Baby J

September 22, 2011  

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Meet Baby J: Here is what his Foster Mom has to say about him:
“Baby J was saved from the Baltimore County Animal Care Services (BARCS) shelter in the winter of 2011. At that time, he was about 3.5-4 months old. We found Baby J in a tiny airline crate, scared and alone, tucked into the corner of the hallway. The shelter said he was deaf, a little snappy and wasn’t going on the adoption floor. I hoped my experience with pit bull type dogs and special needs animals would allow me to give this special little guy a chance to find a great home.

Baby J came into my home and quickly settled into a routine. He is crate-trained, potty trained, and fell into place with my other dogs, a large American Bulldog mix and a Carolina dog. By now, Baby J is approximately 9 months old. He is a skinny minnie pit bull type dog weighing about 25-30 pounds. Baby J can’t hear commands like sit, stay, down, etc. or do clicker training since he can’t hear the click. He has learned some hand signs, such as sit, down, touch. We are working on Stay lasting more than 10 seconds. He is exceptionally food motivated, eager to please, and loves training time! We also worked on a few shaping behaviors so Baby J knows he needs to lay down at certain times like when the people eat or if he wants something special.

Baby J gets along very well with my dogs. In fact, he craves time with the pups. I often find him cuddling with the other dogs, sleeping so he can still touch his toes to the other pups, and seeking out ways to get them to play with him. In the home and outside the home, Baby J is initially reactive to other dogs in the very traditional way. The good news is when we did some desensitization exercises with Baby J and other dogs, within seconds he was comfortable being around other dogs. Rather than being fear based, which in our experience takes more than 20 seconds of desensitization to soothe, we think Baby J’s reactivity is a hyper-arousal to other dogs. After an initial meet period with peanut butter and increasing closeness which resulted to non-reactivity, we’ve let him play with other dogs. We’ve continued to work on this in our home, and outside the home, and despite some initial barking, I was recently able to have another dog in the house and Baby J was non-reactive. I am hopeful that Baby J will continue to improve. So, while Baby J would be easiest in an only dog home, he could be placed with another dog in the right home with the right dog. I cover this more extensively in Baby J’s blog.

Baby J loves a number of things. He loves to play with toys and his current obsession is a plush tough toy cube. He also loves anything he can swing around from his mouth, like rings or toys on strings, also smart toys where you have to figure something out to get treats, and nearly anything. He loves soft things and has a particular affinity to fleece and comfy dog beds. A very cute thing about him is that he HATES the mornings and he usually won’t get moving until 11 AM. He’ll go potty and have some water when I get up at 7 AM, but then he heads right back into his crate to sleep off the morning.

Baby J’s ideal home would be one with a yard or in a home that isn’t in a densely packed urban environment. Because he is deaf and can’t be recalled, a fenced yard is ideal since he needs to be on leash. While he’d be great with older kids, he is likely not ideal for younger kids. Baby J has a heart of gold and so much love to give. He is so motivated to please and just loves it when he succeeds. He is looking for a great forever home that would continue with his signing training and have the time, patience, and love to get him settled into a new routine.”

For more information on Baby J you can check him out on the Mutts Matter Rescue website or his Petfinder page. Mutts Matter Rescue is located in Rockville, MD. Baby J was also featured in a local paper.

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  1. mansbstfrend says:

    awwee…isnt he gawgess….hes got sad litl eyes..i hope he finds a lovng home..evrybody needs a litl hope an lots of lov