Dogs Can’t Tell Time and Other Stuff!

October 31, 2011  

Stubby lived his life on a chain until one day he broke free and ran away. A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the shelter. Now his real story begins…

I just discovered that this Halloween stuff isn’t the whole week, but just a day! I thought last week was Halloween ‘cause Lily and Matt were all dressed up and going to parties but it turns out that today is Halloween. How am I supposed to know? The only time I pay attention to is dinnertime. (Oh, and breakfast time. And snack time. I’m not crazy!)

But today is Halloween and the landlord Mr. Modesto came to the door and had a meeting with Marnie. I’m not totally sure what a meeting is, but it didn’t sound good.

It turns out that our neighbor Mr. Skinner doesn’t like having a pit bull in the building. I don’t understand why he doesn’t like me. He doesn’t even know me!

Marnie told Mr. Modesto that she was taking me to obedience class (I’m gonna graduate at the top of my class!) and that she and Lily and Matt don’t walk me by Mr. Skinner’s door anymore. Mr. Modesto apologized and said that he understood that I was a good dog, but he wanted Marnie to be aware of the situation and suggested that I didn’t go trick-or-treating with Lily and Matt today.

Which is what we were going to do anyway…but I didn’t like being told that I had to stay home!

Marnie thanked Mr. Modesto and when Lily and Matt came home, she discussed the problem with them. Matt said that we should go over to Mr. Skinner’s house and yell at him. Marnie said she understood how that would make Matt feel better, but it wouldn’t help me.

I put my paw up for Matt to shake (I told you I was smart!) Lily said that we should just show Mr. Skinner that I’m a good dog. Marnie said that they could train me for my “CGC.” I was hoping that was food, but it turns out that it’s a test to show that I’m a Good Citizen!

I think that’s something I can do, but I’m a little scared. I know I’m good at obedience school, but this is like Canine College!

How do you guys show that your dogs are good citizens? Have you ever changed anyone’s mind about a pit bull?

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