Leonidas & Liam

September 7, 2011  

Game Dog Guardian’s two therapy pit bulls help educate and comfort people of all ages

By Katie Bray Barnett

Game Dog Guardian aims to support people, programs and organizations in the community with time, information, expertise and resources. As part of its mission, the organization has two Delta Society certified therapy dogs. One, Leonidas, works in the community, mostly with youth to educate them about animal cruelty. He is a three-legged cruelty survivor. You can read his story here.

Leonidas visits all types of schools, from elementary through university level and is a regular at police safety day. He also works in our outreach program with the Kansas City Marching Cobras. The links to stories about all Leo does are on his bio page on our website. He’s quite the guy.

While Leonidas does most of the educating on animal cruelty and animal safety, our other therapy dog, Liam, focuses on the more therapeutic side of things.

Liam doesn’t have a heart-wrenching story of survival like Leonidas, but he’s one heck of a therapy dog. While Leonidas is incredibly spunky and excited, Liam is more mellow, interactive and in-tune with the veterans he visits at the VA hospital. He loves ice cubes and now every time Liam visits, the veterans in the PTSD wing go get ice for him to do his tricks.
Unlike many therapy dogs, Liam approaches every patient with confidence and lays his head on their lap. He makes eye contact and has distinctive facial expressions that always get the patients talking to him.

Liam’s main educational lecture focuses on not judging a book by its cover. The kids who love on him are always surprised to hear that he is a “pit bull” mix. Click here to read his biography. He doesn’t get the press or attention that Leonidas does, but he’s an amazing, hard-working boy.

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  1. MollyTamulevich says:

    Programs like this make me so happy. Thank you for all you do!