What’s Your Dog’s Job?

September 9, 2011  

This month, we are celebrating working dogs. There are many pit bulls that work as therapy dogs and service dogs. But there are all sorts of jobs that dogs excel in. So we asked our Facebook fans, ’What’s your dog’s job at home?’

Bed warmer, face licker, vacuum cleaner and therapist were all on the list. No matter what they do, they excel at being best friends. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Photos by Melissa Lipani

Blanket stealer!

~ Eric Broennle

Cat babysitter, chair warmer, guardian of the house, hole digger, mailman alert, plate cleaner, bed warmer, TV companion, affection giver.

~ Mary Kancilja

Krusher and Sasha’s jobs are to be cuddle bugs, listeners and make the beginning and end of the days awesome!

~ Kelli Parker

Bunnie’s bodyguard and seat stealer!!!

~ Bridget Linn

Alarm clock, therapist and the Mom-walker!

~ Cathleen Bennett

When my two have their Kongs out, they are Professional Carpet Drool Stain Technicians. They also cause random gas attack drills and find the best way to take up as much space as possible on a single piece of furniture.

~ Terra Miller

Kitchen Floor Cleaner! ~ Angie Reifler Jones

My Juno is not an official therapy Dog, but that is what she has been to me ever since she came into my home three years ago. I have Fibromyalgia and at times it is so bad I can’t get out of bed. She is always right there at my side and she encourages me to get out of the house for walks, hikes, and playtime at the park. Words can not describe how much better she has made life for me. She is napping on my lap keeping warm as I type this!

~ Robine Yvonne France

Couch Potato Partner!

~ Skeeter Gray

They chase away the deer, the raccoons, rabbits and the coyotes. They make us smile, greet visitors and eat the leftovers. What they aren’t, are guard dogs. We’ve got geese for that.

~ Colleen S Moore

Sunny is my Snuggling Supervisor and Jethro is my Goofy Antics Authority.

~ Elise Redmond

Pond guardian (chases away Great Blue Herons and cats), affection dispenser, laugh initiator, foot warmer (not so much in TX), waker-upper if I fall asleep during “Pit Boss” or “Pit Bulls and Parolees.” The boys split the workload.

~ Ann Vanderlaan

Sally holds down the couch.

~ Belilah Polly O’Connor

Chewy is the excavator, Gracie is the landscaper (grass only), Jake is the creator of the stickiest slobber on earth. All are comedians and face cleaners.

~ Maria Soma

Suri’s job at home is soul saver, she came to me at a time when I felt I had lost everything and gave me the reason each day to get out of bed and continue on because she needed me.

~ Rebecca Adams

Space taker-upper!! My puppy can lounge like nobody’s business.

~ Debbie Duh Duggan

My kids warn me when those huge dogs (horses) come near their house!!

~ Christine Pitcher

He’s my garbage disposal! He loves to eat!

~ Cindy Fullam

Postal carrier greeter and window seat quality-control specialist.

~ Beau Laurence

Logan’s job is Backyard Patrol and bird chaser!

~ Glendale Arizona Realty – Community and Events

Border Patrol. Sammie makes sure there are no stray cats out front and no lizards out back. She checks all the windows for lurking cats every morning and then she asks to go out back, so she can scare away all the lizards. After her morning border patrol, she’s the most adorable couch warmer you’ve ever seen.

~ Lauren Ball

Face licker! ~ Emily Caldwell

Husband’s foot warmer.

~ Emilie Stone Airhart

Making sure the Kitty behaves. No sharpening claws on the coffee table allowed!!

~ Janet Lannoo

My dogs have been busy for years digging out either a fishpond or a pool. We’ll see how big it is when they finish! A family member says it can be seen from space on Google Earth, so they are quite talented in this area!

~ Janice Holladay

My two dogs give me endless love and happiness…and I never have to pee alone…

~ Abigail Ellis

Sloppy, wet kiss-giver!!!

~ Amelia Latham

Bed Hoggers, Seat Stealers and Dirt Flavor Testers.

~ Amy Nissl

My little girl is designated bed-hog, and co- pilot. ♥

~ Kris Tree

Dixie and Divot’s job is to keep the couch warm for when I get to sit with them. They are also supposed to stand by for squirrel spotting and have an important job of being well behaved, so that negative image melts away when we are out in public. They are great at their job!

~ Shannon Claud Bernestine

All of the above, except she does not fetch the newspaper, she just eat $200 checks!

~ Carol Dobbs

Service Dog – helps with mobility, balance and brings things I drop too and helps me open doors.

~ Heidi Liane Lokey

They are my workout coaches: they want to go outside, they want to come inside, they want me to get up and get their dinner, they want me to get up and get their treats, they want to go for our evening 1 1/2 walk….get the picture? They are also my smile makers!

~ Lisa R Braddock

Bed hog, squirrel patrol, and foster-dog-mentorer. He’s excellent at all three jobs.

~ Megan Moore

Rozzy is an alarm clock….she has no snooze button. When it’s her breakfast time, I have approximately 30 seconds to get up, get to the kitchen, and fill her bowls.

~ Kris Tree

Bed Warmer. ~ Debbie Dockery-Laney

Rug Eater!

~ Jeffery Patterson

One is alarm clock; one is choir director; one protects us from the UPS man.

~ Kirstin Steele

Face Cleaners!

~ Birt Bonavincher-Fizzle

Unconditional love-giver, family, and best friend.

~ Stephanie Grayson

Our foster Elderbelle Lady Zee is a Date-Catcher. We would love to see her with a nice, gentle single person, because she is an expert at drawing attention and conversation to whoever is walking her.

~ Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Timekeeper! Let’s me know when it’s time to get up, time to eat, time to go for a walk, time to get a treat, etc. Absolutely no need for a clock around my house.

~ Charlene Cayton

I think one of my puppy’s jobs is to make sure I do not get too complacent with wearing black clothes!

~ Marion Felter

Oisin is the Sleep Enforcer. He cuddles as close as he can all night then, when the alarm goes off, lays a paw or two across the nearest foot, arm, shoulder, etc. and snuggles closer to keep me in bed. Adama is the Sofa Weight. He curls up in my lap or on my belly when I’m on the sofa and pins me there for hours.

~ Katherine Page

Our pit bull Daphney is definitely the Court Jester! Our Sheltie is the Coach. And our Aussie/German Shepherd cross Pepper is the Instigator.

~ Holly Alessi

Window Watcher…in other words: a door bell!

~ Jeff Scott

Border/pit mix Archie is the cat exerciser (chases cats), counter surfer, and he takes out the trash (eats and spreads garbage through the kitchen). Yellow Lab Casper is the cat food tester, cat poop scooper (eats litter box contents before we can scoop), and junk cleaner (tail of mass destruction clears the clutter fast)!!

~ Marci Hanisch

Best friend, foot warmer, cuddle companion, alarm clock, running partner, pillow, stress reliever, and he’s also the nightly comedian.

~ Alyssa Edwards

Egyptian Beetlehound – traps all insects in house and lets Mom decide what to do with them.

~ Rosa Michelle Blue

My Boxer is an unofficial therapy dog who has helped me the psychological components of a pain disorder. My bully mix is my constant companion who assists his older brother with my pain disorder.

~ Toby Scott

100% environmentally perfect vacuum of crumbs on the floor, bed warmer, door bell and all natural anti-depressant!!

~ Amy J Egeland
Best Friend! ~ Tina Shamrock Fornaro

Chow Muncher.

~ Susan Fariss

My 14-year-old, Tuff, is the dog bed tester. He moves from one bed to the next, testing each one with a nap. He’s also the enforcer…if he thinks the other two are getting too rough in play, then he’ll break them up. Miki, the 2-year-old, is the bodyguard…he has to be as close to me as possible so no one can hurt me. He lies in front of the shower to make sure we don’t have a “Psycho” moment. He also has the alarming bark to alert the neighborhood of any goings on. Petey, the 6-year-old is the clown and the cheerer upper. He makes me laugh out loud everyday. Of course, they all double as blankets and therapists.

~ Amy Burns

Official Proclaimers that the cows are in the pasture behind the yard.

~ Sam Piper Young

Official Vermit Chaser.

~ Rose Mitman

Cardboard Pre-Recycling Shredder!

~ John Dinn

Goliath has a job all the time everywhere he goes: He is my service dog. His job is to let me know when I’m about to pass out and help me land safely when I do.

~ Jen Chess

I have two great Danes whom I adore. Their jobs? Well, let’s just say this. I’m a single woman and their names are Smith & Wesson!

~ Roberta Webber Pearson

Cuddle bug. And Mommy’s protector.

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

Photo by Rebecca Adams

Kitten Sitter.

~ Margaret Lown

Recycling! They remove paper and light boxes from the recycling basket and make them into smaller pieces. Unfortunately, they do not put them back in the basket and leave them all over the living room and kitchen! I still love them!

~ Lois Steinmann

Our bullie Ella is the vacuum cleaner! Any food that drops on the floor is instantly cleaned up before I even get a chance.

~ Ashley Powell

Bed Warmer, leftover eater, hiking buddy, snuggle bug, therapist, BFF.

~ Shawn Lowe

Ginny is our resident foster mom for stray kittens – she loves when I bring one home for her to clean and snuggle. She’s also the apartment’s professional greeter – she meets everyone who comes in the door with a “gift” (one of her toys) and lots of butt wiggles.

~ Marilyn Wheaton

Our Dharma likes to test the durability of our things, she has tested the bedroom door, the Bowflex, the kids’ toys etc…none of which passed inspection.

~ Chris Holmes

Our dog’s job is to help walk the other dogs. When the pibble walks, she carries the other dog’s retractable leash in her mouth. She’s a great helper!

~ Leslie Jehle

Therapist. ~ Kt Croyle

Bed Warmer, and, in the winter time, Space Heater.

~ Sianna Johnson

Toy mauler.

~ Laura Levin

Mine helps rehabilitate scared and insecure dogs by building their confidence.

~ Kay Lackey

Teddy Bear

~ Eva Emmell

Foster brother! Our Knox does such a good job (and important one too!) at helping new fosters come in and adjust to ‘home life.’ He is excellent at it. He’s patient and playful and calming when necessary too. He’s working hard at that right now since our current foster pup, Buddha, is having some separation anxiety when we humans leave! We moved his crate next to Knox’s and how he’s doing a lot better!

~ Jessica DeLeon

Dog Food Dish Mover. My 16-week-old puppy apparently doesn’t like where the other dogs eat their food, so he makes it his mission to move them to other locations…it can make hunting for the dishes quite entertaining!

~ Mary Stevens

My pit/boxer and Australian shepherd are bed warmers, dropped food picker uppers, alarm systems and Frisbee fetchers and of course: the best four legged friends anyone could ask for!

~ Kathy Drinosky Taylor

Latte Foam Licker!

~ Kari Kirby

Kitty Sitter, Home Protector, Snuggle Bug.

~ Kelli Easley

Toy shredder!!

~ Lisa Lesh

Nanny dog! Maggie loves kids, especially “her” kids (four of them ages 2-9). Whenever they are outside playing, she is there with them. If a strange adult approaches, she alerts us. She also likes to play hide and retrieve with them in the house.

~ Lin Warren Perry

Bed Hogs!

~ Nikki Irving Ferrie

Interior Decorator…however I don’t think they would get paid for the jobs they do. But they sure love making the mess!

~ Barbara Allan

Methane Production!

~ Dona Joey Lopez

Snuggle Monster!

~ Tami Wilkerson

My 7-year-old pit bull, Mello, is an interior decorator. Whenever my mom and I go out and leave her home alone, Mello will drag her bed, blankets and pillow into the living room, so as she won’t have to lay down on the cold tile floor while she waits for us to come home. She’s not allowed on the furniture, so she redecorates while we’re out in order to be comfy while she waits. This is her after we get home, I’m making her clean up after herself.

~ Betty Ortega

Mommy’s Shadow.

~ Laura Shive

Kitchen Fixture.

~ Natalie Blair

They make our house into a home.

~ Turtle Le Pup

Sofa Spud aka Couch Pit-a-to!

~ Angie Stoll

Jacobi is the Jester at our house!!

~ Angela Wood

Cuddle Monkey.

~ Jonathon Marino

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10 Responses to “What’s Your Dog’s Job?”
  1. PamilaSchwartz says:

    Fantastic!!! BabySnaps is all of the above! My Raynedog was my heart and my forever love!!! Thank you for the wonderful post… Made my day~!!!!!!!!

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @PamilaSchwartz We love the name BabySnaps! 🙂

  3. PamilaSchwartz says:

    @StubbyDog We call her SnapGirl sometimes now that she is almost a grownup girl!!! She’s a sweetie!

  4. DeniseLeBeau says:

    We must rid the world of smug squirrels and if we have to do it by acting like insane whirling dervishes, well then that’s the price we must. We must also make sure the cats are in their rightful places and not trying to sneak out of the house. If they sneak, we seek! We also keep our humans humble by making them pick up our poop but if we had our way we would poop in the woods like bears where no one can see us.

  5. StubbyDog says:

    @DeniseLeBeau LOL!

  6. blazer says:

    So amusing, and so true! I was nodding along the entire read!

  7. StubbyDog says:

    @blazer 😀

  8. The photos here are priceless…my favorite is the first picture

  9. StubbyDog says:

    @theprettychic Thanks, yes that first one, foot warmer/cuddlebug is great!

  10. Iluvmypibble says:

    Savannah is my therapist, best friend, daughter, leg warmer, couch cushion, cat sitter, and bed hog. I love her more every day of my life.