Auto Shop Mascot

September 7, 2011  

Sadie goes to work every day, greeting customers and serving as a breed ambassador

By Mike Domagalski

We own and operate an auto repair business, 359 Garage, in Romeoville, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. We have been in business for five years, and for the past two years Sadie has been our mascot.

She’s a 3-year-old old pit bull mix. I adopted her when she was 6 months old from a no-kill shelter that was filled with 80 percent pit bulls.

Sadie comes with me to work Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. We all love her company because she keeps the tension down, and she makes the day less stressful for us. Plus, she puts a smile on our customers’ faces.

Each day she loves to come in and greet all my co-workers. Then she roams around in the front reception area and the back shop area. I make sure to supervise her.

She loves to greet each customer as well as the delivery drivers. My customers love her and some bring her treats every visit, and they even bring her special treats during the holidays.

Many customers complement her behavior and say how sweet she is, and I’ve found they are always curious about her breed. They say it’s nice for me to show them to not believe what they see on TV, and once they met Sadie they realize how wonderful of a companion pit bulls can be.

Sadie eats lunch with us every day, and she loves to get lots of sleep throughout the day, laying outside of the shop and catching some rays. A few times a day I take her outside and play Frisbee with her in a field.

Sadie loves playing with other dogs, and we have a few customers who bring their dogs while they wait for their car service, and Sadie entertains them while they’re waiting.

Then at the end of the busy day, Sadie unwinds at the dog park.

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  1. Iluvmypibble says:

    Love this story!!! Go Sadie 🙂