for pit bull type dogs here in Michigan.

~ Dustin May

Randy Grim and Stray Rescue of St Louis, a NO-KILL shelter that rescues so many pit and pit mixes and finds loving homes for them. Stray Rescue has special programs for senior dogs and for dogs who have terminal illnesses. Stray Rescue has taken over ALL animal control duties for St. Louis City including neglect, abuse and stray calls, and does it for NO compensation from the City. They are my heroes and where I got my two best friend pit bull/Catahoula mixes.

~ Ramona Marten

My husband. He didn’t want another dog when I adopted Zeke from the NYCACC. He was not a dog person. He has fallen in love with Zeke and backs me all the way in our fight against BSL. It has cost us our new house, we were run out of town when we stood up to the police, and we are in temporary quarters now, but he is steadfast in his support.

~ Berwick Louisiana, it’s discriminatory Breed Specific Law, one-drop rule

Marthina McClay and friends at Our Pack, Inc.! By far the best pit bull rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area! She’s an awesome trainer and really focuses on educating the public.

~ Angie Stoll

It’s not a person or an organization, but we’d like to nominate our chubby old Pug, Mary Todd Lincoln. We used to believe the myths and generalizations about pit bulls, and we assumed that we could never have any because we had small dogs and we weren’t experienced pit bull owners. Our family took a chance by fostering a pit bull dog from the shelter. From the day he came home, Mary Todd Lincoln told us to look at each dog individually and find the right matches. Over the years, Mary Todd showed us that while not every dog will be the right match for our particular household, there are plenty of pit bulls that will fit in. Now we have three pit bulls (and four small dogs), and it’s all because a fat old Pug named Mary Todd Lincoln led the way. She is our hero.

~ Sarge Wolf-Stringer

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5 Responses to “Heroes For Pit Bulls”
  1. sillyfox4lyfe says:

    Tia Maria Torres of Villalobos Rescue Center, Shorty Rossi of Shorty’s Rescue, and Ashley Owen Hill of Lucky Dog Rescue, you guys are the greatest!

  2. GradSchoolGrad says:

    This may sound hokey, but to me, heroes for pitbulls are the people who are scared of pitbulls, or who have believed the negative media hype surrounding them, but are open to listening to me (and all pitbull advocates) discuss our experiences with the breed, and then are able to be open-minded to meet, interact and fall in love with the breed. These heroes may have had a bad experience with the breed themselves, but are open enough to realize that it’s unfair to paint a whole breed with one broad stroke, and then with experience and education, they become pitbull advocates themselves. Education through open-mindedness and experience. To me, those people are the heroes of pitbull rescue and advocacy.

  3. GradSchoolGrad says:

    PS…but I absolutely respect and support Bad Rap, for all the work they’ve done on behalf of pitbull-type dogs (but also for the way they maintain integrity and respect while advocating), and also my local, Vancouver, British Columbia pitbull rescues: Hug-A-Bull and Bully Buddies.

  4. NHKatie says:

    Chris Huff, and Kristie Miller – hand in hand, Arlington TX city working with Respect A Bull.  http://www.respectabull.com/ .  The City of Arlington works with it’s citizens to create an environment for enlightened  pit bull owners. It sponsors a program with RespectABull for neutering and education.  They work with TCAP (Texas Coalition for Animal Protection) to provide low cost spay, neuter and innoculations so folks can keep their animals.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_5HM9tuH0U